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  1. https://www.thetimes.co.uk/edition/news/rents-tumble-as-workers-desert-cities-tqplxf69q RENTS TUMBLE AS WORKERS DESER CITIES The rent on a two-bedroom flat in Baker Street, central London, has been cut from £4,312 a month in May to £2,600 last month. The rent on a four-bedroom flat in nearby Bloomsbury is down from £3,476 in June to £2,210. The rent on about one in every three flats to let in Manchester has been reduced. A one-bedroom flat that was listed at £925 a month at the beginning of September is now available at £825. Last week a report by Zoopla said that average rents in London were 5.2 per cent lower now than a year ago, and were falling in Manchester, Birmingham and Edinburgh
  2. 0 Accountability from spivs, shysters, bureaucrats, politicians and corrupt corporates. Absolute state
  3. It's ok they can just put up the rents innit. YOU CAN NEVER LOSE WITH PROPERTEEEE!
  4. https://www.telegraph.co.uk/property/renting/londons-rental-market-freefall-putting-tenants-driving-seat/ London’s rental market is in freefall – putting tenants in the driving seat and landlords at risk Supply has soared and demand has dropped, giving renters much more power to negotiate lower rents from better landlords
  5. A non-English lawyer MP. The plot thickens..
  6. Just a tidy thread to post links to housing articles and media so i don't have to keep finding the correct thread. For those of you that cannot access certain articles be creative in your questions and you might receive help. Starter for 10: The Times - The paper of UK record - Is fascinatingly churning out bear stories after bear stories. But house prices keep rising. Very interesting: https://www.thetimes.co.uk/edition/business/its-time-to-stamp-down-on-a-property-market-running-out-of-control-2mshsphb7 It’s time to stamp down on a property market running out of control The housing market is allowed to stay open during lockdown. That might turn out to be a shame, because it could do...
  7. https://www.thetimes.co.uk/edition/business/ultra-low-interest-rates-have-huge-consequences-for-the-country-and-its-citizens-62pb3zwg7 Ultra-low interest rates have huge consequences for the country and its citizens I write this column every fortnight, and every fortnight it seems we have a big new expensive policy from Rishi Sunak.
  8. Please give some legally explainable cryptic clues?
  9. That would be upper middle class; don't have to work and have economic freedom with roof, utilities, food (standard), clothes and transport costs covered if you sat on yer rse. Middle class is you are working but could retire earlier if you wanted and have access to better lifestyle services and goods. Many kids born to middle class parents, if you include their inheirtence of properties et al could be upper middle class. Rich is where you and your entire family individually never have to work ever. Wealthy is where you have so much money you forget where it is
  10. It's your fault you weren't born in the right family. You're gonna have to work harder. Obviously.
  11. Whether you like Chrome or a Firefox if you want more hidden knowledge You need to seek a Heart Bypass To get through a paywall You cheeky git nicking hubcaps.
  12. Trump will probably win. Otherwise it will be so close that the US will go into full social and political meltdown... moreso. Meanwhile, China will laugh.
  13. I will never get tired of posting this from one of our talented anons. Maybe a montage of all the greatest BTL figures from Kirsty Allsopp to Marc himself, maybe warranted.
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