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  1. I think Churchill said something along the lines that democracy is a blunt instrument and flawed, but the least worst option. He also said something about the average joe not being a good judges at deciding governanace. Brexit zealots and virus 'truthers' have one big thing in common - blinkered against any MSM news and total reliance on social media. The power of social media was recognised by Dom cummins early on and was decisive here. Dark forces pulling the levers know that an army of facebook trolls is more more powerful than an aircraft carrier. This omnipotent force was total
  2. All these millions of mask wearers playing Russian roulete with their health in a daily basis, surely by now NHS would be over run by mask illnesses? where are they all? Imagine a group of 9 test subjects who spent 20 years to travelling the world and wearing masks? ladies and gentlemen , we have such a group of individuals who have selflessly devoted themselves to this task purely for the good of humankind : American heavy metal band Slipknot. I rest my case.
  3. ..from the original post, it seems like he was one of those 'influencers' with an army of 'followers' who were egging him on and paying him tips. He claims to be innocent and blames it on drugs. Interesting psychological effect where extremes become normalised when decided as part of a group, a few famous, and highly controversial experiments come to mind here. Always bothers me when nice women end up with thugs, I see that a lot where I live. Normal female instinct to find a protector and provider has been corrupted by the welfare state to a certain extent. Pushing a pram aroun
  4. These reactions are not unexpected and were noted during testing (137 out of 19,000) . This last part in bold is concerning - not the 1 /5000 risk but that is has been dismissed as random distribution. With hundred of thousands to be deployed within days I guess we will see in time. The allergy scare came hours after Britain's drug regulator dismissed safety fears over the Pfizer and BioNTech coronavirus vaccine after a report revealed four people in a trial in the US got Bell's palsy. The condition, which is usually temporary, causes muscles on one side of the f
  5. Yes, talk about low hanging fruits, a digital tax - the big fat elephant in the room. Yes, . When I was direct selling in the home -cable tv / gas and electric /double glazing not unusual that the mrs wears the trousers when dealing with household finances, quite often one half of the couple is the main decision maker, working this out is key, but not always immediately obvious. Many of the big winners from decades of HPI of my generation are thoses that got into a relatonship - not neccessarily marraige, and joint mortgage young. Those that tried exactly the same formula
  6. Thinking more on this, how this will affect herd immunity is dependent upon transmission between those vaccinated,currently unknown. This herd immunity might be relevant here if: lower effectiveness / rollout time /public refusals becomes significant, at a time of relaxed containment. Answer is somewhere between a stick, ball, man and carrot.
  7. opps new member edit 😂 This vaccine policy will mean the opposite: R number increase as it rips through the population uncontained, but hopefully with effective vaccine protecion. From zero covid to everyhere...in the uk. (Could an innoculated traveller from uk still be infectious abroad?) either way it increases herd immunity.
  8. I get it that Oxford did it differently, just amazes me phizer wouldn't routinely test both sets of this double blind trial for,err. covid? or this data is being witheld? Accepted the clinical trial may have deliberately included immunosupressed (the original BMJ opinion paper here seems to query this?) but should we all expect some reduction in performance when used in the real uk vulnerable population? -not a rhetorical question . Again my bad for misquotng the elderly participants %, also I appreciate you adressed both my points but neither really answered.
  9. I was amazed that this covid testing wasn't a routine thing on all covid test participants? wtf? surely I'm mistaken here? ouch! we hammered the plastic on this, we were in pretty deep,but manageable when we were at about 85% not so long ago. Ironically, exactly those most vulnerable but saved from the epidemic may have less to look forward to in the later demographic/brexit/covid uk-reset, instead further burdeneing the already overburdened state. The Truth hurts here. Costs incoming of Brexit is just the tip of the iceberg, we haven't seen most of them yet, but we w
  10. I still think Trump is going to win 🤣
  11. True, but also conveniently avoids a middleman actually trying to asses the risk, and preventing full disclosue ? That's about 98% of society are in the 'selfish' category, but also a crass over simplification as to differing reasons for refusal, also nonsensical as you acknowledge it is only a (largish) proportion of society requiring innoculation to acheive immunity threshold. I'm calling BS on this 95% effectivness figure, fit healthy test subjects (of all adult ages) without co-morbidities isn't really the group most in need of protection. There is also the unko
  12. Seems there might have been a window of opportunity to do another much larger trial whilst awaiting the prodution of millions of doses a week? Ideally the test subjects would be crowded together and rubbing shoulders at the lockdown protests. Unless exempted, if they have been following local laws during the trial there has been some element of distancing and containment here. I get it that this was intended as a double blind study, but could the results be different in a 'back to normal' uncontained real world? Maybe the silver bullet here isn't that this all needs to be successf
  13. Yes, all our chips on win here, we are fast running out of other options. If there was sufficient supplies and public uptake, there might even be a case for doing this in reverse, prioritising the economically active and key workers first and treating vulnerables last? If this doesn't work then any possible 3rd wave will be more along the ICL plan B/C or Swedish style soft containment; no way will the economy or society tolerate another 2020 lockdown for months next year. Early spring I predicted the risk that we could be, 12 months later, in exactly the same situation but half a
  14. ...or we find out pretty soon exactly how it affects elderly, the priority group that wasn't included in the trial. This will be the clinical trial, several million Questioning the safety and efficacy of something with rushed development that most of the population will be offered isn't bedwetting. The truth is never offended by examination. I'm shocked and dissapointed by what seems inherently bad methodology with excessive secrecy, almost like they set up the trial conditions purposely to get a big number. if 80% of sufferers are asymptomatic, and an infection is onl
  15. WTF? Amazed that ALL participants were not tested weekly,even the Danmsak 3000 trial they did that. What possible reason not to bother weekly testing all subjects? By the same author, seems a lack of elderly,children and minorites included in testing. Also a PCR test +ve isn't the same as a covid 'event', side effects can be quite severe and temporarily incapacitating. Results of just a couple of hundred events becomes policy for tens of millions. I question the methodolgy here and it's surrounding secrecy. In a September interview Medscape editor in chief Eric Topol
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