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  1. What's the take on the double tax arrangements in place. I assume they will come to an end with no deal. I expect that the vast majority of people receiving income (mainly pensions) into UK bank accounts are not being taxed on this income in the UK but would they be if it were paid into a bank account in the country where they're resident after a no-deal Brexit? Sorry some people may be paying tax on their private pension in the UK but I just wonder if it's possible people in say Spain may have to pay some tax on their UK state pension income. Plus having it paid into a a bank accou
  2. Breitbart huh? Should I trust that far right news source especially when no-one else seems to be reporting this. I did stumble upon this comment on Reddit which may help to explain things. Sad that I have to resort to this. "Yes they did, as a statement about the disparity in police violence in regards to race. It was a pointed, intentional, and obvious message that clearly flew miles over OP and breitbarts head. Would expect nothing less from anyone who actually ready that swill."
  3. Sadly some French people won't be able to help themselves in using this to moan about the British, some seemingly unaware that they're being racist. I guess similarly my comment could be regarded as a moan about the French, it's just the times I've visited there I always seem to have been on the brunt of it. I get it's courteous that you try and speak French when in their country but it pisses me off when you try and make an effort but they refuse to help or serve you because your French isn't good enough or they just know you're British. I even had one guy do this only to help me wh
  4. If it weren't for sausage there would be no Mumsnet.
  5. That seems a bit unfair but those others who only have to pay £6k each are getting quite a good deal in my opinion. If they don't like the contractors the freeholder uses, they should get together an apply for the right to manage.
  6. A 'Labour stronghold' huh? If any city sums up how disastrous the Lib Dem coalition was to local government it's Manchester. In 2010 the Lib Dems had almost a third of the seats, then four years later every one of the 96 seats is Labour.
  7. A little overweight, probably about 26 BMI. They're quite active as they work very long hours in hospitality and go on long walks in their time off. It's fair to say they consume a lot of carbs but that's mainly down to their consumption of real ale.
  8. Perhaps it says a bit about British society, attitudes to the unemployed and people on benefits etc that these people can't just say they're looking for a job.
  9. A relative of mine in their early 40s with no preexisting conditions caught coronavirus in March. It was pretty nasty, they struggled to walk up the stairs and sounded like they had a kind of low grade pneumonia, breathing pretty laboured. The whole thing lasted a month, probably a result of their body's immune response being a bit too strong. Admittedly they didn't get tested but lost their sense of smell.
  10. Just think how big the crash will be if prices go up like this over the next few months.
  11. One in 10 will face negative equity if house prices fall as expected Government predicts a 16pc drop in house prices once the current 'mini-boom' collapses More than one in ten mortgage borrowers will fall into negative equity in the event of a house price crash – and young families are most at risk, an influential think has said. Read more
  12. Henry Ford spent a bit too long listening to conspiracy theories about Jews and this sadly helped lead to the rise of the Nazis.
  13. If you're an alcoholic, that's a short path to suicide imo. Would probably be okay part time though. Full time it would burn you out very quickly. It's not the hours but having to deal with unruly kids that much. It takes a certain type of person really, you don't have to be that academic at all either, just have thick skin.
  14. To be fair, many of the places such people live tend to be sh1tholes. Until they gain some notoriety at least.
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