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  1. Haha even worse... Know someone who's btl parents cut the middle man and now letting kiddies live for free in one of their btls
  2. I'm dying to be that guy but fear the 'retribution' of being outed as a leaver..
  3. You are not alone.. People are embarrassing themselves on Facebook with their lack of knowledge.. Economics, markets etc "Billions wiped off economy" & "Your pay has just dropped".. Awks.
  4. This.. Don't dare say you vote brexit or you become an uneducated racist xenophobic bigot (their favirote words) also the same words used to describe conservative voters.. Look how much good that did. I reckon seeing all the childish "banta" spouted out of their mouths makes people go the opposite way..
  5. This.. I'm probably in the generation you refer to and I'm ashamed at how they're all rushing to f*** up not just their futures but mine! It's really irritating to see but my only solace is the older gen saying they don't know anyone voting in.. Hopefully our current demographics will swing this vote out because my gen are absolutely clueless.. I posted this elsewhere as well but most of them work full time and live with parents.. They know nothing of building cash reserves, investment or of these insane house prices
  6. They walk around with £4 cups of coffee because their twit boomer parents did.. Also anyone my age voting in I seriously do not understand at all.. Whats worse is all of them voting in are still living whilst working with mummy and daddy not paying a penny; comforted, provided for and shielded from the world of competition.
  7. As Jen said, kite flying with a expiry date.. No ones paying 250k for a sh*t detached in W Yorks when cheaper similarly spaced houses are available in the masses down there. Drop that on top of not as many decent paying jobs as the south or even Manchester and on top of the struggling rental market (houses over 800pcm sat there for months, only really student areas with demand, yields are sh*t.. No investors) and you'll see they're quite simply.. Idiots.
  8. Funny you should say that.. I've been scuttling around p118 forum and there is just exactly that; newbie, intermediate and retired folk still blissfully ignorant.
  9. Or even 2 more years until the leveraged piggies start to squeal and is also funded post tax.
  10. Wow that's weak, it is basically the same as a htb isa.. At least if your buying though you can dump in 4k at once for a huge 1k off..
  11. To be fair if your not pension planning by 40 you've probably f*cked it anyway.. Question is what are the numbers for this and will it be significant enough for people to ditch pensions and thus funds..
  12. Was just about to come on to post this.. see Quote about bread above and all that.. Also what about low paid full timers who's rent eats up saving potential whilst people on Tc/Uc whatever are creaming it and getting cherrys added on top.. Tc is the new middle class
  13. Surely they realise no matter how much money you have you will never be able to manipulate any market medium-long term. Gold won't rally that high IMO. Hasn't always rose with market declines..
  14. Back to the start as in, in the event of a collapse there will be bail outs, printy print, debt restructuring and play continues if money becomes worthless like it has in the past there will be the rise of of new currency could be chocolate bars who knows but nether less, play continues.. I'm not pretending everything is OK and I'm not saying economic cycles don't occur as a quick wikipedia will show many collapses in history but either way play will continue.. But to be giving someone advice to mortgage a home on the assumption that it will have its debt wiped by a collapse is just plain dumb.
  15. What he's predicting is full on ********.. there have been countless monatary collapses since history began and look where we are now.. Back to the start. These kind of dumb posts are why people refer to HPC as "loons" there is good knowledge on this forum.. Don't tarnish it with stupid armagedden posts.. crypto currency after a full on monetary collapse.. Seriously.. Jheeze.
  16. http://www.independent.co.uk/news/uk/home-news/george-osborne-pay-to-stay-council-social-housing-force-tens-of-thousands-a6859031.html
  17. Probably better than the rain we have for 11 months of the year..
  18. The last time masses fought for anything was because a drug dealer got shot or because a football team lost.
  19. Just go on rightmove Canada or rightmove US.. Says it all really and they're developed countries..
  20. Northerners I know, mostly live with parents (20-30s) & sometimes early 30s if they're single or rent is considerably cheaper than the south so it's no big deal.. All they seem to care about is going to festivals, drinking, lease cars, holidays, equality and don't save at all.. The older peers in their 40s-60s are well aware of prices but don't seem to have much financial insight into the details or relay something their co workers say about HPI.. It's also quite surprising how little most of them save to retire who aren't on final salaries considering how damaging inflation has been to their pensions (chance of retiring on 200k pension at 65) or even for a rainy day. Yeah they might have 40 odd K banked for a rainy day but most of the time it goes into a car for a year.. Londoners, I found anyone above 25 with OO parents is all HPI, BTL, get me on the ladder and are willing to borrow huge amount etc.. 40-60 same as north but are more HPI+. I believe I've only met 2 people who understand my views of house prices etc who are in their 60s and are extremely intelligent.. At risk of generalising here but this is just what I have been told when conversing. Where are the HPCers? Looks can be deceiving so maybe I'm asking the wrong people..
  21. What so let untaxed money into the market to push prices up further and create equity like volatility..?
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