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  1. False, because Europe has shafted itself with the watermelon (green outside, red inside) agenda which has driven up the cost and driven down the reliability of energy and also imported a lot of people who will never be productively employed
  2. Gov regs mean you can't build that kind of thing any more. The solution to too much government regulation IS NOT more government regulation, as the occupants of Grenfell found out.
  3. They have to maintain security against hackers and the infrastructure to support global payments. The carry cost of digital cash is much lower than physical gold, sure, but it is still there. Right, so now we're getting into how banking has worked. Without the government backing them up, bankers who took that risk and lost would have to sell literally the shirt off their back to make their creditors whole. The interest rate would settle at a level which balances the competition between banks and the clients' appetite for risk. If you want 0 risk, then you would have to
  4. Maybe a one sentence summary of what the shadow banking system is please? Can you link the shadow banking system with government/central bank money printing?
  5. And they would have found productive employment. Now, billions will be out of work instead. Good work, government I'm doing what I can. Being robbed to support the system means it is difficult to fully disengage.
  6. If this is the "Austrian perspective", then it is wrong. If I ask you to keep my gold in your house and you have to give it all back to me regardless what happens in 10 years time, how much would you pay me for that privilege? Rational answer: you would charge me; in effect a "negative" interest rate. And yet people still keep stuff in safe deposit boxes and pay a handsome fee therefore.
  7. Every dollar of government spending leads to a dollar + some amount decline in productivity. The more governments try to do, the worse they will make this situation. An interesting game. The only winning move is not to play.
  8. Interesting, as I am on Brave and rarely go on BBC. Just tested and IE gave the same sidebar.
  9. Sunak doesn't give a shit. Is Brown in prison? I think thee will be no sales for a few months before it all falls apart. Like one of those samurai movies where they get cut in half and don't realise yet.
  10. Yes, and exactly the same kinds of things occurred during the Weimar decline. Hell, there's even documentation of this nonsense from the Roman decline and the Byzantine decline.
  11. You keep saying that, but we both well know that it is crony capitalism which is in the process of putrefying. *delayed. Good. The dead wood needs burning out for the health of the forest.
  12. A long dead syphilitic bum would like his discredited envy-screed back. Oh please. Two small events called "World Wars" did not end industrial civilisation. Parasitic shysters moving around fake numbers is nothing.
  13. Methodology: we calculated the risk of infection from Covid-19 using a tool developed by José Luis Jiménez, an atmospheric chemist at the University of Colorado and an expert in the chemistry and dynamics of air particles. Scientists around the world have reviewed this Estimator, which is based on published methods and data to estimate the importance of different measurable factors involved in an infection scenario. However, the Estimator’s accuracy is limited as it relies on numbers that are still uncertain – numbers that describe, for example, how many infectious viruses are emitted by one i
  14. We should be grateful to our feckless boomer landlords that they aren't after the Maximum Cost they can get from their tenants then eh
  15. There's even retards buying in the Isle of Wight apparently. Wonder how fun that's going to be as government services are cut back (Wightlink) and fuel soars.
  16. I'd argue the creation of the Federal Reserve was the first hit. As for QE being a cure...I assume you were being facetious. QE is a cure by means of killing the patient.
  17. There is nothing they can do? How do you get off of heroin painlessly after you've injected your first hit [aka QE 1]? You can't.
  18. Well the government's actions are what got us here. On the other hand, the politicians only get away with what we let them. You may find this interesting... 14:00 in is where the relevant bit starts https://freedomain.locals.com/post/738607/we-also-lie-to-politicians-wednesday-night-live-june-2-2021
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