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  1. Maybe more fun than Corrie but not as much fun as pornhub. Maybe quite a bit like the Voyeur section on Pornhub actually.
  2. Would be delighted if his fat smug face gets shown up on TV tonight. Looking forward to it.
  3. Certainly tallies with my area in the last two months. Asking prices, that is...
  4. I’m not sure where their original long thread went but to be fair to Property Tribes they’ve been onto this clown for a long time too. Here’s some more goings on... https://www.propertytribes.com/samuel-leeds-investigated-by-mainstream-media-t-127644680.html Programme about him on the BBC tomorrow.
  5. Best and final offers is standard practice for a few agents in some of the small localised areas I’ve been looking. Sellers market, as has been said, and prices are going up. They know which streets will be popular and they know there are enough buyers to either like it or lump it. Usually an open house viewing on the Saturday, first offers on Tuesday/Wednesday then best and final on Friday. Obviously all the first offers get rejected so not sure what the point of that stage is really. Just to whip it all up a bit more I suppose. Only bid on one of them (came second) as I can’t commit to to that kind of decision without more time or a second viewing. No point even thinking about bidding below asking price. Awful
  6. I haven’t seen it yet so amazingly will find it hard to give an opinion right now.
  7. When that journey time gets cut from two hours each way to one hour each way there are many occasions when I would prefer that to a Skype call. Sometimes it’s just more productive. Sometimes not.
  8. So you’re criticising NW index for not showing... what is going to happen... what is practically over? Kind of like a downward trend then. Hmmm
  9. Same for where I am in Leeds too unfortunately. All systems go this last month. Lots of volume and stuff selling.
  10. I love Rob Moore’s signature. Usually you’d get a job title or maybe some qualifications. Not Rob Moore, his email signature is... ‘Multiple Streams of Property Income’
  11. It’s really no surprise this has happened if that’s how he has been behaving. It’s really easy to be considered a vexatious customer by the public sector. Simply asking the same question over a long period of time hoping to get a different answer from a different person will get you there, never mind errr... using poetry. I like your story about the boss. It’s hypocritical for sure but he’s the boss, it’s allowed.
  12. Amazingly, considering the failure of everything she’s ever done, Bos Reck has not quite given up and has now co-written a paper for the Institute of Economic Affairs. I haven’t read it yet because it’s about S24 and the content will be so predictable I could likely write it for her. https://iea.org.uk/publications/taxation-without-justification/ Oh and also, today is full of updates on the main players of this soap opera... and this one is pretty niche... but lead player in the campaign... Stevenage Borough Councillor Jamie Fraser, the favoured Landlord spokesmen of R4s You and Yours (and Landlordwhisprr on Twitter, although he’ll deny that obviously, the angry *******). Well he’s a councillor no more after being beaten by Labour. Irrelevant for sure, but funny.
  13. Ha, that rambling 118 plank from Nottingham as been banned from ringing the council to moan about licensing... https://www.nottinghampost.com/news/nottingham-news/landlord-banned-calling-city-council-2827772.amp?utm_source=twitter.com&utm_medium=social&utm_campaign=sharebar&__twitter_impression=true
  14. That young couple blatantly split up. She was ‘at work’ when Kevin came to look at the house. Sure.
  15. Yeah it’s a very fair assumption. I bet there’s just Giles Peaker and the odd HPCer blending in who aren’t Landlords.
  16. Giles Peaker isn’t a landlord (as far as I’m aware). He’s just signed up to Property Tribes (and 118) usually to correct some wild inaccuracy that is being spouted on housing law.
  17. Set up as a buying agent @Pop321. I’ll pay you to get me 40% off very close to your patch ?
  18. Dump loads of ‘perfect investment opportunities’ in LS6. Meant to start tracking volume a while ago but too depressing looking at all the carved up shit holes.
  19. Latest from that berk at the Landlords Alliance. He seems to have been howling at the Information Commissioners Office (on Twitter - usual approach) about local authority licensing breaches of GDPR. Comically, the ICO have apparently decided to investigate the Landlords Alliance instead due to the rogue tenant database mentioned on their website. Nice trolling from the ICO. Glad to see they’re amusing themselves when sat round deciding how to handle his complaints. https://www.property118.com/landlords-alliance-laughing-stock-ico-investigation/
  20. I’m sure David Cox from Arla must have an Action Man style cord in the back of his head. A journalist pulls it and he repeats that ‘rents will inevitably rise’. Over and over again, whatever the issue, year after year.
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