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  1. And IOTA taking back off as well now after the minor dump. 36% fall is nothing for these smaller alts. Worth a punt IMO.
  2. 07/12/17 was the craziest day since Gox collapsed. $18-$19k in 4 minutes.
  3. its amazing how many hours go by watching Bitcoinity. i dont know whats next... $4,000 or $40,000.
  4. and you made a key point other dont realise. the currency will be run with Satoshi's.... not full bitcoins, obviously.
  5. agreed. it will go up and up and up until it cannot go up anymore. then it will be stable. then it will be used as a currency. saying that though, the Lightening Network could speed things up on that front (literally!). if you want to ride it upwards, get on board
  6. best get in quick then. as for alts - come on. we know they go up quick and violently down. but i bought in during the pump. i'm not losing sleep with a 36% drop - come on guys - have you spent more than 5 minutes around crypto? i'll check my returns this time next year, and will add to it if it is heading north (like i did with BTC many years ao). IOTA is completely different tech than BTC - and worth a punt. I remember DASH and Etherium at a couple of $$. I am not missing out again and IOTA is my first gamble on alts. One of many going forward.
  7. this is all getting rather insane! Lightening Network in test mode - is this cause of the rise? are people seeing what Micro Transactions will do to the entire internet? think The Telegraph charting you 1pence to read an article. A pr0no site charging you 1pence for a weeks "surfing". Hard to do now with normal credit/debit. Easy with Lightening Network. or are we all getting excited and back to $3,000 imminent?
  8. i sold some of mine for a tuppence after making a few 1000%. i wont be doing that again until mortgage can go.
  9. I am toying with selling, but toying with not having to. Remember, the long-term plan is you dont cash out of bitcoin, you cash out of toilet paper.
  10. It's racing through the 100's like it used to race through the 10's. Quite incredible to watch. I am currently missing out on the IOTA craze as I cannot get registered on exchanges, lol. I am a HOLDLER and have been HODLING since Gox and BTCE days. All these new exchanges take 20 days for registration - ugh, I miss the old days.
  11. IOTA is going through the roof. Could hit $50 or $500 in 2018. I'm going to throw money at it. It's rise is mental.
  12. bitcoin removes the banksters and governments from having power over your money. if you dont support the long term possibilities of bitcoin you dont have a social conscience. of course early adopters will get rich, who cares... they deserve it for taking a risk and seeing an opportunity. what really matters for humanity is removing the parasite class from their power over currency. bitcoin will change the planet.
  13. Congratulations guys. Next stop $15k? My target is $30k and I am out (mortgage paid off). I hope to god it happens, but it will be so sad to be off this planet changing train. $10k felt stupid a year ago. No chance. Silly. Same as $100k feels now.
  14. I was both lukcy and unlucky. I started this thread and was buying in at under £100 each... Haven't purchased Bitcoin over that value. However, I dont have alot, and I could easily now be sat on hundreds of thousands of pounds worth if i'd just had the bottle to throw a few £k at it. And, don't forget, what felt like about 2.5years bitcoin stayed at about £500 each... So I bought some IT stuff with a few of my coins.. So, yes, all good, roll on to $50,000 each please, but also, F**K ME why didnt I buy a few hundred back in the day.. BTW - I am now HODLING until my mort
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