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  1. I deal with Enermech at the inspection co-ordination level onshore, they are effectively our client. I have asked a few colleagues about them and the feedback isn't great, seems to corroborate with the opinion of Cashinthemattress. PS I can't get the quote function to work and it's really annoying.
  2. I sometimes deal with Enermech on Crane Inspection work, can't say they are any better or indeed any worse than the other outfits of the same ilk in Aberdeen. Not sure about getting money out of them, my employer isn't exactly quick off the mark at invoicing clients. Is 2016 shaping up to be even worse than 2015 in terms of job losses for the N Sea?
  3. Rumour in our office today is that Enermech are laying off 90 people this week with those that remain taking a 5%-15% pay cut.
  4. Offshore terminology for onshore based roles!
  5. Wow things are really starting turn now. Its the average Joe that I feel sorry for, that has to sell their 3 bed new build to allow them to relocate for work. There are however plenty greedy & flash Billy Bigtimes getting brought back down to earth with a thud! I'm glad we held off our purchase of a 4 bed place in Deeside, the three houses we were keen on this time last year are still on the market, two of which have gone fixed price and one has been reduced from 370k to 349k
  6. Well said babo456. Aberdeen must be a hell of a place to try and build a life on an average UK salary. Hopefully a price correction can make things more realistic and within reach of everyone.
  7. The average cut across our asset integrity contracts is now at 20% with another one in the post. The rates have fallen and will continue to do so. Perhaps a few very specialist high end roles will still command daft money?
  8. Yup the going is tough down here, spare a thought for the none operator /EPC guys!
  9. 112k contracting as an Inspection Engineer, should have gone into planning! Staff role pays circa 75k.
  10. I think you have earned some very decent cash, fair play to you. I'd also suggest you have been smarter than the majority and saved plenty. I suspect many haven't been anywhere near as shrewd/
  11. Most dayrate chancers are in the £400-£500 per day region if involved in maintenance type roles. Drilling/completions, Subsea & possibly SAP specialists were able to pull much higher figures from what I've been told. I'm rate a day chancer myself and can't believe what they still pay me and I'm at the lower end of the day rate scale. I still see plenty bathroom suite white Audis with private plates getting about so it's got some way to run until the brown stuff really hits the fan.
  12. Every days a school day, I always thought it was a percentage from the overall charge out rate. I work for a smallish service company and I'm charged out at x amount and the receive approx. 85% as a day rate, the service co keep the rest. I suppose the agencies will have a different model from actual service companies. As an aside our client told us last week to lose 6 positions from the project with immediate affect. Our client a medium sized N Sea operator has halved it's 2016 opex, things are getting pretty grim now for many people.
  13. Great summary from Cashinmatterss there. I can relate to the second generation Aberdonian comment as I fall into that category myself. I have always earned very good money for my age as I worked offshore from the age of 20, then moved into well paid onshore roles. I've blown a fair bit off it on holidays and living larger than I possibly should have at times, however I 've also invested and saved a little for a rainy day. I'm still in a dayrate office role but currently trying to engineer my return to foreign climes. One relative and a close friend have been out of work since mid 2015, both
  14. The Telegraph article certainly had Aberdeen doing well in the disposable income stakes. The payoffs are about to start again, word on the street is December will be a rather bleak month for Aberdeen, I'm glad I didn't buy a place when I returned to the area 18 months ago. Perhaps I'll manage to grab a house at more reasonable price if I stay in the area long term. What's the latest speculation on price drops?
  15. Plenty people up here have made so much money they have both gold plated taps and healthy bank accounts. The 30 something's have grown up with parents making big money and a desire to go one better and outdo the generation before them in the wealth stakes perhaps it's that age group that are in for a bleak time. In saying all of that I'm still constantly perplexed by the notion that everyone in oil & gas makes shiploads of cash and can save it all for a rainy day. If you factor in rent and property prices in the area I'm not sure the average person in the NE actually has more disposable in
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