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  1. Basically already there.. People in this country seem to believe their entitled to or deserving of a good life.
  2. I've read your blog. But on this point isn't the private pension going to be pegged 10 years below the state pension before you retire giving you only 10 years (based on your life expectancy assumption) to drawdown from what I've read to be a considerable amount..?
  3. I've had two of those delivered and seen plenty of signs in the Windows asking too.. Seems desperate to me.
  4. Haha funnily enough if I was at my place when it was on it wouldn't of been watched
  5. Mainly about social housing victims & right to buy bumping prices as it's the governments fault they didn't build more houses
  6. http://www.housepricecrash.co.uk/forum/index.php?/topic/206671-hpcers-youre-just-lazy-and-do-not-work-hard-enough/?fromsearch=1 If I remember correctly that would mean the 100k a year couple will be in for a shocking change of scenery.. Relocation, higher commuting costs or possible (touch wood not a funny matter) redundancy
  7. Most wannabe LL asking why I'm not joining the feeding frenzy are still unaware of the new tax laws and some are even thick enough to not know it sends them into higher tax too! More wood for the fire IMO
  8. Firstly the government needing to prop up an economy via handouts is a sign of a poor economy & secondly If tax credits are removed and wages don't rise to meet the shortfall costs will have to fall..
  9. So that's why the scummy mummy with 2 kids hardly ever seems to leave to go to work & can afford rent & drink ups every day on our road.. Cut the whole lot and I'll be a gent and drive her back to the council estate.. On a serious note.. It has nothing to do with sending kids into child poverty argument that Brown so eloquently put today.. if you saw how these kids from these poor parenting, 'seemingly' low paid family's acted in schools you'd realise why they will always see work as a fools way to live. They have free education on a plate and don't take it, yet I know of peers from terrible backgrounds who have played the cards they were dealt and are now paid handsomely yet believes kids are expensive for what? Oh wait.. For little Jimmy with 2 gcse's at McDonald's to pop one, two or five out with his Jeremy Kyle bird and take home just as much?
  10. Exactly. But the problem with people is that when you are swimming against the tide you begin to notice how deluded people's idea of wealth is and the poor financial decisions they make on a daily basis.. Living frugally and investing vs credit backed spending, hpc vs forever hpi, I'm rich because I have £350k locked away in a house I won't downsize.. I don't even need to continue you all know. The problem is when you give good analysis, advice (granted unqualified financial advice but hey ho..) and give them resources to learn they will just disregard what you say and continue on the path to modern slavery and it gets to a point where you need not waste your breath. Leave them to it whilst smiling like a Cheshire Cat whilst you watch them make decisions that could bankrupt them should one small kick occur. People don't want to learn they want to live 'the' life of non stop partying, they want to have the newest phones (previously guilty) and aspire to become landlords or property ladder baffoons shackled round the ankle and slaves to the banks by debt..
  11. State pension is a huge welfare expense though and is only growing hence the rising retirement ages. What's stopping the state making a workplace pension mandatory & scrapping or severely reducing the state pension?
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