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  1. durhamborn, whilst you are in a sharing mood, can you comment as to why the gold miners' share prices are not moving in direct correlation with the gold price itself? Miners ran up about 40% in December and January (at least the few I follow [and I hold TGZ]), then got whacked at the end of last month, despite the gold price remaining positive. Today, the gold price drops, the miners' shares go up. Perhaps my understanding is way off, but I have always seen the miners' shares as a leveraged proxy for the gold price? Thanks.
  2. durhamborn on the money again: http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/business-42550917
  3. Friends and I have been discussing this idea for years - big old house, common living areas and private ensuite bedrooms, adjacent accommodation for a carer to wipe backsides and make tea, massive cellar for wine...
  4. This thread just might be the best on the internet, it is that good. When the Walts arrive, it is likely to descend into nothingness. Durhamborn, you have been proven to have cgnao-like prescience, without the nuttiness. You set out your position and have held it; thus far, you have been spot-on. I apologise for the temporary derailment.
  5. Recruitment in Northampton must pay well these days...How is the new life overseas (again)?
  6. And many of these management companies who also own the freehold to retirement properties are "charities"...Look at the CEO's salary to see the real scam.
  7. Durhamborn, Thank you for your considered and considerable contributions to this discussion. My view is that you are not far off at all in your reasoning, but I base this on nothing as sophisticated as your charts. With regard to the highlighted comment above, any view on TGZ, as they are down 96% since late 2010?! I have some knowledge of this company and avoided them like the plague back in 2013-4, but might be tempted back in the near future. Your theory as to switching between deflationary and inflationary stocks is sound, I believe. I also reckon you are on the money (pardon the
  8. Sorry, linky no worky, try this one: https://fusionpeople.com/jobdetails-741693
  9. Link below, as requested. https://fusionpeople.com/jobdetails-741693?utm_source=Indeed&utm_medium=organic&utm_campaign=Indeed
  10. It has been mooted on here many times that the huge increase in new car registrations, largely via PCP and PCH schemes (which are not "sales", in my view), is directly attributable to PPI payouts. Below is a quote from a current job ad (I have not posted the link, nor the full ad, in case these may be naughty) - am I reading this correctly? A car dealership "assists" a customer with their PPI claim, "helpfully" pushing out a nice finance offer (presumably using the PPI free money as the first payment on a PCP or PCH deal) to get said customer into some shiny new motor? "A leading car dealersh
  11. How much??? http://www.rightmove.co.uk/property-for-sale/property-58324838.html Salisbury is very nice and all, but I wouldn't pay that much to live in a disused power station in Battersea, never mind in a pretty country town, miles from any high-paying jobs. What on earth is occurring?
  12. I grew up in the next village, went to school at one of those mentioned in the link and used to run past there on my 6 mile route. Village has changed from locals to w*nkers in one generation, same as the entire locale, the good pub (Prince Of Wales, great for a game of darts) didn't survive and is now a fancy private home. The other pub suits well its new local clientele, from recent experience. I think a certain regular on here could spit on good 'ole Phil from his own gaff.......
  13. Bonsoir, M. Le Compte! Congratulations on cutting the ties that bind. I have long been looking at escaping the madness myself. Working in sales across Europe (Boo from some, I am sure....), I can live more or less anywhere, but I need to be back in Blighty for 2-3 days a month, so logistics are not unimportant. I have been researching lifestyle options (rented at this point!) for some time now, always fancied the Languedoc region of France - weather, wine and general joie de vivre. No kids and understanding partner with similar views as to the madness of the UK "system", there must be a bette
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