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  1. As a tenant who has also become a landlord due to the death of a parent is like to tell a story from the other side. I inherited a house which my wife refuses to move into. If I sell it and use the money andall our savings to buy something where we live now then the best we could afford is a 2 bed ex council house. So after having our savings destroyed by hpi I decided that I can't risk not having a house should one of us get Ill. My wife has Crohn's disease and has had a few operations already. Anyway, after stripping the entire house, repainting and fitting new carpet throughout I
  2. I know this exact type of person. On a recent work trip to the u.s where we were able to eat out for free on expenses they calculated the tip for meals to be exactly 15% ( this is the most we can claim on expenses) and not a penny more. It was embarrassing just to be on the same table.
  3. A lot of universities are in dire trouble and only hanging on by access to cheap money and through fiddling the accounts For example, a university that I'm familiar with have sacked all the staff who actually do anything such as cleaners, technicians and research staff. They have borrowed money from research grants, frozen all spending and took an advance on the projected student income from next year. They have used all this money to pay for new buildings to make the uni look better than it is in the hope of pulling in more students especially from China and Eastern Europe.
  4. I was unfortunate enough to experience some of his finance advice the other week where he stated he didnt give advice on stocks and shares because it isn't his specialist subject whilst mortgages were.
  5. I have spoken about this to my wife but I'm not sure whether I dreamt it or not. Do you know of any timed stamped recordings of the broadcast regarding the collapse of building 7?
  6. Do you think the universities are going to give up all that cash to let someone offer a cheaper alternative? No one speaks out about the appaling value because they are all on the gravy train. Do you know that despite paying 10k a year a student in biological sciences is allocated approx £35 for their final year project? VR enables a new fantastic way of learning and business is already producing great stuff (http://thebodyvr.com/)
  7. Its something i have always suspected but to actually witness it is truly something else. All i can really say is that student numbers are down about 20% and this has had a massive effect on budgets leading to cutbacks that are limiting the ability of the people that remain to actually do their job. I said to my colleague that the last place i worked at that was being run down like this, closed within a year. However, the people at the top are creaming off the cash big time as you say.
  8. If they knew the utter contempt the managers of these universities have for the people who pay 10k a year who end up with a minimum wage job and 40k worth of debt at 6%+ compounded then they would/should do as you say. This week in a meeting with a number of manager types discussing the fall in student numbers there are people complaining about student numbers, someone else says," but how do we get more when they struggle to get a job when they leave and are massively in debt? Then the big one: I don't care how we get these *uckers in just get them through the door and say whatever you need to
  9. Here on the Essex Suffolk border, people are as manic as ever. Even the young uns who have no savings, pension, secure employment or any chance of buying a house without taking on crippling debt still celebrate high house prices. I think what the government did in 2008 has made everyone think that it's a one way bet.
  10. They do my nut in because its the no.1 subject with everybody it seems. People used to do lots of different stuff on their time off and it was always interesting to talk about on a Monday morning but now its bloody bathrooms, kitchens and my personal fave is conservatories/greenhouse. Any criticism about overpriced houses is met with the government won't let it happen etc whilst examples of when governments lost control are ignored. The thing that annoys me the most is how little villages around essex and suffolk have been decimated by the flood of money coming out of london. Every bunga
  11. I remember my neighbor at the time got repossessed and in his final days at the house before they changed the locks, he took all the doors, light fittings, cabinets etc off and loaded then in a little trailer before he drove off in his Vauxhall cavalier. He did have two cars but one of those was taken away the week before the house.
  12. Purely because if you were to talk about this not only would people not believe they would label you as some sort of swivel eyed loony extremist type. Therefore people just keep quiet but every now and then you do come across someone who thinks the system is unfair. The funniest bit is that the only people who I work with that think the system is are Italian and French.
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