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  1. I agree. 02 meters soon. Your app will charge you for every breath you take. Every move you make. Wjll be costin' you
  2. It's not a polytechnic issue. The redbricks are all in on it. See who and for whom the Student Loan Book was sold and the interest rates hence applied for the recent fee loans. It's so corrupt that a basic decision to hold exams later in the year and delay the start of this intake of Uni students led to the fiasco of grades in the summer. All to appease the money behind fees, rent and universities this september.
  3. Well tbf, their parents benefitted from free Uni At the moment, the system allows Boards and Chancellors to gouge and give Landlords fat cheques.
  4. But will we be renters forever or will the cost be borne out of a deal with capital?
  5. https://www.telegraph.co.uk/property/house-prices/house-price-boom-watch-illusion/?li_source=LI&li_medium=liftigniter-rhr House price boom? Watch out – it's all an illusion The post-lockdown buying frenzy has protected the property market from the fact that two million mortgage prisoners cannot sell What these numbers do not track, however, is sellers’ ability to sell. Or, rather, their inability to. There is an undocumented mass of transactions that would have happened, except their owners cannot sell. This is because, in the eyes of lenders, their homes are no longer worth anything at all.
  6. https://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/2020/12/08/beware-lefts-new-craze-wealth-taxes/ Beware the Left’s new craze for wealth taxes Covid is no good reason to revive the disastrous and immoral idea of taxing accumulated property
  7. I'd believe the government's sincerity on this if they actually deported the biggest criminals like Nawaz Sharif, the ex-3-time PM of Pakistan, who after being caught and found guilty of clear corruption reaching hundred of millions of pounds (Billions if one digs further stored of course, via the CITY) over decades, left Pakistan to receive "Compassionate Medical Treatment," with sympathetic provincial courts allowing him to leave on the proviso he, jailed criminal, would definitely return He has yet to return and is directly campaigning from his Mayfair properties via video link for the removal of the government. In other words, foreign criminals of top levels are given more patronage so it's an incredible comparator to note.
  8. Here's a report showing how overleveraged Susan was nearly forced to sell her portfolio of debt laden rental properties and could have lost her main home. But the new Government led NECS Level payments have saved her and her family along with a new Landlord Loser Lend or "Triple L," scheme that guarantees Landlords will be compensated for rent arrears for up to 12 months due to COVID effects, Dave Meadows and his 5 children ae grateful for this as they rent from Susan "For us it's been a God Send as we thought we'd lose the roof over our heads, but as the Landlord is paid from via our U Credit since i lost my job, I can sleep easy knowing I am safe, Susan has her money and the banks have been really nice. So yeah, been good." Rishi Sunak in today's briefing to the commons: "It is time that ordinary hard working citizens who's only wish was to leverage-up and gamble away on taxpayer funded bets, are looked after in this difficult times. Without them we would have no houses and our rates of homelessness during this pandemic have been curbed by their extraordinary endeavor as Landlords. That is why today, along with negative interest rates announced by the Boe, Inflation kept in check I, the Chancellor of the Exchequer am announcing new Stamp Duty Holiday and a new House Buying and Building scheme, helping to ensure Landlords keep their hard earned properties and that they will help grow the economy for the coming tough years."
  9. Sounds like a challenge to the powers that be. Oh, you think logically? Well watch this!!! (Cue insane policy announced)
  10. I have a soft spot for Gordon Brown simply on the basis that Tony Blair was so calculating in screwing him over and Gordon's greatest triumph was a Mr. Magoo on steroids decision to stop us (thankfully) joining the Euro Currency as that point his relationship with Blair was so ruptured that anything major Blair was for Gordon Brown was instinctively against.
  11. Do you have a prediction of when and for how long and how severe the riots will be; A riot forecast if you will; what would you say to others about whether that would be the time to crack other folks heads open and feast on the goo inside; should they?
  12. https://video.genyt.xyz/vgw00tf_3nc Also, can be put on bitchute. Hope some twitter lot find it.
  13. Can we have any publicly self-advertised landlords or just general public figures added to a HPC "Hall of Fame." Mark, Fergusss et al.
  14. Can someone send this to some good twitter accounts with a request to post a This You? with this video. Staggering levels of arrogance, effrontery and chicanery.
  15. It literally is worse than that. It's tantamount to killing and torturing. There are genuinely scummy tenants. But the dynamics are completely off-kilter. I suspect most Landlords supporting this have big leverage
  16. This. Friend recently moved and his landlord is absolutely lovely as they own the home. They even brought him a movin in present and live down the road and are quick with any issues.
  17. Oi Ranjan Saab... No, You can't enter this house or any metaphysical embodiment of heaven you absolute smug sack of leeching lies.
  18. The element missing is sadly, much of any counterpoint to establishment corruption from all parties is either lodged behind the keyboard, routed to cultural points or led by essentially middle-upper class left liberals. Lynton Crosby harnessed Matthew Goodwin's anlaysis and the centre-far right have seen this lack of organic lower class movements/populations of men that are rightfully discontent with a system that threw them overboard about 3 decades ago.
  19. I have never heard such an interesting take on the social changes post-both WWs Very true indeed; Today's issue is the proportion of the youth population of frustrated young lower-middle class men. Where will they find their outlet once or will they remain sated by mummy's tendies, depression, digital "entertainment," and relatively safe surroundings?
  20. This justifies this entire thread.🤣 ( I mean, the entire thread was worth creating just to hear this fantastic anecdote - genuinely well done)
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