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  1. You can cite neoliberal low wage mass Labour and cultural initiatives from one section of the elite whilst also citing the literal destabilization of key climates, geo-political regions by the very same elitists interlocutors In short; they are here because our leaders and their lobbyists, were there.
  2. My Manc roots and seeing him over the past years, I think he has changed somewhat to be less Balirite; notice how Starmer's Blair-tirbute act clique hate him We need a Bryan Gould.
  3. Theres is much in this; I was more focussed on Labour's woes as it's a party in a shitshow. Cumming's recent analysis is hilariously on-point about Starmer and Labour though disagree with him on Nandy.
  4. Oh they did go. On to a better secure job. 0 Accountability. Oh the irony. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Paula_Vennells
  5. An elderly relative, once said of flats and buying them (Specifically high-rise): "Neither the ground is yours, nor the sky... Oh why?"
  6. Corbyn could rightly be ripped for poor leadership, being too nice to clear snakes who'd rather Labour lose than win and not pushing through re-selection rules and some rather interestingly alienating takes on some cultural issues (What is a woman?) The economic policies, health, education and social welfare and even business options with solid infrastructure plans all costed, were excellent. You won't find any post-war political leader invoke such genuinely warm spontaneous cheer to the point where the tv producers were literally trying to mute it. That's a vote share increase with 1 hand tied behind his back as he gets kicked in the balls btw; his own party workers literally campaigning against him. 2 coup-attempts and the hostile media. In an age of anti-establishment populism, he came close to a few thousand votes of being in power in 2017 and ultimately was ground into the dust by the establishment by 2019. Yet et tu McDonnell? John McDonnell's acquiescence to the very deliberately honed split created by Watson/Mandelso/Campbell via "THE PEOPLE'S VOTE NOWW!!!!!" campaign, was indeed what lost the election or rather allowed the Tories to double-down. All Corbyn had, throughout every contrived controversy and a few of his own, was "Authenticity," and the moment his team listened to McDonnell - and it was a very tough choice given the sheer scale of pressure from everywhere for Labour to pivot away from their 2017 position by people who oddly have now gone "silent," was what cost them this most treasured quality that had elevated Corbyn. And this lies at the heart of why Labour is being ripped to shreds; in a polarised world, a consensus can work if aimed in teh right way, but that very same polarisation can also tera the very fabric of your own party; and that's what has happened. How do you attract young pro-EU pro-cultural-change culturally middle-class professionals and ally them with small-c conservative left-leaning workers?
  7. The Tories are benefitting enormously - unprecedented - with the only viable opposition vying for which wing to elect to alienate another sector of the nation. Elect Starmer and simply get watery cuddly Centrism that's gone stale and reeks of Blair to too many people with no really different policies on housing et al. Labour's apparatchiks (Mandelson et al) will tolerate losses for decades if it means we erase any hint of a genuine left alternative because thats what their favoured elite liberal establishment cliques want. Elect Corbyn MK2 and alienate the sections ofl northern working-white classes et al and alienate middle england and the establishment. Labour's only hope is electing a Burnham type figure and even that's a stretch whilst the party is filled with either a dominant radical cultish left or the current dominant cultish right-wing centrists. Essentially, if the Tories manage to not win a majority for the next election, it should be regarded as a staggering failure on a par with if Blair had lost to IDS.
  8. Run a post office and simply ask for the error logs of the machine software and get 10 years... whilst you're pregnant.
  9. Scepticus I don't understand your points. Are you saying that macro, micro and economic policy in general and the governance of institutions that could influence or did influence HPI at any level, was not driven by politics? Even the politics of standing by in favour of technocracy and institutional governance over direct party political implementation of core policies? BTL Mortgage Interest tax relief was not a political choice for example?
  10. Yes. Sadly. Large horrendous inequality leads to polarization. And no, increasing liberal centrism is not th answer. Where do we go from here? All this wealth stashed away in 1s and 0s and we can't have basic food, health, shelter and peace for all. Absolutely stupid. How can we be so smart to invent marvelous things and yet be so stupid to not use technology to drive our species and human spirit forward? The Extra-Terrestrials in the Universe have probably put is into some inter-galactic quarantine until we emerge as civilised people/
  11. That balance is crucial. You need a bartering creative system to harness capital but then you need good governance, democratic accountability to regulate, legislate and construct social structures to elevate civilization and apportion justice. We are both individuals and a community. Sadly we may have to choose between the worst of all worlds.
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