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  1. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TpwzNU7ywWk A metaphor for the housing Uk market perhaps...
  2. I'll take, Not having a national holiday for one, Alex. Voter ID laws for 2. Specific measures: Wisconsin and SCJ Kavannagh opinion on postal ballots for this election. Wider measures: Roll purges and of course the classic gerrymandering of state lines. I would critique the democrats for if they did the same and no I don't want "Le Blue Team," to win vs "Orange Man Bad." Follow the Money and get it out of politics. Which won't happen. Sadly.
  3. I would genuinely be reassured if when peering into the inner sanctum of BoE buildings we saw this exact set of circumstances simultaneously be discussed and play out. A la.
  4. It's one thing to deal with voter fraud. Admirable. It's another to use it and extend measures to disenfranchise large parts of the country from voting. I wouldn't trust them to even rig an election in South America anymore. How many EVMs in play?
  5. That's got to be some made up stuff you've added on surely? Feckin hell.
  6. As Chris Rock said, you can stop being rich after a mad weekend in Vegas. You can't get rid of wealth.
  7. Are we counting our the islands that are not ours but they are ours but that have immense money flows but we really don't know?
  8. I actually enjoy reading such opinions as it's anonymous, interesting, contrary, may have something to learn from as long as it isn't literally citing direct violence. No-one says it to my face. If they do I'm one of the "Good ones," I will abjectly doff my cap/turban/fez.
  9. Frankly, I don't give a da... But yes, mass social issues ahead re:\housing.. moreso.
  10. To be honest if she wants to see racism, she simply needs to see who ends up prowling the meat markets of Thailand...
  11. Surely mass migration wasn't encouraged by bankers to boost debt level portfolios on recent unencumbered entrants? Shhhurely not?
  12. This has 2000 written all over it. Interesting to see Roger Stone and the Federal and Supreme courts judgements on voter related laws and processes. Already measures passed around postal ballots.
  13. I'm sure the same standards applied politically for Messrs Austin et al during Corbyn's reign of terror... Politically, Starmer set his terms, agreed.
  14. Fair opinion. I disagree. It's an independent report and if I were implicated in it i would like a right of reply. Did you never read what the Labour Machine actually said behind closed doors? Even the staunchest Labour Socialist in the party offices and anti-Blairite in 1997 etc, never actively sought to ruin the chances of a Labour victory. in 2017, the sheer weight of disappointment and active internal moves to prevent a Labour victory was laid bare in the now leaked transcripts full of such wonderous remarks and abuse that had it been compiled by the other side it would have received 24 hour news coverage. It is indeed factionalism, but not one internal Blair supporting critic of Corbyn can say that the Seconded staff from a plethora of unions and organizations running the Labour Offices did not actively seek to destroy the man. Dennis Skinner was never this disingenuous. Back to the 80s we go. I think Starmer sacking RLB and now this is happy that he feels they have enough leverage post covid to win against the Tories and they probably will come close.
  15. Reminds me of a different conflict in Labour. Excellent doc series btw:
  16. Didn't the report actually state that Corbyn was legally free to comment?
  17. Who sat on the cases? Why was Ian McNichol given a peerage? 🙃
  18. Ofcom were told to ban a documentary by persons that claimed it was racist. The Documentary showed a foreign country's citizen planning with Labour officials and staff and affiliates to target a particular Labour MP by a number of different strategies. This Documentary was cleared for release and shown on an admittedly authoritarian backed news station in the UK. The content of that Documentary was rarely commented upon in the mainstream media with much fervor. It is available here. You are free to make up your own mind. There is second series looking at America. Peter Oborne is very good. Also, for the record, I am against all forms of political corruption including lobbying and interference from any foreign countries in such a manner.
  19. Careful, you're close to breaching approved IHRA definitions.
  20. You can have literally any group of people and have a dedicated extremist wing within people that identify with any group. What you are seeing is one group of people have their extremists act out when critiqued. If you genuinely believe Jeremy Corbyn is anti-semitic and that those that have highlighted these issues are completely oblivious to any political or social reasons involved then I cannot say anything more for fear of facing any of the same wrath. For insurance and clarity: Indeed any communication ever produced on the internet by anything associated to me is ever in jest and a distinct avatar of a persona created.
  21. He should be ashamed and keep his mouth shut. Stick to football. There's a good lad.
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