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  1. Scepticus I don't understand your points. Are you saying that macro, micro and economic policy in general and the governance of institutions that could influence or did influence HPI at any level, was not driven by politics? Even the politics of standing by in favour of technocracy and institutional governance over direct party political implementation of core policies? BTL Mortgage Interest tax relief was not a political choice for example?
  2. Yes. Sadly. Large horrendous inequality leads to polarization. And no, increasing liberal centrism is not th answer. Where do we go from here? All this wealth stashed away in 1s and 0s and we can't have basic food, health, shelter and peace for all. Absolutely stupid. How can we be so smart to invent marvelous things and yet be so stupid to not use technology to drive our species and human spirit forward? The Extra-Terrestrials in the Universe have probably put is into some inter-galactic quarantine until we emerge as civilised people/
  3. That balance is crucial. You need a bartering creative system to harness capital but then you need good governance, democratic accountability to regulate, legislate and construct social structures to elevate civilization and apportion justice. We are both individuals and a community. Sadly we may have to choose between the worst of all worlds.
  4. In India you may find a contrary answer
  5. How old are you? The matter was far far more complex both globally, nationally and economically.
  6. It's quite simple; stop playing global games of RISK
  7. Thoroughly disagree. Simply look through the leadership strategists of both political parties through the past 2 decades. HPI = More growth in spending (albeit on debt) as voters that feel wealthier vote for you. Fundamentally, political managerialism allows banks and de-regulation to politically ignore the ramifications of credit release and mortgage availability. Politics is most definitely at the heart of HPI. Deliberately. Margaret Thatcher didn't sell-off council housing for a laugh, it was to constrain labour markets from striking for better conditions or preserving certain basic conditions.
  8. We should have stopped buying Avocados. It's all our fault for wanting what our parents and grandparents had. The left is at fault for pointing this all out. Drape a flag, salute the queen, be grateful for a meal and roof over our heads. If we simply had the can-do spirit of great capitalist visionaries like Greenshill, Sugar, Trump, Bezos we could all live like Kings in our fiefdoms. I'm off to flagellate myself with a copy of Milton Friedman's papers and defenestrate myself out of my boxroom into a skip.
  9. Apsana Begum's case shows how dirty politics is. Literally gargantuan amounts of theft by respectable politicians glossed over; instead to pursue a vindictive ex's complaint (who is himself a councillor), to remove a lefty socialist MP. Even if you feel that Begum was at fault, the comparative lack of accountability of others should be a point to note. Now if Apsana had patronage from Mandelson or was called Emily Blinkworth and was a friend of Boris, the case would be reported entirely differently.
  10. I will never forgive him for Railtrack and Privatization and not ensuring legal constraints on greater political union with Europe. Could easily have forged a far better deal which would have been the most unique arrangement that may have prevented the political polarization of the referendum. His personal life trajectory and story is film worth. Incredible achievement. His parents were literally Circus acts and he grew up in inner Brixton. I suspect somewhere he relaxes with some medical herbs and dub sounds whilst watching Cricket.
  11. I have been amazed at just how high a number as a proportion, of people with Economics Degrees of all levels, seem to coalesce in the highest echelons of my Industry. And Industry which is literally not a sole-economic led industry in its operations.
  12. I think Mr. Islam will be edited down with any real talk by the upstairs big wigs
  13. I am convinced Faisal Islam - on account of his book The Default Line - must be either a poster or lurker.
  14. I can't hep but add to this interesting tangent. None other than Pakistan, was the state that - ideologically and covertly - had extensive back-channel ties to nascent post-1947 Israel, famously culminating in the 80s when the favorable-to-the-US coup against Bhutto, was led by Gen. Zia - who literally accelerated right-wing authoritarian Islamic political influence within Pakistan's institutions and society - who then famously didn't care a jot of Israel selling him weapons or helping train the Rambo 3 "freedom fighters" in tribal Pakistani areas to then go forth to fight the soviets in Afghanistan. The more you learn the less you know you know.
  15. Crypto idealists never ever give a solid answer to this conundrum of where power is. Growth yes; but usurping the established mesh of finance, military, politics and power? I really love the common sense of those that i know who both believe in it as a tech or asset but understand power. and make of it for what it is, not the manner of it being sold to vulnerable people as the elixir of future freedom. You're not suddenly going to upset an economic order establsihed for 100s of years, that stores and controls large global capital under tax-havens, crown legalities and military/technological/[political media might via cryptos
  16. Been seeing everyone I know not having any answer to what happens when Furlough ends???!! (September as of today) Surely even the Tories bluster can't keep this spinning; what happens if even 20 percent of those jobs don't come back/replaced within a year??
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