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  1. ha ha ha ha ha ....oh what a laugh. One of our correspondents says banks have to lend money to exist. Er yes, but the money they are lending is ours, yours and mine, with no collateral to back it up. So when it all goes wrong, and it will, the banks will close or give out dribs and drabs because they cannot possibly cover all the loans of our money they give out under the corrupt and cankered fractional reserve banking system.

  2. Im waiting for the Housing bill to confirm housing association tenants can get their houses at knockdown prices. I asked Grant Shapps, the then housing minister, about this in 2010 when the Tories were promoting RTB. Still got the email telling me "it will never happen". Ive got 50 large sat in the bank and I want it in bricks and mortar before the money system goes pop! What's the bloody hold up?

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