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  1. Great, so he's got 20 years to wait then. It may well be reversed, when the BTLrs are back in their box and property prices are back to sensible levels.
  2. I imagine it's probably the 'plan 2' students. I'm plan 1 (after mortgage style). I don't want a new build. I'm not plan 2. Even with both, I wouldn't vote tory
  3. Insane, isn't it? 135k is feck all and it's not as if help to buy helped them in the last election at all...
  4. If I were to want to buy a house, I would register with each estate agent (god help me). Haart say: houses available at Haart / total buyers >> 1 I say: total houses available / total buyers who can afford them << 1
  5. Other than the other problems pointed out by others - most people pay their rent in advance, not in arrears. It's not credit at all as it's paid prior to consumption and not after it. Thankfully, the RLA are seeing sense and suggesting a change. All rent to be paid in arrears and that will soften that massive upfront tenancy cost. How nice.
  6. A pattern appears. Yes, I agree - I think most BTLrs would prefer to be a business when it suits them (jumping up and down about S24) and a investment at other times (as difficult to contact as possible for tenants, pleading "ignorance of regulations", and I think not having to pay NI on earnings).
  7. A (ex)-landlord of mine forwarded me the email with a link from the tenancy referencing company he'd been sent. I had provided the email. I clicked it expecting some sort of verification, and all I got was a couple of boxes asking what sort of tenant I was. And a large, submit button. de omnibus dubitandum
  8. I think i've spotted your mistake - it's not a business, it's an investment. The courts agree, the taxman agrees. Hence section 24.
  9. I think most, if not all tenancy referencing is a joke. It's an outsourced scam for letting agents to generate vast fees for a product whose cost to them is in the low double figures. Nothing to do with protecting their client, the landlord, and everything to do with filling their own pockets.
  10. Notwithstanding your name, i couldn't care how many landlords there were. If we were talking 90% renting, not a problem. The capitalists are right, supply, demands works, but only with a level field. The problem is our insane rental laws that put 100% of power in the landlord and make renting the choice of 'losers'. Add on the influence of housing benefit and you've got a toxic underwriting of prices which strays far from any capitalist ideals.
  11. Yes!! Congrats. I've got the same discussion in September. Hopefully no rent increases for a while.
  12. Did they adjust for seasonality? I guess most royal events happen in the summer?
  13. There's an all about renting area on the forum. I hate to say it, but have you considered going rogue? If you're moving abroad and will never require a reference again, the flat's yours until the bailiffs arrive. From what I've heard, it can take 6 months to get someone out from S21 to court ordered bailiffs. And if you're paying rent all the while, they might find it easier to wait. DYOR.
  14. Well, it's not reasonable for a landlord to want access to their property for no reason - a tenancy is a form of land ownership, and for the duration of it, it's the tenant's property, and not the landlord's. Same way as a flat belongs to the queen, the freeholder, a leaseholder and a tenant all at the same time. There are few differences between this and a the freeholder demanding access to a leasehold property. Other than the repairing obligations, there really isn't much else a landlord has statutory rights for access for. If it's in the tenancy agreement, that's a slightly different matter as it's part of the ownership agreement, but it still needs to be reasonable.
  15. I meant that the tenant had refused access for viewings and the adjudicator found against them, despite the opinions that you don't have to. I found it, it's here:
  16. Also, take a look at the VOA, who publish rental distributions in various markets and postcodes: https://www.gov.uk/government/statistics/private-rental-market-summary-statistics-april-2016-to-march-2017 The London Mayoral Office publish this, based on it which breaks it down by postcode and property type: https://www.london.gov.uk/what-we-do/housing-and-land/renting/london-rents-map
  17. Selling to who? I predict years of plentiful rental supply, provided by the landlords in negative equity who couldnt get out fast enough. Falling rents thanks to the richest tenants buying.
  18. You don't have to renew at all either. If you don't mind the insecurity, just say you prefer to roll onto a statutory periodic tenancy without a charge. Be aware you can be evicted with two months notice at any time under this regime. Being aware of that, the question to ask the agent is what's in it for me? Generally, the only other difference is that it ups the notice you have to give from one month to two months to leave. This is a benefit for the landlord, not you, so why should you pay. Not a lawyer, DYOR.
  19. You shouldn't be paying the agent anything to renew either, they're on the road to being banned. London rental market has changed significantly and it's so much easier to find somewhere.
  20. One to be careful of. There's a thread somewhere on here where the tenancy deposit scheme awarded against the tenant. Never been tested in court. Personally, I had a terrible landlord once in a student house. I allowed viewings, but insisted on being there. Everytime the agents turned up, we took the opportunity to tell the viewers in no uncertain terms how bad the LL was and how they should. Quite funny really. No law against talking to someone else in your own home, but you could see the agents fuming. Guaranteed void.
  21. If it's any consolation, Im sure you could have overpaid or whatever, but a 25 year mortgage after 10 years has only paid off 30%ish of the capital. Much of mortgage is paying rent (or interest) on the capital at the beginning. Play around with an amortisation calculator, I was surprised.
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