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  1. Well if we take "typical mortgage" to mean "a mortgage representative of most contemporary mortgages", then the term and interest rate are both variable and important. There is not a strict mathematical link between interest rate and house price, because prices are opinions. How much appetite (i.e. an opinion) people have for risk is a big factor in how much they can/are able to borrow. If we take just the interest rate change into account, I think 4% would erase the past 15 years of house price growth +/- inflation, so a 30-40% fall. I think that 7% would then be 40-60% fall and 10% would be 60-80% fall. However, what we will see is completely unknown, because interest rates are just one factor. If interest rates get to 7% or more, it will be because the government has finally lost control of the currency. They will take extraordinary action, which will destroy the currency and the economy. Houses may well skyrocket in price, but then so will bread, coffee and fuel. That's not to say that interest at 7% is inherently disastrous, but getting to 7% after having been at 0% by distorting everything, is.
  2. No, because the length of the mortgage is also variable. Changing interest rates has an exponential effect on mortgages.
  3. 20 years ago the rate was 4-6% Certainly 16% rates were (yet another) government fueled aberration. 0% was completely unprecedented at that point though.
  4. Is that true? Something like 5% of crimes ever result in a conviction, which compares to the alleged 2% solve rate of rapes.
  5. The government intentionally makes the petrol prices high, then calls the petrol merchants gougers when they charge higher prices- madness.
  6. And yet if you had told someone 20 years ago that rates would hit 0.25%, they would have laughed at you. 4% is nothing
  7. Pay more to pay less. Why can't notorious mass murdering war criminal Tony Blair just crawl into a hole and die already?
  8. Where is the demand coming from? I thought a bunch of Europeans had moved out. Has supply fallen? Where has it gone?
  9. The way the legacy media is framing this is nonsense. This is not why the laws are controversial. The police ought not to have the power to search citizens without suspicion. End of story. This is as stupid as saying slavery is evil because most slaves are black and if slaves were equally likely to be black or White, then that would be ok.
  10. What happens to prices of food during a famine? Fuel after fuel sanctions? Prices are not completely shackled to wages.
  11. That's if all prices, including labour, are rising. Are you in a good position if food and fuel are getting more expensive by 20% per year, your pay is rising 5% per year, and your mortgage is 2.5%?
  12. Unsellable...at the price I want There are no good options here. I view a long mortgage as a huge liability right now, but anything could happen. Cash is a huge risk vs housing, but you can at least react quickly with it unlike housing equity.
  13. Well a "low risk" mortgage for the banks would be less than 30% of take home. Which means that 70% of your take home is...bills, food and savings (LOLOLOLOL) If bills n food rise, it could actually have more of an effect than the same percentage rise in mortgage payments.
  14. I disagree, when it comes to diet. https://www.nhs.uk/live-well/eat-well/food-types/salt-nutrition/ https://www.nhs.uk/live-well/eat-well/food-types/different-fats-nutrition/ Both sources high in vitamin A. But I would count fish as meat anyway. Gutted whole mackerel is £7.40/kg So? There's no nutrition in seaweed. It would be interesting to know what fraction of their diet is tubers and berries.
  15. Have you taken the 1 minute time to listen to what he actually said, and how? Don't worry, I know you haven't. He wants to help people by teaching them how to live independently, almost for free. Is there a reason you would prefer people to be dependent on the government than to rely on themselves?
  16. That's not a source, so I'll assume your answer is "No, I don't have a source, just hearsay." Vitamin A toxicity is based on megadosing synthetic vitamin A, which is a different form with a vastly longer half life than the natural form found in liver. As for high doses in liver, that is based on polar bear and dog liver, neither of which I intend to eat, nor are they lamb's livers. Are you implying that Inuits are not human? Also https://asset-pdf.scinapse.io/prod/1505712800/1505712800.pdf
  17. Do interest rates always take at least 12 months to affect an economy?
  18. I'm not disagreeing with you, nor defending the headlines or reporting (which, having listened to what he actually said are quite disgusting), just the words he used are consistent with several contradictory interpretations. One of which is that meals can cost 30p per day. Is he saying that it costs the food bank 30p per person to run these courses? Or that it costs the person 30p per meal to cook them? He doesn't mention the cost of energy.
  19. Those are discharged after 7 years right?
  20. Nope, seriously bad for you. By the time the bottle gets to the household the oil is seriously oxidised. If you're concerned about omega-3, eat brain, eyes or salmon or mackerel and STOP eating omega-6 which is in seed oils such as "vegetable", rapeseed, canola, palm, bran, sunflower, etc oils, because omega-6 directly inhibits your body's ability to synthesise and use omega-3's.
  21. There is plenty of vitamin C in muscle meat and loads in liver. It is perfectly possible to live on meat alone, provided it is fatty enough. My digestion is far better after I cut my vegetable consumption to almost zero. In fact, eliminating fibre has a 100% cure rate for IBS in studies on the matter. No constipation to report, thank you. Are you able to provide a source? Yes, a source of carbs such as fruit and honey is good. Ketosis is good for addressing certain metabolic disorders, but has its own problems and is no fun in the long term. Sadly true. It took me a long time to get over my gag reflex eating liver. Hence why we are getting our lil man used to eating offal so he has the choice when he grows up. What do you believe you get from plant matter (apart from carbs) which you wouldn't get from eating meat and organs? Wow I just watched the clip and it is very interesting the difference between what he is saying and what is reported. VERY interesting that OP declined to post a link or the video. Andersson comes across as a very nice gentleman who is genuinely interested in helping people. The 30p thing is quite unclear what he meant.
  22. This made me laugh Doctor Who
  23. Beef cheeks are still pretty cheap, but not as versatile as mince. I wouldn't know about pork- you shouldn't eat it as it is full of seed oils.
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