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  1. Come on it's not that bad, plus it's 'dog and cat friendly'.
  2. Wtf. Looks in immaculate condition and a steal at that price. https://www.facebook.com/marketplace/item/442982107042929/
  3. I've had a Barclaycard for twenty years but my limit is intact, not that I really need it anyway.
  4. As I've said, it'll turn 'generation rent' into 'generation bent' as they all eventually have their homes repossessed and they turn to crime to make ends meet.
  5. This kind of thing has been going on for years. Some companies will lease out their places for next to nothing to community groups in exchange for looking after the building, as long as they're prepared to move out at short notice.
  6. I'm not sure about Polish or Romanian but you won't find many young Portuguese people that can't speak English. Part of this is because of how it's taught in Portugal but also because people watch movies over there without them being dubbed, in stark contrast to the Spanish. Granted young Portuguese may not speak that much English around their kids but they'd no doubt need less support than other migrants in this regard. I mean you could go further and say that English is an integral part of Portuguese culture to the point that some families literally are 'English speaking'.
  7. I have a good friend who's from Bulgaria and is very well educated, has a gift for electronic engineering and computer science, he moved about over the years but is quite settled there now. Always used to be fascinated listening to the stories he told about the country, it's a strange country for sure. It was so cheap in the mid 2000s, you could buy a glass of wine for about 10p lol and that was with table service. From his stories I could tell Bulgaria is corrupt as hell, but more so I just got the impression that half the population drink wine for breakfast lol. Might have been an
  8. Social housing is more tightly regulated than private. For example you have the 'moving in/out' standard. Admittedly the legislation is there more because of the difficulty some social tenants have with financing a deposit, rather than to improve standards although lots of Blairshites might disagree... Whist it's sad to see some councils aren't adhering to it, at least there are standards, unlike the private sector which is an expensive free-for-all...
  9. It's arguably easier language to learn than English, it's far more consistent than English be it phonetics or grammar etc... Like any language though, the difficulty is dependent upon your native tongue, so I suppose that can make it a little harder.
  10. It's just complete madness as LHA is about £600/month. It's still a lot cheaper than putting someone in a B&B but it really grates me when I think of what could be done with £600/month. And despite LHA being set at the 30th percentile of local rents there are still plenty of nice places to rent here around that figure but they're completely off limits to people on housing benefit which in some ways I can understand given greater likelihood that the person might trash the place but still think people deserve decent accommodation regardless of their circumstances. They shouldn't be for
  11. There are former 2up2downs where I live that haven't just been turned into HMOs but divided into lots of separate scummy 'flats', rented out to people on housing benefit. I live in a council flat not too far away, is like living in a palace in comparison and is less than two thirds the rent of one of them. It's really sad given how desperate some of the people are that live there.
  12. It's just a short step to going from saying jobs are worthless to peoples lives are worthless. This isn't a poke at you sorry, it's just the kinda thing people like Douglas Murray say, without really addressing how much of a privileged upbringing they had.
  13. I thought it was only foreigners interested in sham marriages lol.
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