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  1. BoE does not care, 5 years ago it was $1.70! The entire economic policy is driven by the Banking sector and expect more interest rate cuts. One of the worst outcomes of Brexit is that it has created a convenient scapegoat for BoE. A hike in interest rates will pop the bubble, BoE will not let that happen no matter who suffers.
  2. Inflation control is not a BoE priority. Ensuring the bubble is inflated is responsibility no.1! If house prices begin to stagnate for longer, I expect Carney & Co. to cut rates close to the .25 mark. Banks are heavily exposed to mortgage debt. Inflation, falling pound, families struggling to make ends meet is not a problem for the BoE. All this can be blamed on Brexit!
  3. Looking through May sales prices and plenty of sizeable discounts! These were some of the listings in late May.....
  4. More 'Help to Buy' negative equity traps in the pipleline! Bring em on I say, more choice to the buyers. https://www.scottishconstructionnow.com/article/affordable-homes-planned-on-outskirts-of-aberdeen
  5. A good economist would have steered the Interest rates closer to the 2.0 mark when things were stable. A good economist would have waited to see how the economy performs in the months following the referendum and start slowly tightening during the 3 year window of relative economic stability. On the other hand if you have an overpaid canadian clown at the helm, this is what is most likely to happen! A knee jerk reaction following the referendum result and slash by .25......... keep crying how the economy is doomed........later correct his previously stated nonsense.........correct the un-necessary rate cut and back up by .25.......... keep saying many things but do absolutely nothing! Carney single-handedly has done more harm to the UK economy than anyone else! This man created the canadian housing bubble and now he's pitched his tent here. What's funny about all this is Carney has his rent paid for the government and himself hasn't bought property in the UK!
  6. Expecting Carney to announce a rate cut! Quite a few press releases stating the publicly dreaded 'R' word! Few more months left for his tenure and there's no way he'll allow the housing bubble to deflate during his tenure. He successfully managed to leave the Canadian governer role before the housing bubble in Canada popped. I think Carney and co will signal a possible Recession and aim for a .25 cut!
  7. Dont see many Scottish landlords voting SNP the next time round!
  8. Just learnt that the Soul casino has downed shutters! https://www.eveningexpress.co.uk/fp/news/local/aberdeen-city-centre-imploding-as-soul-casino-closes-down1/
  9. The challenge for sellers is that if one finds a buyer at a lower price, getting Government approval can be a challenge. Especially if official valuations do not match. Or the seller coughs up to cover the equity so that the prospective buyer does not lose interest and move onto something else.
  10. Hearing quite a few horror stories about people trying to exit 'Help to Buy' homes. Selling below purchase value is causing a conflict with the Govt. and their share of equity. They are being pushed back on purchase prices/offers and sellers being asked to take a bigger chunk of the loss.
  11. Yes another record, now showing 6514! Not long to go before ASPC breaches 7k+ properties for sale, I think! Even removing the sold properties still listed on the website currently, the numbers are well above 6000!
  12. Carney is a QE loving ex-banker. He just needs an excuse and if he doesn't get one, will make one up! On July 1st UK will celebrate 6 years of being lied to by Carney and his team! What a find he has been.
  13. Zoopla May'19 HPI The latest Zoopla house price index is out, reports the same thing we have noted on other indices i.e the Aberdeen house price fall is now accelerating! The interactive chart on the report shows house price changes over the years, and taking Aberdeen's current prices it has simply flat-lined/fallen since 2007! Meaning zero growth over 12 years of asset ownership. https://www.zoopla.co.uk/discover/property-news/zoopla-cities-house-price-index/#5CrzFg6UtQ3yd69H.97
  14. Already shown, 270+ available in the 1st week of July, available to rent for a whole week!
  15. I disagree, revenue from airbnb or booking,com in Aberdeen is not going to give enough consistent returns to cover mortgage/insurance/council/utility costs etc. If one simply looks at short notice availability for an entire week on Airbnb there are 270 Aberdeen properties available! Availability 1st week of August is more than 300! How many more Airbnb accommodations can a city like Aberdeen afford?! I have attached evidence; Aberdeen has the largest number of free properties on Airbnb! Also people looking for short term accommodation can find an Aberdeen hotel with free breakfast in the £30-40/night range. Names like Hilton, Premier Inn, Best Western etc.... A private landlord on booking.com cant compete with these chains, people are more likely to chose them, especially if they are business travellers. Just check rates on booking.com for a July weekend night! I notice you have claimed that to have made considerable profits selling property in Aberdeen or had consistent income from rentals, but you must be among the fortunate few. The reality for many btl owners in Aberdeen is quite different.
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