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  1. Thanks Will910, the advice received from everyone on the forum has been really great. I started off looking to " invest" £100k tops for a 2 bed, ( hence the Ashley Courtyard/South Studios idea) so places like 152 malone , the bakery and Stramnillis Wharf out of reach ( just can't bear the thought of all the worry and hassle of a mortgage being involved). Was very tempted by South Studios actually, but taking advice from here ( and listening to everything the EAs have said with huge pinch of salt!) just settled for renting for now, see where we are this time next year and having found it, use this brilliant forum as a guide !
  2. Thanks for the summary Joe Davola - VERY useful. Had a look at a couple of 2 beds in South Studios - and yes bn2b they are asking @ £700 a month and saying that what they go for but they would wouldn't they .... The block seems very well maintained and cleaned. Agents assure me place is full of medics?? Who know, cars in car park seem good indication that there is some money there and its not all students though... Front facing ones get lots of road noise and unexciting views of tatty flags and run down student houses opposite so the ones facing inner courtyard seem better value but bn2b advice on noise from kids etc echoing around that hadn't occurred to me , so maybe rethink on that. Based on really useful advice here I think we'll have a look at Whitehall square next. Just a bit worried about the area reputation. Stranmillis wharf looks great - but not in my budget! Started off the buying hunt as alternative to paying student rent for next year for (mature student) daughter at QUB , so now finding ourselves back to looking at renting again maybe will just revert to the normal " student" areas... thanks for everyones input, wish we'd found site earlier..
  3. No as did not exchange contracts. The bizarre bit was in the end it was me explaining to the EA that I was equally as desperate as they were to get the problem sorted and wanted to get deal done but the seller ( Bank I guess) solicitors were just telling everyone it was sold as seen and they would not even assist my solicitor in attempts to sort out title issue. What hacked me off most was the later hints from agents that they had been through it all several times and were just hoping someone would come along whose solicitor did not notice the problem and/or it would be bought by someone not worried about an inability to mortgage it or sell it later on. Guess that had failed on open market which is why its now going to auction. Interesting thing is the house next door ( so no 34) seems to be going through a similar on/off market situation so may have exactly same title problems. Thanks for your thoughts on South Studios 2bn2b - will bear that in mind - though the flower sellers would have to be doing really well at moment to manage the £695 a month asking rent up there at the moment! Thing that puts me off about SS and Whitehall is all those tatty flags. Whatever your politics (or lack of interest in them ) it all looks so tatty and faintly intimidating at the moment - so they ever come down or do we just wait for them to rot away?
  4. Kiwi toast - apologies for no pics, still getting to grips with posting...but its 33 Ashley Courtyard ( still showing on PP and PN I think). 2bnot2b - yes think your right. Problem was/is that title ( and the council rateable value records) shows the property as a ground floor apartment but it actually exists over 3 floors. I thought that would be simple to fix too, but apparently takes time to go back and find earlier sale where error crept into docs and also requires assistance from sellers solicitor, in this case as a repo the ( English) legal people just didn't want to know. My solicitors advice was not worth the hassle and worry better to find something with no issues. Now given up on buying, just not as simple as I thought it would be and looking at renting further up road in South Studios instead, what would your thoughts be on that block?
  5. So I was a cash buyer - looking to buy something simply and fast for student daughter. Offer accepted on an Ashley Courtyard repo, a 3 floor "townhouse". Estate agent nagging constantly I had to complete in 28 days, no problem for me but after doing everything I can to do that it becomes clear that there is a HUGE title problem with the property. Its title, incorrectly, refers to it being a ground floor apartment. After much frustration and cost solicitor tells me if I buy it as is then it will probably be unsellable in future with the title problem and he will only " allow" me to proceed if I sign a letter indemnifying him etc As its a repo the sellers lawyers have no interest in sorting out the title mess and I walk away. Agent then acknowledges its fallen through for this reason before and explains ( while attempting to sell me something else) they will now take it off their books.......which they don't. I've watched with interest all summer as its gone under offer, then been removed for a few days then popped up for sale again, so clearly the scenario has been repeated many times with agent hoping that sooner or later someone's solicitor doesn't spot the issue? Clearly not going to happen and property now showing as up for auction next week. Kind of makes think its got to be VITAL that pre auction the legal docs are read so carefully....buyer very much beware!?
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