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  1. I predict England will lose on penalties and Prince Charles will miss one. In all seriousness I'm an England fan so hope England win but there's no doubt a win will be heavily politicised be it Boris Johnson or the Royal Family using it for propaganda purposes. At the end of the day it's just a game of football something I always have to keep reminding myself of as a football fan.
  2. Just be aware before you buy one of these places, John Lewis are one of the only retailers that charge for click and collect. It may be nothing but it says a lot about how stingy they may be as a landlord. Call me stingy too but it just doesn't seem like very good customer service given how basic a service it is and if everywhere else (apart from grocery stuff) offers it for free.
  3. Well Thatcher may be dead but her spirit certainly lives on.
  4. It's worth mentioning that Labour proposed a right to buy for council tenants in their 1959 manifesto.
  5. I wonder how these agents would react to the ICO getting involved. Wouldn't it be worth contacting the OFT? Surely this level of personal intrusion would be considered unreasonable? I mean for many mortgages you only need to supply three months back statements, seems a bit OTT to send 12 to some non-descript private company who you fear aren't complying with data protection when banks that are heavily regulated only require three to borrow tens of thousands of pounds?
  6. Yes but sadly, it's undeniable that Boris Johnson does have things in common with Viktor Orban. They're both populist leaders, popular despite them making bigoted and racist comments, although admittedly Orban has put more of his intolerance into practice. They're also both arguably on the far right of the political spectrum. We have the most right wing government in our history, that's not something to be proud of in the era of Trump, Bolsonaro etc. We even have a Home Secretary that supports capital punishment. As for Hitchens, he's spent most of his life arguing that the Conservative Party aren't right wing enough. Some of his positions are an absolute joke, like drug policy for example, a fact free zone as far as he is concerned.
  7. If the economy tanks because of Brexit the Tories can always try and blame it on covid.
  8. Come on it's not that bad, plus it's 'dog and cat friendly'.
  9. Wtf. Looks in immaculate condition and a steal at that price. https://www.facebook.com/marketplace/item/442982107042929/
  10. I've had a Barclaycard for twenty years but my limit is intact, not that I really need it anyway.
  11. As I've said, it'll turn 'generation rent' into 'generation bent' as they all eventually have their homes repossessed and they turn to crime to make ends meet.
  12. This kind of thing has been going on for years. Some companies will lease out their places for next to nothing to community groups in exchange for looking after the building, as long as they're prepared to move out at short notice.
  13. I'm not sure about Polish or Romanian but you won't find many young Portuguese people that can't speak English. Part of this is because of how it's taught in Portugal but also because people watch movies over there without them being dubbed, in stark contrast to the Spanish. Granted young Portuguese may not speak that much English around their kids but they'd no doubt need less support than other migrants in this regard. I mean you could go further and say that English is an integral part of Portuguese culture to the point that some families literally are 'English speaking'.
  14. I have a good friend who's from Bulgaria and is very well educated, has a gift for electronic engineering and computer science, he moved about over the years but is quite settled there now. Always used to be fascinated listening to the stories he told about the country, it's a strange country for sure. It was so cheap in the mid 2000s, you could buy a glass of wine for about 10p lol and that was with table service. From his stories I could tell Bulgaria is corrupt as hell, but more so I just got the impression that half the population drink wine for breakfast lol. Might have been an exaggeration, I still regret not visiting the place when I was younger, it has some nice outdoor places and is nice in the south being close to Greece.
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