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  1. A distant ships smoke on the horizon. Yup thats the good ship housing market, steaming towards newfoundland and all those icebergs, it'll never sink, honest
  2. Well we had the crusades, freeing the holy land at the nod from the Pope (in reality mostly to stave off civil war at home). Now we are back round again, this time the crusades are to save the oil from the infidels. Oil is what the western world worships so its only fair we should liberate the oil fields. Either a country is on our side, witness Saudi, Kuwait, so we have a limited military presence (just there to help honestly), or they are not in which case an army of occupation (Iraq, Afghanistan, Iran?). Reasons may change like the wind but the action stays the same.
  3. Hey RB, am I a bull or a bear? WTF does it matter anyway? All I know is i'm trying to sell a property, may purchase another (to live in), may just rent for a while if the ideal property doesn't appear and mine sells. Yes I think properties are overpriced and provided the correct trigger occurs they will fall, if i change property may lose £10K more than if I sit here now for another year waiting for it to happen. May not, who knows. If the trigger doesn't occur then prices will bumble along, up a bit, down a bit, at maximum affordability. I agree that now would be a daft time to buy BTL unless the deal was stunning, there are always deals in anything if you look hard enough. So RB, is that a bull, a bear or just a realist? PS SITA, you're probably a really nice person but on here you come across as a jerk.
  4. Not sure how many people nationally do this but there are a serious number of people "stoozing" on credit cards, eg transferring to a zero % card £3000 then sticking it into a savings account to rack up interest. I've seen people on there talking serious money, eg max'd out on credit cards till they start getting refused new cards. Now if only 5,000 people (0.008% of uk pop.) were doing this to the tune of £5,000 each it would rack up £25 million of recorded savings. Wonder how much that would affect the figures by.
  5. Try reading one of Edward Rutherfords books, London, Sarum or The Forest, while they are fiction they provide fascinating insights into how family fortunes can rise and fall during and spanning generations. In answer to your original question, if I have understood you right, there is always a class of people who have money, which is usually then used to create jobs/employment, primarily to create more money for the business owner and as a byproduct pays a salary to the workers. This is a fact of history, there will always be those who are at the top of the pile (moneywise) and those at the bottom. You work hard and get some lucky breaks you can rise up. At the bottom it can be difficult to climb the first rung (not specifically meaning property), however once it starts flowing in at a greater rate than your cost of living, thats when money starts making money. As far as living off saved capital, I think that has always been relatively rare, nonexistent for the working class historically who have tended to live hand to mouth, the middle class have traditionally had money put aside "for that rainy day" but still need to work. But you know all this anyway so why ask?
  6. Q - Whats the cheapest convertible to insure. A - Triumph Herald They're quite nippy too. Pre 1973 = zero car tax, not bad fuel economy, spares availability still good, insurance dirt cheap. If you want safety try a series Land Rover - the other vehicle is your impact zone. Again pre 1973=zero tax, cheap insurance, up to ten seats (LWB), you can stick more modern efficient diesel oil burners in them. Spares availability no problems.
  7. The BBC in a ratings war decide to rerun the entire catalog of :- Poldark - Mondays, tuesdays, wednesdays at 8:00 Blakes 7 - thursdays and fridays at 8:00 The Sweeney - every night after nine Special back to back episodes of Minder in the afternoons Sundays from lunch time through to midnight will be, Last of the summer wine, Porridge, Fawlty Towers and M*A*S*H. ITV in response have announced they will be screening 24/7 the entire:- Six Million Dollar Man The Bionic Woman Wonder Woman Spiderman and The Incredible Hulk Thus everybody who loved these programs will all be glued to the tv and those that dont or are too young will be bored into a coma.
  8. The property was purchased by the present owner in 2001 and subsequently rented out for the next 5 1/2 years, the temants that were in it till a couple of weeks ago were peed off at having to move as they thought it was a nice place, however the price the owner offered it to them at was >> than they could afford. The owner had three agents price it and she took the highest (by approx £40K), quite greedy. The place has been on the market with the tenants in it since before christmas with very little interest. The price in the last week has dropped by £15K, still 10K above the highest any similar property on that road has achieved. The agents have indicated that they have had offers iro another £15K less, this I doubt as I believe they are drumming for business. Believe me, this is one BTL that is being sold up. Now its got no tenants there will be no more rent coming in either. Might just make an offer, could this be the BMVs the wailing piglets rattle on about.
  9. Fair enough Seen it before, but one place I took an interest in Merley didnt have a scrap of furniture in it so unless the owners have taken minimalism to the extreme I would say its vacant posession. Plus you say that it indicates no sitting tenants, so in summary we are then seeing an increased number of previously rented properties now on agents books for sale.
  10. Living in Poole myself its good to know that the fat lady has finally begun her Aria. Perhaps sensibility will soon prevail. Seems to be a lot of properties round Wimbourne, Merley, Colehill lately (just north of Poole) and a lot of them have VACANT POSESSION ads.
  11. Wey hey, in the last couple of days since i looked on whymove, three properties I have been watching, one I like, one is in a ridiculous place (smack bang on derbys corner) and the other along the waterloo road (on with about 7 agents) have all dropped. 325K to 310K (almost 5% drop) 295K to 275K (>6% drop) 295K to 289K (Only been on less than a month I think) Just when I was beginning to despair of any sanity left in the world a ray of light shines.
  12. The reason the CPI figure for insurance is 0.8% is because when the ONS asked mr Jones (47), of Railway Cuttings, East Cheam what his insurance was this year he forgot to mention he had traded in his petrol guzzling jag for a more ecomomical Ford Cack due to the spiralling costs of motoring, thus the CPI insurance rise is only minimal. Dont you lot know anything about economics, doh.
  13. Had a look at a property near wimborne the other day, was at 325K in an area that has only ever seen one other property exceed 300K ( a much larger house). Every room needed work doing on this property, serious work too. Several days later someones offered because its now sstc. I wait to see if it sells. Been keeping an eye on a few proprties that have been up for sale in this particular area and the pattern is the same, asking price £330K-£360K. Property goes sstc for a while then off the radar, but not one in the last 12 months has appeared on nethouseprices. Other houses sub 300K no probs.
  14. Used to like pottering round the shops in westbourne, there was a really good 2nd hand record store near the bingo hall in the 80's, and mrs T's supper rooms were good too. Also a bit further down towards bmouth, left at the lights opposite the pub there a brilliant comic shop that did all sorts, you could get Pink Floyd, and Zeppelin and Rush posters there etc. Jolly good Tandoori too.
  15. You beat me to it frugalstar I used to see some stunning investigations go on by some of the regulars of this site, perhaps someone could find the 850K victorian property and get in touch with the ex owners to let them know that their personal financial details are being spewed out into a public forum, because if it were to happen to me I would be B****Y furious. Perhaps the original posters regulatory body might also be interested. Oops, forgot its EA's, probably with the morals of an inbred alley cat. Stow that idea. But then it could just as easily be a total wind up from the off and not even worthy of attention. Who cares.
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