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  1. These companies going under I think is pretty much what we should be looking for as an indicator of health of the economy because they've hidden the bail outs of banks so we won't know or at least not until well after if any were in trouble.
  2. This is the same old s*** in PM's, what a smack down in sliver over this last odd week. BTC is where gold would be now if you listened to Dr. Doom and Richards 5+ years ago. It's depressing being on the wrong side of a bet and hey all I want is somewhere decent to live, besides that I care not for either
  3. None to share but I do hope to see lots of these unmortgageables as a crash happens. Going by Grenfell tower, I'd say the ground floor is under valued - who's gonna want 10th floor now
  4. Hey I have to admit the nearest I got was night shelf fill assistant for Key markets while at college but hey looking at those figures it's eye watering. I'm on here because while I could buy something to live in, I can't get what I want or would consider a home however if I worked for those h/rates, I'd probably jump off a bridge.
  5. Yes and I wonder what they will say and do next time because I bet they'll try and fix it with no tools
  6. I'm guessing they have a list of salary expectations against roles. It was business analyst when I last spoke and he's been there now since 2012
  7. Wait some - inflation hasn't got fired up yet
  8. So that's what all those ditch the 1980's management styles were all about - Flat is good. There is no difference between colleague and manager in your structure above as far as wages go IMHO. I contracted for an Indian owned UK drug distributor. They liked to hire guys from India and bought this computer student over for his first job; hired as business development manager. The boss had to go to the airport to collect him and answer some questions with immigration. Apparently they asked him for job title and salary and said he can't employ this guy as business development manager on 2xK so what did the boss do? He agreed to change his title but the guy still had to do the same job
  9. Umm feel the same way, probably wouldn't mind seeing just some of the people who bought into housing at least publically admit they were wrong if it got to that stage
  10. OT: A chap my old work bought a new build in the mid-1990's and then found the builders had filled an old mine in his back garden with concrete. They wouldn't admit to it and It went to court and he recons the judge was bent because it went nowhere and in the end he was left out of the early house price inflation. He was right bitter about how it ment no one in his new road including him could sell and how it stopped him buying a nice place in swindon (he said it not me) later on because he couldnt afford to move. BTW: Can't have all the electric cars from Futurama without at least a plug from one of those pylons. Not that I'd want to live next to a 300kV wire.
  11. It's gonna happen anyway, can't take from the future forever without side effects; way i see it, its just a matter of when. Strangest thing is, they (the BoE) are the one's doing the lending, if it was for real they'd stop lending and let rates normalise, sure everything bombs but I'd rather a few TNT's around a car park then a country nuke. I seriously hope they go back to the people who enabled this, like Brown and string the feller up
  12. Beal's moved out of fairacres retail park, abingdon, spoke to the manager while looking for discounts. said it was a rent rise and that she hoped no one would rent it for 2months as that will mean they loose the gain they were asking for that year. It's been at least 4 and its still vacant Might have to mossy on round to Toys R us Botley while they still exist. I wonder if anyone takes photos of these things, hey did you ever see this store? picture a, b, c well back when cash was printed on paper they would sell toys in boxes, blah, blah
  13. I never agreed with LTRO and then QE less so, watching what they do this month with great interest
  14. Yep and when my bank sent me a contactless card I cut it up and asked for my old card back which they promptly gave - same reason.
  15. They'd be lucky if the High Street is around in a decade rather than unused ATM's. All those unused shops...
  16. Last I heard; the Blair's had 30'odd properties with their children now managing part of the portfolio. Now if he's really for a land value tax he either knows things are gonna change (think value) or he's lied again.
  17. Tax rules can change whenever they want - sure right now CGT exempt, will that remain when the SHTF who's to say? Personally I've had enough looking at queeny on her no so gold fiat coins to then want her on something to keep kind of puts me off.
  18. It would be interesting to see if they can get new products out quick enough and tempt in cash on the side lines to make a difference between sink or swim
  19. When that sentiment changes then, i think it'll be a good thing; just hope the MSM falls inline rather than falling over itself to convince everyone its a good thing to have high prices.
  20. There's the web and it's already on because on your on this forum
  21. Capitalist system wasn't real, I mean they wouldn't have done LTRO, a dead bank is a dead bank. Personally I still feel all these effects on cost are intentional and totally inline with agenda 21. The people shall own nothing while renting everything and being paid nothing.
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