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  1. HPC cards on the table time my HPC Remainer comrades EU or HPC? 🤣
  2. It's interesting how Article 11 and 13 is likely to affect more younger citizens than most and yet "Da Yoof," ("Grassroots AKA Milbank Tower) remainers are very quiet.
  3. Reminds me of Dave Chappelle's excellent bootleg tour de force "Everyone get's in trouble but not for the same kind of reasons" when for example, discussing Elliot Spitzer. So i guess a great deal of anti-UC is more about preserving greedy Landlords extortionate leeching via framing it through "poor UC tenants." Which they are.
  4. Tapori

    Where happens when BTL selling up?

    WE DIVINT NAAAAH I THOUGHT IO Mortgage was an "I owe" Mortgage" Save us!!!
  5. Manchester suburbs are still insane right now. Think Chorlton, Burnage, etc
  6. Well in London, the Tories just routinely blame Sadiq + Evening Standard parrots this. Can't expect years of neo-liberalism, free movement, social decline, decimation of jobs and wages, lack of council amenities, housing, prospects, and cutting to the bone police forces with poor wage growth and insane living costs to not have an effect. Though the brazen-ness of it is horrendous until you see that essentially the worst of this behaviour in the establishment rebels in hedge funds, the civil service and media/party machines and high society power brokers. "Oh look it's all the chavs/blacks/muzzies/gypos and of course the Drill Music; It's the culture and the music. Oh look another development going up and your council assets sold off again whilst youth services and school budgets cut. No extra-curricular activities or investment in young people unless you're Tarquin or have 30k to spunk on Private School or HTB. Hey even your state school has been sold off and is run by Toby "Me dad got me into Oxford" Young's mates. Yay! VirginEducationCorp Mr. Branson, when?" Progress. Anyone disagreeing is a snowflake/SJW/Commie/Marxist LGBTQRSTUVWXYZ+-N/A
  7. Much of the UK is feeling the after-effects of London Mad Gainz being cashed in and used to buy up North either as O.Occupiers that move for jobs (Selling London Flat etc)or the last remnanats of current BTL aficionados banking on Yields around other parts of the country after buying up London property.
  8. Some. He hates those that are pro-Brexit, anti-Osbornomics (Neo-liberalism on steroids)
  9. Ah yes, George Osbourne's mass rag "The Evening Standard" Each week a focus on a new area and an interview with a celebrity about housing and how they "got on the ladder" Still, sometimes they sneak through some truth. Rarely.
  10. That's just the first installment. The sequel will be an epic Saga over the next 2 year "Transition," period. Watch out for the parallel epic "The next General Election." Cameo appearances from "Scottish Independence" and the sub-text of "The Irish issues." All culminating in some all star apocalyptic film in 3-5 years time.
  11. Aye but I will add that if I've learnt anything from Hugh Laurie in House - and I have - is that diagnosing the issue is fundamental to solving a problem.

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