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  1. 1. It's OK to disagree. 2. My sentiments exactly; I thought I'd alluded to that. 3. I agree fully. However, the housing market isn't a pyramid scam, not in the truest sense of one. 4. A clever bloke told me not to eat Yellow Snow. I already knew about paper stuff not holding real value.
  2. It's an expression, oft used. If they sold up now, they'd probably be sat on £250-300k. Not something I would have done, as most of their money goes on the house, but if they walked away now, well, they'd be about even given how much they've spent on moving and mortgages over the 13 years they've been doing it. As I said, not something I would have done, or recommended doing.
  3. I have a friend who has been moving up the ladder with IO loans alone who's openly admitted their plans are to pay off the loans when his Mother and the wife's father dies and leaves them money. I love him to bits, so hope it works out. They are stretched financially, living in what is a £1m home now, but you do wonder what would happen if the grandparents lived another 20 years and spent the money, as they are both retired. It's not a gamble we'd have taken, mainly as our parents had naff all!
  4. Sorry, can't edit for some reason. We're moving to France, which is why I put the figures in Euro's. €48k is worth about €100-110k gross in France
  5. That's there are two taxes in France for this, one is based on how much it would cost to rent, the other tax depends where you live, cheaper in villages, cheaper still in the country. We pay £1890 a year in the UK. It's going to be, at todays rates, £800 a year in France once we have a house built. Until then, it's going to be around £600. Taxe FoncièreTaxe Foncière is the tax that is levied on property owners. Whoever you are, whether you live in the property or not, if you own it you must pay up. If you're renting, you don't pay this. Taxe Foncière is more expensive than the other prope
  6. Oh, I didn't see this, yes indeed, I'll post a blog about being a saut peel... thanks by the way.
  7. I am a 1 man band but with 2 equal shareholders. So whilst things have changed, it's not too disastrous. You get £10k a year without paying divi tax, put that on top of £24k's earnings makes for £36k before you pay any tax (or much NI). It's equivalent to £55k, which isn't a bad place to be. Pop that into Euro's at 1.33 and you have a tax free income of €48k or more. I don't think I could persuade myself to go permie based on that - you can live on that and still leave £50-70k in the business each year, or popped out into a pension fund of some kind.
  8. I am starting to surmise that most economists are starting to distrust the noises coming from central HQ in China. They're capable of creating these figures from thin air.
  9. We have a local farmer here who, worried about the direction of milk prices, decided to go the upmarket way and moved to a herd of Jersey's and now supplies most of the restaurants here, far and wide, with that what I'd call gold top! He's doing very, very well out of it. I come from farming stock and we have an ornate ability to cry wolf an awful lot of the time. The truth is, stuff should have a price it sells for and once you artificially set that rate someone, somewhere, will be unhappy.
  10. Kind of superfluous if they're not going to tell us the truth anyway!
  11. I'm new here, but lurked for a long time, in fact relied on this site in coming up with a lot of our plans. However, is anyone a bit concerned about the global economy, and in that I mean in the 1930's kind of global depression where the government can't help you out way? Do you think modern economics would always find a way around these issues, by QE, reverse QE, ZIRP, etc, etc, or do you think if it actually did ever go pop, it would be in a way no one could do anything about and every one would be looking after themselves? It interests me, to be honest, as whilst I am not one for suggest
  12. The thing is, most of the refugees coming from the middle east and Afghanistan, Pakistan, speak English as a second language; French isn't taught as a second language there, so it's kind of, to me, obvious they want to come to the UK. Germany needs migration to keeps its economy going, so are welcoming them with open arms. I don't think we have the necessary infrastructure to suddenly welcome 100k migrants. Asn aside, a friend living north of Frankfurt tells me they are preparing for 47,000 migrants to come to his city (Giessen). Says they have already had 20k, but that they have nothing t
  13. 2 years ago we started changing the way we lived, so now we look to save 4 figures a month, as a base target, which isn't as challenging now as it was when we started; now we look for places we can save. We no longer really drink, use cheaper cuts of meat (which taste better if you cook them properly ironically), supply as much of our own stuff as possible and only buy new thngs if we have to. Although I did buy a gopro 4 hero the other day as I like to film stuff (didn't go down well at the AGM).
  14. Well, if they get themselves to me, they'd have walked past a lot of places better suited, so I am willing to make that gamble. I think that migrants are coming here not to retire to the deep, deep French countryside, not to be there for the silence and absence of industry and picturesque view of the Pyrenees. I think they'll be looking for larger centres where there's more work. Besides, the Cathars were historically resolute punchy types Scotland? No chance; the reason we hate English Winters is the low cloud, the mizzle, the damp, the absolute misery of it at times and we want to stre
  15. Mainly as we can make it as eco friendly as possible; I want to be able to run off grid if I needed to. We can design a house using proper scientific principles to best heat, cool and insulate. The French are more savvy from a design perspective so have a wider range of acceptable designs; we tried this in the UK and every one of our designs were poo poohed as they didn't fit into the look and feel of the area (poppy **** itself). Too make an older house less costly to run is harder, more expensive. We can locate the house in the best position, put parts of it underground, we'll have enoug
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