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  1. Hello. What's your story and how have you ended up here of all places and not at a property investment seminar?🙃
  2. Coke and a bit of Mushrooms, some MDMA and a generous foundation of the Herbs.
  3. I demand compensation and refund for this free service.🙃
  4. But the very institutions, as Keen points out in the podcast, are still driven by that Boomer Economic class which do not allow any challenge to the Boomer economic and socio-political consensus. This again doesn't absolve millennials from their rather hilarious culture wars seeped in another manifestation of the century of the self - All that matters is my subjective view of who I am. CEOs, to Senior Civil Servants but crucially Economic Orthodoxy stems from that Boomer mentality of leaders. TINA - There is no Alternative to the Economic Boomer consensus of anarchic capital de-regulated neo-liberalism.
  5. In a recent podcast in another thread, Keen mentions rightly, perhaps the most selfish generation of leaders we have ever had. All good 50+ ppl forgiven but my days, your comrades have a lot to answer for.
  6. I hope you deliver the summons to court.
  7. What are the facts? Fact No. 1 is that in the modern world even the Super Powers like America and Russia do not have complete freedom of action. Medium-sized nations like Britain are more and more subject to economic and political forces we cannot control on our own. A striking recent example of the impact of such forces is the way the Arab oil-producing nations brought about an energy and financial crisis not only in Britain but throughout a great part of the world. Since we cannot go it alone in the modern world, Britain has for years been a member of international groupings like the United Nations, NATO and the International Monetary Fund. Membership of such groupings imposes both rights and duties, but has not deprived us of our national identity, or changed our way of life. Membership of the Common Market also imposes new rights and duties on Britain, but does not deprive us of our national identity. To say that membership could force Britain to eat Euro-bread or drink Euro-beer is nonsense. Fact No. 2. No important new policy can be decided in Brussels or anywhere else without the consent of a British Minister answerable to a British Government and British Parliament. The top decision-making body in the Market is the Council of Ministers, which is composed of senior Ministers representing each of the nine member governments. It is the Council of Ministers, and not the market's officials, who take the important decisions. These decisions can be taken only if all the members of the Council agree. The Minister representing Britain can veto any proposal for a new law or a new tax if he considers it to be against British interests. Ministers from the other Governments have the same right to veto. All the nine member countries also agree that any changes or additions to the Market Treaties must be acceptable to their own Governments and Parliaments. Remember: All the other countries in the Market today enjoy, like us, democratically elected Governments answerable to their own Parliaments and their own voters. They do not want to weaken their Parliaments any more than we would." Fact No. 3. The British Parliament in Westminster retains the final right to repeal the Act which took us into the Market on January 1, 1973. Thus our continued membership will depend on the continuing assent of Parliament. The White Paper on the new Market terms recently presented to Parliament by the Prime Minister declares that through membership of the Market we are better able to advance and protect our national interests. This is the essence of sovereignty. Fact No. 4. On April 9, 1975, the House of Commons voted by 396 to 170 in favour of staying in on the new terms.
  8. Is there any metric accounting for house sales based on inheritance? Either house being sold or house being bought with inheritance money?
  9. Because we voted in 75 to remain in a trading bloc not a governance legislature bloc. of the 4 key treaties, hardly any were put to the public. Those that were, were voted down in their respective countries. A vote was and shou;d have been fairly put with the ensuing integration. Even Nick Clegg in 2009 and the lib dems were in favour of a referendum.
  10. I agree. 02 meters soon. Your app will charge you for every breath you take. Every move you make. Wjll be costin' you
  11. It's not a polytechnic issue. The redbricks are all in on it. See who and for whom the Student Loan Book was sold and the interest rates hence applied for the recent fee loans. It's so corrupt that a basic decision to hold exams later in the year and delay the start of this intake of Uni students led to the fiasco of grades in the summer. All to appease the money behind fees, rent and universities this september.
  12. Well tbf, their parents benefitted from free Uni At the moment, the system allows Boards and Chancellors to gouge and give Landlords fat cheques.
  13. But will we be renters forever or will the cost be borne out of a deal with capital?
  14. https://www.telegraph.co.uk/property/house-prices/house-price-boom-watch-illusion/?li_source=LI&li_medium=liftigniter-rhr House price boom? Watch out – it's all an illusion The post-lockdown buying frenzy has protected the property market from the fact that two million mortgage prisoners cannot sell What these numbers do not track, however, is sellers’ ability to sell. Or, rather, their inability to. There is an undocumented mass of transactions that would have happened, except their owners cannot sell. This is because, in the eyes of lenders, their homes are no longer worth anything at all.
  15. https://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/2020/12/08/beware-lefts-new-craze-wealth-taxes/ Beware the Left’s new craze for wealth taxes Covid is no good reason to revive the disastrous and immoral idea of taxing accumulated property
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