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  1. I am sure that you will get replies to this along the lines of "money grabbing a**holes" the tide is changing etc etc all with the bearish slant this site know and loves. Its a shame that so many people with alternative opinions have been banned due to rediculous censorship (check the alexa details at the bottom!) I also notice tha popularity and reach its maximum and is starting to CRASH due to the unfair inaccurate reporting of details purely down the stopping the freedom of speach. What a shame a great site has been ruined! Well done mods you showed that your true intent is drive a crash rather then observe one and people are getting fed up with it! This will prob be censored now too. Ahh well and I am a HPC bear too. Just want more than one sided discussions!
  2. I complained to the BBC and got this reply. Tried to post it on the BBC breakfast link but it wont let me!! Dear Mr Jones Thank you for your e-mail regarding 'Breakfast' broadcast on 28 January. I am sorry if you were disappointed by the programme's coverage of the housing market on this occasion. In the course of that morning's broadcast 'Breakfast' offered a straightforward news report on the number of first time buyers in the property market. It was pointed out that this is thought to have dropped to its lowest level for twenty five years and that they appear to be having to save harder and for longer in order to get onto the housing ladder. In addition there was a discussion with a first time buyer in a shared ownership scheme - and a mortgage advisor. This was quite specific about how difficult it can be for first time buyers to get into the housing market. It also looked at some of the alternatives available such as shared ownership with housing association. Within the confines of this type of report and a short discussion piece it was simply not possible to explore the pros and cons of a home ownership culture in depth which seems to be were your concerns lie. However, this is an interesting topic which no doubt the BBC will cover again when there is a relevant opportunity. Please be assured that your feelings have been fully registered and have been made available to the production team and senior BBC management. Thank you once again for taking the trouble to contact us. Regards Richard Carey BBC Information
  3. So by the question "how might" you could answer the question they it "might" help it over the short term to delay recession within seperate countries which will stage the effect of recession and therefore take away the "global" aspect. For instance while the rest of europe has been struggling over the past 10yrs the UK economy has been in a very strong position, however this is only a short term prevention as eventually all bubbles burst which will still effect the UK in the long run even if it may aleviate(scuse spelling) the risk of a global recession...... (I am no economist and I know the answer is prob bolloxs but that is how I read the question and if I knew a little more about economics I may be able to give a more relevant answer!....)
  4. So anyone think a £10 punt on interest rates rising in Feb is worth it? 150 - 1 at the moment.. mmm nice £1490 profit.... Personnaly I think they will stay put and rise in March. Increase in Feb will be too much of a shock for the British public.
  5. Dont you mean the mimimum we want is hour'n'half?
  6. So whats the problem with that question! Its asking how it would help. The student would be expected to highlight the positives and negatives of this... I was expecting something along the lines of why is a house price bubble in the UK never going to happen again!
  7. I can see what you are saying but what about the fact that whilst house prices are in decline and BTL's are in negative equity with other properties will they really want to buy more with the risk they would be getting deeper into the mire?! That doesnt even mention the fact that rental yields would not provide sufficent drive for many landlords to buy more! IMO
  8. abc


    Well from the purely financial point of view 120k in the bank is far better than 120k in a house. (in the current climate, IMO) However things are never that simple... 1.) Is that 120k equity based on a 2004 evaluation? 2.) Are you prepared to take the risk and sell up? 3.) Are you willing to live in a property that you can be turfed out of every 6 months? Personnally I would do it... Oh yeah I already have
  9. Tried to post this as a post in its own right but it doesnt seem to have gone through the moderation. This site seems to be getting more and more popular nearly in the top 5000 of the entire web which by my thought process is a good thing! If more and more people are checking out the site then market sentiment (which we all know is the most important thing to effect markets) is getting more bearish as the weeks go by... HPC is here and the snow ball is getting bigger and bigger! Edit : - After seeing my stupidity!
  10. Ok I have posted on here before but thats another story... I have a serious point to make... If market sentiment is one of the biggest drivers what does the increasing popularity of this site tell us? From what I can tell it is fast approaching one of the top 5000 website in the world! That tells a startling story in the opinions and thoughts of the British public..... Discuss
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