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  1. At the lower third percentile of rent locally, paid a month in arrears and like the rest of Universal Credit is sanctionable. What's so cruel about this is that you can be on Universal Credit and be working but still get sanctioned because you're not in a job working enough hours to satisfy the Job Centre or you're late attending some ******** course they put you on.
  2. Have taken antipsychotics for about seventeen years, this probably takes about fifteen years off your life expectancy, the reasons for this are complicated but you have to wonder if the drugs themselves shorten life expectancy, maybe interfering with how well rested one is, or how likely one is to develop diabetes for example rather than the lifestyle of the people taking them. It's funny too how death is a taboo subject in the UK until the family silver is up for grabs, another silly think about the UK obsession with home ownership.
  3. Speaking of taxation, following the election result in Norway I was looking at some of the taxation over there. How do you think the following would sit with the British public if we had it here bearing in mind there is a significant reduction of the below called a 'valuation discount'? Like 75% on primary dwelling... What surprised me is that a motorhome or even a car are regarded as wealth. I mean imagine calling LVT a 'wealth tax' officially, it would send the tabloid media into a frenzy. 1,500,000 NOK is about £125k Wealth tax to the municipality Tax class Wealth Rate Tax class 0 0 and above 0,7 % Tax class 1 NOK 0 - 1,500,000 0,0 % Tax class 1 NOK 1,500,000 and above 0,7 % The activation thresholds are for single taxpayers. For spouses who are assessed jointly on their joint wealth, the activation thresholds are twice the amounts shown in the table. Wealth tax to the state Tax class Wealth Rate Tax class 0 and 1 NOK 0 - 1,500,000 0,0 % NOK 1,500,000 and above 0,15 % The activation thresholds are for single taxpayers. For spouses who are assessed jointly on their joint wealth, the activation thresholds are twice the amounts shown in the table. https://www.skatteetaten.no/en/rates/wealth-tax/ What is a validation discount? A valuation discount is a discount which is granted for the value of certain assets such as housing and commercial property, shares, etc. and fixed assets. The valuation discount reduces the basis for wealth tax and results in lower wealth tax if you have net wealth which exceeds the minimum amounts; see the rates for wealth tax. If you have any debts, the deduction for debt will be reduced proportionately between the value of certain assets with a valuation discount and the value of your total wealth. If you have a spouse or registered partner, the deduction for debt will be reduced based on both your total assets and debt and those of your spouse/partner. https://www.skatteetaten.no/en/person/taxes/get-the-taxes-right/valuation-discount-in-connection-with-assessment-of-wealth/
  4. Speaking of Norway, whilst I understand we have already signed a trade agreement with them, yesterdays election result may have mudied the waters a bit as the Conservatives there have been defeated by Labour who will now likely form a coalition with the Centrist Party and wait for it lol the Socialist Left Party. And whilst Norwegians are generally pretty reasonable and down to earth people, I can't see Boris Johnson's Conservative Party being particularly popular with their new government. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/2021_Norwegian_parliamentary_election
  5. I don't mean to jump down your throat as I know you meant that in jest somewhat but get your facts right. Spending on cycle lanes etc are not funded by rent receipts or even council tax, at least not recently anyway. Councils bid for funding from central government, the money received can only be spent on what they bid for. And name me one place in the country where a street has been closed? A street is still a street even if cars can't use it. Your comments remind me of those landlords who think houses magically disappear when they're not rented out privately.
  6. The government have totally messed this up as they didn't apply it to legacy benefits and this is now subject to judicial review with a ruling due at the end of the month so watch this space.
  7. Yeah although most of Canada's population is concentrated into a relatively small area in the east of the country. They have plenty of habitable land don't get me wrong but the northern bits especially are pretty damn uninhabitable.
  8. This is quite a claim and dare I say it a bit libelous too, I mean you need to be a bit more specific. What did they say?
  9. Not independence but maybe Yorkshire devolution lol.. The Yorkshire Party got almost 30k votes in the last election and they only fielded candidates in Yorkshire too.
  10. I always leaned more toward Lib Dem but they're a shadow of the party they were before the coalition tainted them. Their membership has changed drastically too as there was a coring out of the party with a lot joining Labour or even the Green Party. I will probably vote Labour tactically, it's a shame there can't be an electoral pact between Labour and other parties. The SNP make that pretty much impossible as I think many people in England won't vote Labour if they think it could spell the end of the union. Personally on Scottish independence I'm not fussed either way, who knows perhaps it would be a good thing for England in the long term. The only way I see things really changing is if there's a hung parliament and Labour are then willing to form a coalition with the SNP in exchange for another referendum on Scottish independence. I don't see Labour winning a majority, not under Starmer.
  11. Support from parents is tremendously important. I know part of the reason I went down a dark path mentally was not having a family home to go back to when things started to go off the rails at university. Don't get me wrong, I was fiercely independent at a young age, living on my own at 16 (in the family home, well what was left of it (not the one I grew up in)) and working both full and part time throughout almost all of my teens. I'm just saying, it's vitally important you have a support network around you, as isolation will only make things worse if you have a nervous breakdown etc. That security was vitally more important than any opportunities I had.
  12. It's regional too. You have a massive advantage internship wise if your parents live in London. I mean how many young people can afford to do an unpaid internship in London without a family home either in or nearby? Of course getting accepted for an internship can have a lot to do with who your parents know and how wealthy they are but if you come from a poor family at least living in London gives you a chance.
  13. Jeez.. The below is from 2018... Nothing a little sea level rise won't sort out, wonder what their insurance premiums are.
  14. I don't live there myself but have said before that I'd be happy to live there, even in the rough parts. It's not a bad town, quite leafy. Does get quite busy during the summer.
  15. I wonder how many of the people thinking about leaving Hong Kong own expensive property over there.
  16. I stand corrected sorry. It doesn't have city status yet, I honestly thought it had.
  17. Bournemouth is a city. It doesn't need a cathederal to be one. We don't live in the 17th century.
  18. I must say I'm not that keen on the burqa but it's not neccessarily a bad thing.
  19. Not sure about Sweden but I quite like the Danish system of 'flexicurity'. Much better than Universal Credit or JSA. I always found it odd how JSA disincentivises people to find work. Rapid reclaim is useful and there are some good things about UC but some quite regressive stuff too. To call it a safety net is a sick joke, would much rather have flexicurity over it personally, especially in the hospitality sector where there tends to be a high turnover of staff anyway. Compared to the 'work programme' the purpose of which seems to be to terrify people rather than help people into work, flexicurity seems like a breath of fresh air.
  20. You need to do something about the racism that exists in white working class communities, it exists in middle class ones too, perhaps moreso in some ways but they ain't gonna house them there. Man if I were Afghan, despite managing to flee the Taliban I'd still be terrified about living in some predominantly white working class council estates in the UK. I speak as someone who's lived in some over the years, happily at times but then I blend in. It might work for some refugees but won't end well for others. Oh yeah, that's another thing. Perhaps if society was a bit more mixed in the UK (I don't just mean race but class) this wouldn't be so much of an issue? Speaking of which, doesn't the Netherlands have the largest social housing sector in Europe (35%?) and Denmark also have a large one but also some quite unique stuff like cohousing arrrangements? I mean the UK would look a hell of a lot different if a third of the popjulation lived in social housing....
  21. Are you sure about this? In all the years I've been friends with Afghan people this has never occured to me so I expect it's not as big an issue as you're making out. I will ask them when I see them next (might be a while) and get back to you. The Afghan people that I know are Pashtuns, same ethnic group as the Taliban, which means 'students' in Pashto I believe. I wonder who their teacher is? 😛
  22. I haver mixed feelings on it, on the one hand we're partly responsible for the shitstorm enveloping Afghanistan but at the same time the brand of sunni Islam some of these refugees have is a bit incompatible with 'British values', like freedom of speech, women's rights etc. Then again, I have a good friend who's Afghani and he may be a Muslim but he's not religious at all. What he is though is a complete walkover when it comes to the demands of his community. That's the biggest cultural difference, that if someone does him a favour, it's not a favour, they expect something in return and will try and exploit the fact he's a good English speaker. I don't think the numbers of refugees being talked about will have much of an impact on house prices. Maybe in some deprived communities.
  23. Not saying those figure aren't accurate but what is it with far right websites on here. That's the second time someone has sent me a link to one, last time it was Breitbart.
  24. Sure there will be people who live close to the border of Afghanistan that may get away with this but the Home Office have specialists that can weed the other people out based on their accents, dialect etc.
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