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  1. Trust me I’ve been on all the datings apps long enough to know why, the psychological damage is real 😂..
  2. Eloquently put. Lol. Reddit for everything especially relationships is the source of eternal disappointment. Linked with the above post it’s crazy how subservient people are to the societal norms despite them being inadequate or downright opposite to serving their best interest
  3. I’m not vaccinated, too young, not bothered about clubs.. But the lack of consistency throughout the whole pandemic and this change of tact just illustrates the fact of how ridiculous this all was in response.
  4. Quantitative easing over the years.. In a standard non fractional reserve banking system. The money doesn’t exist. The rules for that went out the window ages ago though..
  5. It was alright but wasn’t anything we don’t already know to be fair, there was no solution however..
  6. 2 - could have 5 bedrooms but I live alone so.. Not even a dog :’) 2 - no issues but not considered a posh area 2 - Yorks is a bit under developed 5 - Id prefer somewhere warm to retire and a culture that isn’t just ‘pub’.. Followed by a huge entitlement every subsequent generation
  7. Can you provide the direct quote please, interested to read but I can’t find it..
  8. “I think it’s a good time to retire that word”
  9. From a low level.. In short, applicants are advised by lawyers, you get some who pay 000’s to be coached by non lawyers on navigating the various laws and processes which are essentially flow charts dependent on your type of asylum claim over here, there are various countries with different things an asylum seeker can claim for, you just have to know them and some background around the country you claim you are from.. If their case is turning shit they can say in the middle of their interview oh sorry I’m lying and everything has to be struck off the record and a fresh interview prepared.. If they are rejected asylum from a certain regressive country under one claim they can claim for example they are gay and would be killed and then the whole process starts again. Approx 12k to kick someone out after rejection, the flight is paid for. Regular occurrences of people in there with expensive jewellery and still trying to claim support but jewellery, 50k watches and LV bags aren’t considered assets. Ex home office employees leave to coach asylum seekers either in this country or abroad. Home office employees regularly talk and leak things to the press as we know. Legally speaking the interviewers have no jurisdiction if they can tell an applicant is lying or contravenes statements they have to re ask the question and accept whatever answer, they are simply a human flow chart, providing the applicant gives the correct answer, lying or not, they’re good. This is just off the top of my head if I sat and properly thought I’d probably have specific cases and stories come to mind. Ah one man from Kurdistan claimed he was 15 .. Unless he has anything to disprove his age, it’s taken as that. I asked them to pull up his file, he looked late 20s at least. Some have been here over 10 years navigating the process. I’ve seen some of the hmos from the financing side and to be fair they are a bit shitty but a lot of them complain and get rehoused quite easily. They get their support and are free to roam. Process wise they are terrible, a lot of case files are still paper based and as they are short staffed they are genuinely paying claims handlers to scan documents in and organise them on the db which looks like a program ported from windows 2000. I checked and it’s from early 2k i think (don’t quote that part) .. The only thing good about the home office - asylum claims is that their head is from the private sector.
  10. This is correct. I spent a lot of time sat listening to internal Home Office meetings.
  11. Careful, you might wake up the crypto shills. No rate rises this year. Don’t even own UK stocks.
  12. So you paid off a low interest debt by liquidating a higher yielding asset.. Okay.
  13. Didn’t you just dump a bunch to buy two big depreciating assets? You pleb.
  14. Literally everything with a lithium battery ever..? Laptops, phones, 12v vehicle batteries, all read charge and actually die before the software says 0. What makes you think your EV drive battery will be any different? There’s a lot more variables to battery tech than just x miles per charge * avg cycles = battery life and reliability Change the oil in an engine it will last 500k as well? Oh look, took me 1 minute to find.
  15. Sounds much like when your phone dies at 25%… As EVs age it’s going to cause a wave of problems when the battery deteriorates.. An IPhone dying once in a while at 25% isn’t too big of a deal.. A car doing it 30 odd miles from the nearest charge point? This is all heading towards entirely pay monthly for a car get a new one every 5 years unless you fork out for a new battery.
  16. Lol true. Since the pandemic buy assets, anything, you’ll be fine. No it’s not. If the demand wasn’t there from all the free money there would be no supply problem.
  17. Yay tapering.. That is still running QE just not as much. BOE no interest rate rise as expected. MSM needs to pipe down, real rate rises are about as real as Santa.
  18. So increase national insurance to cover care of old decrepits. Reduce tax on alcohol proven to increase chance of strokes. Retard.
  19. This idiot is gagging to be prime minister..
  20. Firstly, you finally sold? Secondly, any particular reason you want to fly under the radar?
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