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  1. Has anyone noticed whether nervousnigel has reduced his t-shirt price yet?
  2. My wife's grandfather is 99 and has just had his licence re-issued for a further 3 years. Scarily, that means he can still be on the road at 102. He makes a 200 mile round trip journey every week to stay with a friend, and once or twice a year drives from the North West of England down to Devon. I'd back this plan if tax discs were inheritable!
  3. I have one of these which is available on a short term let until Dec 04. Am taking advice on deposit / rental rates at moment.
  4. Tatty England flags still hanging from bedroom windows Christine Hamilton as a neighbour Bigger than average SKY dishes Locked into the bombsights of a USAF jet (Baghdad only)
  5. I'm going to suggest to Nigel that he donates so much from every t-shirt sold to the Big Issue. I think the sentiment is quite sympatico with where they are coming from.
  6. Many moons ago, in the dim and distant days of the eighties, I was a callow youngster, not long wed to my school-teacher wife. We struggled to get a deposit together, living in grotty council flats for years on end. We ended up having to use this for the legal cots etc, and with a 100% mortgage on a new property. I think we paid £49k (for what its worth) The builder did a really shoddy job of the kitchen, but wouldn;t do anything about it - his attitude was 'well, I'll give you your money back because I could sell it now for an extra £5k' We must have bought just about 6 months before
  7. or, I guess, when, or where. Talk about being a bit bleedin' vague!
  8. Mine arrived in the post this morning, and I'm particularly looking forward to wearing it when my wife and I visit my brother-in-law at the weekend. He really is an offensive bore when it comes to the value of his pokey little 5 bed mansion in Surrey.
  9. Definately think I'll buy the t-shirt at Nervous Nigel- sounds perfect for Crouch End!
  10. Remember that, for most people 'owning' a house is really just 'owning' a debt! Most of the people who have 'benefitted' from the increase in house prices over the last decade have probably re-mortgaged and increased the debt so as to take advantage of what banks like to call 'cheap money'. Hence the proliferation of so many new cars, and the ability to holiday so frequently and to conspicuously consume. Every time you move you incurr huge costs in terms of selling and buying. The only winners are the solicitors, the estate agents and the surveoyors. Oh, and the banks.
  11. Did anyone else notice the ad in Private Eye for www.nervousnigel.com? Sounds like everyone's getting increasingly bored by all this constant talk of house prices
  12. My smug brother-in-law finally having nothing to talk about at dinner parties
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