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  1. p.s moderation 'lite' how I like it. I note 'no -one has a right to post here, it is a privelidge' , and thanks -genuinely. If this forum was reall biased and heavily censored then that is a problem, but not the case here. The only time I was moderated here was when using the P word in a racial contect -acruallty a genuine quote, which I disagreed with anyway. Oh, and the first few hundred posts in pink so stealth blocked... I even offered financial suport, no stalking issues here -they quickly get bored, but a couple of motorcycle forums I have contibuted to. So begs the question: what does a member need ? If I had a lobotomy and was certain of a house price crash to half of 1980's levels would that qualify me better for membership. p.s. don't listen to arpeggio, never been to prison.
  2. ...and thanks for hosting this forum. really.
  3. It occoured to me that, extremely occasionally, people do drop dead on the street. One in a million events happen every few milliseconds seconds in China's nearly 1.5 billion population. Not sure about the seriousness of it on a 'let it rip' strategy, you are speculating here too. Got a feeling we will both soon find out... 3rd wave in uk and there will be a pinch point, both socially and economically and we are nearing that now. Either we fix it now or it fixes us. (as a heroin addict told me once)
  4. ...And the inexperienced first time investors can fret about their empty voids on mumsnet, whilst being self-assured that they are indeed asking the correct 'market rate'...clever. Never found London transport workers, retail staff or hospital cleaners to be particularly uncouth. You do realise that many housing benefit claimants in London are working full time right?
  5. Easy to understand that this re-infection potential is not yet fully understood. If we jabbed 80% population, and 20% were still infectious, that would represent even greater danger for those 'unprotected' than at he height of the pandemic. How long such a (protected) host / transmitter remains viable is really important here, I'm 'confused'. Poor scientific terminology perhaps, but the logic is there. You are missing something, I'm not questioning the general efficacy of vaccine here, just as to any possible changing risk profile for long term refusers after most of population has been jabbed. A good carrot and stick for encouraging take up surely? - get you jabs, socialise and travel as you wish. As opposed to get jabbed, wear your mask, stay in lockdown and contunue social distancing ... I missed your point? Defence contractors ideally would like a peaceful but very tense world with well functioning economies to spend fortunes of their GDP on continually keeping up with the next generation military technology. With mach 20 hyperbaric missiles, space anti satellite capabilities, robot and drone warfare plus cyber and social media trolling, this could make the cold war nuclear arms race seem cheap by comparison.
  6. NHS website advises those vacinated may still get and transmit the virus, so to continue with precautions. I wonder if vaxing we may be creating millions of (protected) host transmitters, the opposite of zero covid. I did have an appointment this week but cancelled it as it was in quite an inconvenient place, also at the back of my mind seems me taking a teacher or NHS's worker jab so I can get pissed all day listening to metal seems a little immoral to me.
  7. "Not entirely sure is it because Covid so the market is slow..." "rent expectations" "Wendy Lui" Reading between the lines, could the penny be starting to drop for a recent and not too savvy foreign BTL investor?
  8. No, totally wrong. Average stay is 2 years in residential care, I in 3 end up in care now in uk. This was never like that for the previous generation, parents dying in their 70's kids often inheriting property in their 30's. Previous generations didn't need to sell their homes to pay for their care fees either, and normally parents actually still had mental capacity to know who their kids were at the end of their lives. sad but true.
  9. +1 Have you been jabbed yet, will you? I need to decide now. I've been offered an appointment. I'm wondering if there is a moral argument that given scarce resources, a younger working family person might benefit from my refusal?
  10. Increasing life expectancy for those without independence, physical or mental function is lose/lose. Also worsens the demographic care crisis we are approaching, Brexit didn't exactly help on the staffing issues. Approaching crisis in paying for it, and finding sufficient suitable staff. (why we need to keep ramping house prices, to fund care fees - the real stealth tax bombshell )
  11. Or what if it happened, but some of the footage or pics were not what they purported to be. Imagine the embarassement of genuinely landing on the moon but a small error with the film processing and no pics. I suspect NASA would have had a 'plan b' for this unlikely eventuality, to avoid being the laughing stock of the world's media at the time. Years ago I lived in London with top name black and white photo printer, did lots of arty high end clients, newspapers, art books etc. One day a dozen rolls of 36mm got trashed in the processing, he had goofed up. This was a top fashion shoot, tight print deadlines and thousands just on the models and flights before even the photographer's fee. He blamed the failure on a duff batch of film. Something similar may have happened to many 'spoiled' rolls of D Day landing beach pictures, taken by a single war photographer on the day at huge risk. I think we may be approaching a decisive moment soon, a long sweaty summer of lockdown 3.0 could do it. Perhaps also growing opinion split between the young and elders in the perceived ratio of risk and burden for differing age groups.
  12. log e or log average R(t)? Is there something you forgot to mention about that shoplifting incident...? Herd immunity is % population both/either pre-infeted and/or vaccinne protected. It assumes a free mixing 'homogenous' population, think like a cement mixer full of different colour m and m s on spin all the time, real social strata don't always mix that freely. It also assumes that vaxxed will not remain as hosts and transmitters -this bit is crucial.
  13. ...and then what if risks are discovered - but also proved that vaxxing the over 50's will certainly build herd immunity sufficient to protect the younger generation? Given how the young have been shafted by the property market, I can't see this 'altrusist vaxxing' idea catching on. This is a vert possible ethical dilema we may need to consider.
  14. What if there are some concerns over the safety of this, if there ares any nasty suprises here, then building herd immunity % in those older and above child bearing age would apportion risks to those (rightly) that are more 'expendable'. Maybe this is the real rationale?
  15. Are the courts still behind with a huge backlog of cases? Even without intentional delaying tactics, just to get to a judgement could be some time away -then there is enforcement... I had something similar, cowboy central heating fitter. In the end I replumbed it in 15mm and 22mm copper and it works properly now (you can't squeeze a 8 kw through 15mm pushfit, basic stuff) The guy was I suspect a serial blagger, and had a lawyer for a mrs with just a mail forwarding adress. Getting a CCJ would have been straighforward, but I'b be pi55ing the wind trying to get it -also he was in a different area and not easy to trace.
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