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  1. Happened to my parents about 5 years ago at a main dealer. Negotiated a price on a used car, all was happy, went to sit down to do the paper work and when dad said he was paying cash the price was the original price. He could only have the discount with finance. He got up and walked out, why having saved money to buy a car would he want finance?
  2. Doesn’t surprise me. Local council “furloughed” the people in the council tax department last year so you couldn’t get through to them if you had an issue/request. Why? The same number of people still had to pay council tax, if anything call would have surely gone up with people unable to pay. Also had a friend who couldn’t get parts he needed for work because his supplier had furloughed people. So they had work but still furloughed people. Surely the point of furlough was if there was no work due to lockdowns you could furlough, not just do it anyway? I bet lots of companies did the same. A chance to risk free, cost free reduce staff and see if you could carry on.
  3. Why? Sold for massive profit. Now mortgage free. That some huge financial freedom. Sure could have waited a bit longer and made more, might have waited and lost. Nobody buys in right at the bottom and sells right at the top, it’s just too unlikely to happen. If someone hits a monetary amount that would make them happy they should sell then.
  4. Yep. When it was dropping and costing me a couple of thousand it didn't matter. Now its 10s of 1000s it a bit scarier. But as I said, its even scarier the thought of it taking off again and leaving me behind. I can now confirm, HODLing is the way to go, less scary!
  5. Bottled it. Bought back in. I have made a whole 0.2 of a bitcoin though! It’s scarier the thought of the price rising and missing out than it is HODLing and the price dropping!
  6. So, just sold 500k of BTC! But I’m not planning to take the gains yet, in just looking at the charts and I’m hoping for a drop and I’ll buy back in. Just hoping this doesn’t turn into a blip and it shoots back up now. TBH even if it does, I’ve still done well out of bitcoin, losing a few £££ here will still see me massively up.
  7. I thought it would be. The taxman wouldn’t let that one slide!
  8. Surely placing the bet is a taxable transaction? If gambling is not a taxable transaction, you sign up for two accounts, you offer odds on an event happening (“lay” it in betting terms) then you take the bet yourself. No liquidity issue as you’re taking your own bets. Okay you pay Betfair their 5% commissions but it beats 20 or 40% CGT. But like I said, the issue is, does placing the bet become a taxable event? This suggests its 5 years. https://www.gov.uk/tax-return-uk
  9. You only pay CGT within 30 days for property. So BTC would be done on an annual SA. Admittedly this is just my layman’s understanding, I’m not an expert so it may be worth confirming either way.
  10. And hope someone will pay him the large sums he’s quoting to look for it and he can run off with the cash. I’m sure there’s some scam going on.
  11. I used to work with the a guy who has worked with this guy previously. Apparently he’s a bullshitter and a fantasist and the phrase “if you’ve been to Tenerife then he’s been to Elevenerife” was made for him. So I’m not convinced there’s much truth in this.
  12. Surely if they ban bitcoin, I go abroad where it’s legal and CGT is zero. Get all my cash, move back to the UK and surely they can’t charge me CGT because it’s illegal in the UK anyway.
  13. Landlords don’t provide credit so no change to your credit rating. As for referencing, you lived with your mum/son/mate/own home that you’d bought so don’t can’t get a reference.
  14. Santander have been doing this for months. So no surprise.
  15. What the hell is the deal with bitcoin cash? Up over 30% in 24 hours.
  16. Having a wife living in the UK and travelling back to see her, even within the allow number of days will mean HMRC will say you have a strong link to the UK and won’t let you all. Good luck with it but my own research suggested it’s not even viable as a single bloke who would want to come back and see family. For me it’s too much risk I could spend 5 years avoiding the UK and they still come after me.
  17. Regarding sentiment and shoe shine boy moment. I remember in December 2017 people asking on Twitter how to get into bitcoin, so I just did a search for bitcoin of the people I follow and quite a few were talking about it. Nobody is talking about it at the moment other than those that always have. We’re a long way off that yet.
  18. Exactly, don’t get me wrong, when the time comes I’ll be paying for some decent financial advice to see if it can be limited but if I can’t, I’ll cope!
  19. I can’t wait for the day I have to send HMRC a cheque for 200k personally. Will mean I’ll have made 800k myself just by having invested about 5k about 5 years ago and then sat back and watched. Certainly going to feel better than knowing every month they take 20-30% of my earned money. I did for a while consider moving abroad for 5 years but sod it, “it’s only 200k”, I’ll still have enough to buy a house and retire on.
  20. But humans are not random and what you have now introduced is game theory. It’s why Deal or No Deal rarely gave away the top prize. Mathematically someone should have won ever 25 shows. In reality, human nature takes over and you accept the guaranteed amount. Human nature is to be risk averse. Anyway, going back, a person bets in a number because it hasn’t appeared for a long time so it’s surely due to happen soon. Ask that same person if they want to fly Quantas who have never had a major disaster or Malaysia Airlines who have had the most major disasters. Using their theory Quantas are due a load of disasters so their planes should be dropping out of the sky, right?
  21. So I’ve been able to look at the orders/address list this morning and as suggested, no, I’m not on that one. Like I said, wasn’t a huge deal anyway, I’ve moved a few times since I bought mine.
  22. Googled, “reddit ledger hack data” as suggested on this thread. Got a link and searched for my email address.
  23. I only got to look at the email list. Wont let me see the other list. But my email is there. And I’ve just checked I bought on 18ty December ‘15. No idea if my address is on there. Not that I live there any more anyway.
  24. It seems I’m on the list and I bought in December 2015. So much for it being a post-2017 list!
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