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  1. On 15/02/2019 at 09:17, Bruce Banner said:

    I have to agree with our resident estate agent here, but you can minimise disruption by limiting the number and times of viewings.

    Plot twist - offer to buy the place and pull out at the last minute when you're ready to leave. You tenancy is entirely independent and you can serve notice.

    Not entirely serious, but offering to buy you might be able to push a serious discount, given the lack of agent fees for the landlord and sheer ease.

  2. See this flowchart by respected housing lawyer, Giles Peaker.


    SO many opportunities for the paperwork to be wrong. 

    Do note the reference point, though if you want nice easy flexibility if you're looking to buy shouldn't be a problem. 

    Also note that most agents in my experience are lazy when it comes references. Give past landlords etc.. 

    Other thing, if you're thinking of using an letting agent to if you wait 6 months fees will be banned! 

  3. All this shelter £60m budget stuff is really rather simplistic, and it's also a complete misunderstanding of the scale of the problem. 

    Shelter's £60m annual budget, whilst looking rather impressive when seen in the bank account of your average person, is approx 0.25% of the housing benefit spend of £23.4bn.

    Literally, a tiny drop in the ocean. Why do landlords get representation (RLA, all those letting agents) when tenants don't?

  4. 13 minutes ago, highYield said:

    The respected National Landlord Alliance Ltd is using the comments section of an 118 article to formulate policy: https://www.property118.com/irish-caring-budget-re-introduces-100-mortgage-interest-tax-relief/



    The New Landlords Alliance website launch next month will advise landlords to not engage with the government.

    Considering they owe their existence to the government this is a surprise. Will they not need the court system them?

    Apparently possession is 9/10s of the law :)

  5. Without a protected deposit (assuming there is a deposit) any S21 will fail. Keep this in your back pocket. 

    Say no to the rent rise, point out comparables, and if you're moving out in a few months you can afford to make him sad. 

    Best thing to say is 'we wish to continue, but do not believe a rent rise is justified at this time and would prefer a periodic tenancy'. Periodic is better because there is no trigger (eg. renewal). 

    If he evicts, any S21 will fail in court. He'll have to refund it first and start from scratch (including notice period)

    See this for many other reasons why an S21 can fail:


    Is there a gas safety cert? Without one issued at renewal, he can never evict:


  6. 22 minutes ago, winkie said:

    ......the ads pushing fear of the cost of a funeral, if you don't have the money things could be very bad... really are insiped.....sick making imo.

    Like many of these ads aimed at the elderly, the people in them look fairly well off and healthy!!!?

    Worst case the council buries you. Sadly though they might not let your relatives attend...

  7. 54 minutes ago, 500dan said:

    Letting fees haven't been banned yet. They announced that at least 2 years ago, in fact they've announced it a few times, and still no sign of it happening

    Have a look https://services.parliament.uk/Bills/2017-19/tenantfees.html. 

    It's trundling through, though not in a hurry. I think the big slow down is that decided to publish a draft. 

    Probably next spring. I'm using the argument now with my letting agent on a renewal. 

    If you read some of the debates, not a single MP has really opposed it from either side. No way in hell it's not happening. 

  8. 20 minutes ago, Panda said:

    I just got an annual pension pot statement from the Pru.

    Its a Former Protected Rights with Benefits Pot. It's called a With Profits Fund.

    I opted out of SERPS in the early 90's. In my 20's. 

    My estimated transfer value of this pot as of today is £24,200.00

    It was £22k last year. Big yield for one year...£2200

    It estimates I can rake £9340 tax free in 2033. So 25% of the pot vague in 2033...

    Can I ask. As the money is from NI contributions as I opted out of the second state pension. I pay no more money into this pot. I have no other pension pots. I have never paid any money into this pension pot.

    Can I take 4 equal lump sums, one every year for four years starting in 2033 until the pot has gone.

    I don't want an annuity you see. I know I will only get 25% of each lump sum tax free. But my only income will be any handouts from the state in 2033.... So state pension if there is one then.

    If you can, it's not too late to start saving now to make an incremental differences - 2033 is still 16 years away, half a career.

    Appreciate this isn't for everyone.

  9. 19 minutes ago, Kosmin said:

    I know it takes a long time to evict someone, but if the tenant has the means to pay and is taken to court, isn't he eventually forced to pay the rent he owes? If not, is there anything to stop a rental strike being organised?

    Considering how the courts struggle to cope with a "normal", "business as usual" workload, I wonder how a localised a rent strike would play out.

    If you were to own lots of houses in a particular place, say Ashford, and had made youself particularly unpopular, I'd dread to think what would happen.

  10. 18 hours ago, warrior88 said:

    Yes literally thousands of them priced really high. It is weird, a new 2 bed flat is priced in zone 3 (Stratford) at the same price as 2 bed (old flat) near edges of zone 1 (pmilico/edgware road). Market forces will correct but most buyers currently dont know.

    Nah, that's the help to buy effect. Most buyers can't buy without the government assistance. What that says for their resale ability...

  11. 14 minutes ago, btd1981 said:

    If you look along the plane of the chart, the trend is for increasingly little time in the role too.

    To be fair, Barwell was voted out. He represented a knife edge constituency where housing was a critical issue (Croydon) and he knew his survival depended on housing.

    Shame this guy isn't somewhere quite so marginal in Surrey. Lovely safe blue seat. 

  12. 37 minutes ago, oatbake said:

    Trouble at the mill over on PropertyTribes. Not sure what's been going on but it sounds juicy! Anyone know? 


    "As from Saturday 16th December, this site has been subjected to a negative propaganda campaign perpetrated by certain quarters of the industry that do not like this site and do not want Property Tribes to provide the service to the public that it does.

    The release of confidential and private Facebook messages into the public domain and tagged specifically to Property Tribes has resulted in a massive, co-ordinated and highly defamatory negative propaganda campaign against this site."

    Nothing wrong here yet, bu careful all, the mods are fast to crack down on this sort of thing.

    Watch what you post, particularly if Propertytribes are saying it's defamatory.

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