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  1. Thanks for you comments guys. I've read on the forum searches recommending those areas mentioned above. But they are not really within my budget if I am considering buying. May eventually rent (at first) if I can't find anything on the market that appeals. I don't really mind living away from the city, so long as its a good area and transport links are good. May have a look at the Lothians too, but not too keen on really long journeys into work each morning.
  2. I am planning on moving to Edinburgh next year, I have 2 kids (they will be 8 year old and 6 year old when we move) and will like some advice on buying property in Edinburgh. As mentioned since I have kids the most important thing for me is finding a home in a good catchment with good schools for both Primary and Secondary and also is safe areas for kids to play and grow up in. I have a budget of around £250k which I understand will mean I will need to find a home away from the city center which is fine, as I drive. But my wife does not drive (yet) and so transport links need to be good too
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