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  1. Interesting! Strange that they've just increased the asking prices on the cutesy Redrow Rabbit Hutches near me. I thought it was to make the people who've bought them feel better - especially as the houses that were looking over fields when they were bought are now looking at an identical house.
  2. Agree. Whisk bottles of pee? Hookers in Amsterdam? I doubt that waiting for something to happen is entirely responsible for most of this therapy-worthy catharsis.
  3. Just a diverting note on Game Theory: Game Theory relies on players being rational participants who play to gain maximum "payoffs" (utility maximisation). In order to maximise payoffs, the player needs to not only know what they want but also be able to place the outcomes in an order ( this > the other > that). Then Game Theory might be able to advise the player how to play the game well...depending on the player being rational and not changing their mind or becoming cooperative, because that would need different maths! The maths for game theory is rather boggling, but even harder than that is working out what you want, when it's not just more £.
  4. According to the lady at the Aldi checkout, alcohol sales have been running at 30% above Christmas levels since lockdown. Yes, 30% above Christmas sales levels...for 3 months.
  5. I'm not sure that "The Arts" were particularly well-funded pre-COVID. Short-term contracts, project-based work, hourly rates and having to fend off requests to work "for the exposure". I know lots of people who earned a living before. Some are still thriving. Many are not, unfortunately.
  6. For over £9K per year for fees alone, shouldn't a student expect opportunities to learn as well as to network and get a bit of paper. They needn't be exclusive features of a good education?
  7. Again, anecdotally, my lecturer sister has been told to expect a 20% drop in applications. She's expecting a 80% drop. The Uni tells her how well she is delivering online. She points out that she's dealing with a cohort that already know each other and the Uni. A new cohort will not gel easily given social distancing, online lectures and no freshers' events.
  8. I agree. This year's fee should be halved or waived. It will encourage applications - even though it won't make a jot of difference to students' overall student debt. Employed Lecturers are paid quite well. Deans and Vice Chancellors appear to be paid obscene amounts. https://thetab.com/uk/2020/01/21/see-how-your-uni-vice-chancellors-pay-compares-to-everyone-elses-139325
  9. Huge risk to decline Cambridge. However, he's worked hard and saved money in order to be able to afford to go. The MA fees and accommodation fees are far more than the maximum Student Grant. It's his money and he's choosing not to spend it because this year he won't be able to access everything that the college and the town usually has to offer. It's only a 9-month course right in the worst time to do a course in over 70 years. Very sad. This year? He knows he's got to prove he made the right desicion. He's planning on continuing to write film scripts, to do a remote online (properly designed from first principles to be delivered online) course in a related subject and to submit a couple of articles to a journal or two. I reckon that properly developed online courses will be quite popular this year. Courses hastily shoved through webcams with clueless sound and lighting will not be in demand.
  10. Applications for physical, stting-in-the-same-room courses vs courses taught fully online? I'd imagine courses taught fully online are unaffected by COVID. Courses where the location, the networking, the beers, the music and the possibility of meeting life-long friends do not sound as much fun at a social distance. He's reluctant to pay the full price for an important, interconnected thing that's no longer on offer and yes, his course was "physical". I admire his resolve and for waiting for what he wants. I suppose if he's decided not to go then people like him will also have decided not to go. I'm certain that Cambridge don't care either way. I'm just wondering how other Unis are coping with a drop in applications.
  11. Meanwhile... ...my son just declined a secure MA offer from Cambridge. Doesn't want to go this year because the experience on offer is not what he applied for, pre-COVID. I wonder how applications are going for other Unis?
  12. Chatting to checkout staff at our local Asda (last week) and Morrisons (week before), I was told that neither store has had any (known) Covid infection. One person returned from Italy in March, stayed off work for a fortnight on their return for safety and was fine. Seeing as these stores have been open since the start, I thought they'd be epicentres for virus-sharing. Maybe not?
  13. I didn't realise that the parlour was for talking - clue's in the word I suppose. Fancy that, an entire room in a house dedicated to facilitating social chit-chat. No TV, no Wifi, no cooking, no distractions. Just talking. “Witnesses state that the parlour is needed to enable the older members of the family to hold social intercourse with their friends without interruption from the children, that it is required in cases of sickness in the house, as a quiet room for convalescent members of the family… that it is needed for the youth of the family in order that they might meet their friends.”
  14. Is there any update on the ruling? Or is Mr Justice Smith waiting to see what happens in March? I suppose if Brexit goes away or is just too fiddly to do, then the EMA have no defence against their bad lease negotiation.
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