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  1. I don't mean to come across as an annoying pedant here but Network Rail has never been a private company. Its predecessor (Railtrack) however was a group of private companies, most of which became Network Rail in 2002.
  2. Anyone can join a union although some private companies do everything they can to try and stop people. Besides, Network Rail is a public sector company.
  3. Just realised that the maths of the person who wrote what I was quoting messed up it up. Sorry should have looked more closely. So 26.6% pay cuts for weekends and 8% for nights. Still pretty bad to be honest. I guess the government will try and argue it's an even lower pay cut if they're working more of these shifts. " Three years ago we accepted a 0% pay rise, two years ago we accepted a 0% pay rise. But this year they came to us with a 0% pay rise plus over 2500 redundancies, changes to terms and conditions. An increase from 28 weeks of nights to 39 weeks of nights. An increase from 32 weekends worked to 39 weekends worked. Currently for a night shift we get time and a quarter, for a weekend turn we get time and a half. They wish to cut both of these to time and a tenth. So that’s a 15% pay cut on every night shift and a 40% pay cut on every weekend turn. But they want us to work more of them. This is their modernisation they talk about. Not technology, we embrace technology and have seen more and more of it in recent years. They also wish to fire and re-hire the operative grades and bring them back under a new job title but on £9000 a year less. They also want them to use their own vehicles to get to work sites, this when fuel is at its highest. They will also be pooled when currently they are part of the team. The press are painting this to be about pay above all else. It is not. But now we’ve said sod them we are going to demand better. I wish everyone could see past the government controlled media smear"
  4. I'm not big into unions but having looked at the details of what the govt' are trying to impose, I must say I'm not surprised so many members are striking. Despite the members having a 0% pay rise for two years, the government offered them another 0% pay rise. Plus they also offered: 2500 redundancies An increase from 28 weeks of nights to 39 weeks of nights An increase from 32 weekends worked to 39 weekends worked. 15% pay cut on night shifts 40% pay cut on weekend shifts fire rail operatives and re-hire them back under a new job title but on £9000 a year less. ask these same people to use their own vehicles to get to work sites And I think they intend to split people up more rather than work as teams Some of this is negotiable but it really stinks to offer them another 0% pay rise then start doing all this other crap, especially given inflation being so high lately.
  5. Hardly the solution to transport problems? The technology is still very much in its infancy and full automation may never happen, despite all the promises Musk keeps making. He can't even get his cars to work on a closed system ffs! I just can't get over how people discount proven technologies for moving vast numbers of people like rail, then tout this pie in the sky 'transport revolution' dream.
  6. During the Blair years, the Tories often spoke about wanting to further deregulate the financial sector and as late as 2007. https://www.indy100.com/news/forget-blaming-new-labour-here-s-what-the-tories-have-said-about-deregulation-7292446 Imagine how deep the financial crash would have been had they been in control when it hit.
  7. It's funny you should say that as the two countries in Europe that have the least inequality and probably the biggest states (Norway and Sweden) also have zero inheritance tax.
  8. It's a little misleading. I mean the crown owns the seabed surrounding the United Kingdom which is pretty vast and lucrative (think oil fields and wind farms). I mean okay, that may not technically be part of England I guess. You have to laugh too given the UK has just spent hundreds of millions of pounds recently (the Jubilee) more or less celebrating this situation.
  9. Suburban Birmingham looks quite leafy to me with wide streets, maybe I just saw some good bits. It's interesting how poor the public transport is given it's effectively the UK's second city. If this were Spain, they'd have an underground metro. Even Bilbao has a metro and has just under a third of the population. Priorities? London centric economy huh?
  10. I must admit, I'm far from knowledgeable on this subject but I'm not convinced that house prices will fall yet, not for at least a year despite the cost of living crisis and interest rates going up. I expect we'll see an uptick in sales for the next six months, I think many underestimate the power of bank of mum and dad, rising rents and peoples want to lock in cheap mortgages and avoid higher interest rates.
  11. I just wish you'd tell me who they are. I will give you the benefit of the doubt though but the point still stands that very few people would be able to avail to 'zero standing charge' tariff for reasons explained.
  12. I assume you know the reason that happened (re: dots) but just in case anyone is wondering, it's because the coalition government decided to 'simplify' tariffs because they thought too many tariffs made changing providers too complicated and this was making people poorer despite the fact there were social tariffs available at the time. It's also when the government got rid of social tariffs and introduced the warm home discount which unlike the social tariffs, is a limited pot and with the exception of some pensioners, has to be applied for each year.
  13. Who are you with? The only other provider that's offered a zero standing charge tariff these last few years (maybe ten years) is Ebico. They became part of Robin Hood Energy some years ago and customers were transferred onto a new zero standing charge tariff but they later got into financial trouble and were bailed out by British Gas. British Gas created a zero standing charge tariff for the remaining customers but that tariff expired in early 2021 and said customers were told to either accept a new tariff with a standing charge or change to another provider.
  14. I take it you're on Utilita as that's the only place that currently offers a zero standing charge tarriff. Unfortunately that tariff is a bit of a con because unless you don't use any electricity you will effectively have to pay a standing charge of sorts anyway because they apply a different unit rate to the first units you use each day I forget how many. And even once you get past the initial unit rates, the regular unit rates are higher than with other providers. Then there's the fat that Utilita don't accept customers on SMETS 2 smart meters (probably about 10 million+ households by now).
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