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  1. £0 on May's Premium Bonds. What's a person with savings to do!
  2. This is on-topic, but mainly because I'm a fretful mother worrying about the OP's children... I understand that you are only considering roles which are paid work as an employee. It is a fascinating yet phenomenally disempowering portrayal of a wicked state of affairs. To be honest, there's company and community to be found in those bottom layers. The top layers look lonely and precarious. Take care when you show the graphic to your children. If I were a young person I'd take one glance at this (very good representation) of the charade of what constitutes civilisation, think "no thanks" a
  3. What did you get back, when you chatted to women, "in your day"?
  4. Shlomo Women truly aren't that mysterious. Chat to them like they're normal human beings, and they'll chat back. Regarding a previous thread: Genuine and appropriate compliments will be accepted. If not, move on. Good luck! Aha! Administering relationship advice is so much easier than commenting on financial/HPC matters! I've found my niche.
  5. Thank goodness that aged 50 she has a good education behind her. Now she has ten years' solid work experience behind her, the children are more independent, and she can continue to earn or to study. Well done Rita!
  6. Not sure if this is on-topic now, but I found my great-grandfather's Lloyds Bank paying in book from 1915. It's a beautiful thing, cloth-bound with gold tooling. I remember as a child, back in the day when one million was a very big number, being very impressed that Lloyds had £26,304,200 in subscribed capital, and thinking everything would be ok because they had £2,900,000 in the reserve fund. However, the inside page was troubling. Customers were advised to call occasionally at the Bank to examine their securities...I suppose 1915 was another troublesome year for banks. ps. I never
  7. ...on a public forum ... how very dare they! My thanks to the OP for posting an interesting article, and additional thanks to the folk who managed to raise a few smiles!
  8. For this year's Reith Lectures, Mark Carney will.. "...chart how we have come to esteem financial value over human value and how we have gone from market economies to market societies. He argues that this has contributed to a trio of crises: of credit, Covid and climate. And the former Bank of England governor will outline how we can turn this around." So his "vigilance" oversaw the development of a trio of crises? https://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/articles/43GjCh72bxWVSqSB84ZDJw0/reith-lectures-2020-how-we-get-what-we-value
  9. The colour palette, the font and the sentiment are quite Scarfolk. All that's missing is "For more information please reread."
  10. Bizarre divisions. Rather pointless piece of research!
  11. Years ago my parents looked after the little old lady next door. Took her meals, drove her to hospital appointments, sorted out a care home and looked after her affairs. When she died the entire proceeds of the London Zone 6 semi went to the Cats Protection League. I've not felt it necessary to donate to them ever since.
  12. Interesting! Strange that they've just increased the asking prices on the cutesy Redrow Rabbit Hutches near me. I thought it was to make the people who've bought them feel better - especially as the houses that were looking over fields when they were bought are now looking at an identical house.
  13. Agree. Whisk bottles of pee? Hookers in Amsterdam? I doubt that waiting for something to happen is entirely responsible for most of this therapy-worthy catharsis.
  14. Just a diverting note on Game Theory: Game Theory relies on players being rational participants who play to gain maximum "payoffs" (utility maximisation). In order to maximise payoffs, the player needs to not only know what they want but also be able to place the outcomes in an order ( this > the other > that). Then Game Theory might be able to advise the player how to play the game well...depending on the player being rational and not changing their mind or becoming cooperative, because that would need different maths! The maths for game theory is rather boggling, but even har
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