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  1. My friend has just been over for a visit and her second child is due in two weeks time. her first is 5. She knows that she will have to go back to work after 6 months because her mortgage (3 bed-house) is over £1000 per month. Husband graduated with a first in Computer Science and is earning good money, but not that good. My husband also graduated witha first, he is a Computer Engineer, but we can't even afford to buy a house. My friend bought in about 2001, before the property market went totally mad, and their house had doubled in value when they sold it last year, but it obviously didn't do them any good! It isn't easy for any of us any more. We are happy. We are renting a 3 bed house now and we have a garden and it is in a much nicer area than we would be able to afford to buy in.
  2. The crash is officially on its way. How doI know? This summer GRUNGE IS BACK. Fashion has always been very closely linked to the economy. This grunge thing is starting off in the USA so I think their economy will be the first to go and we will follow coz we like to stand "shoulder to shoulder" with them. Desperate Flatwife
  3. Hello everyone, I have it! Proof that we the economy is in recession (although nobody is officially admitting to it yet). This summer the GRUNGE LOOK is back. (Saw it on the front cover of GRAZIA) The last time Grunge came along was in about 1991. I had just left school and was unemployed. There was a general atmosphere of gloooom all around. Next stop House Price Crash. Ftbs, don't give up, we'll get that bargain in the end! Desperate Flatwife
  4. I too have been led to a point of desperation by house prices. I thought I was a victim of time/circumstance and started getting depressed and bitter and slightly obsessed. But that is not the way forward, I have so much in my life to be happy about. So i started thinking, "what have I got to offer that is going to make me loads of money?" and I came up with an answer which I am sure will work. Desperation encourages ingenuity, doesn't it? So get thinking, we all have a way to make money without exploiting others. Find your way. DesperateFlatwife
  5. My comment is on there. I think we should keep this up, it is time people woke up to our existence.
  6. mine hasn't been published so far, it wasn't thaaaat vicious.
  7. Fred, I agree about the clothes, it is all "metrosexual". Last week my (mans man) husband tried to buy some new clothes but all he could see in Next were girly clothes. It made him feel old too. I think if you happen to be in the generation that is a bit too old for all this then you are lucky. Things may never be the same again for the next generation of men because this is all to do with making money. They realised the male market was ripe for picking. So far men had been accepted for who they were. You lot were allright just the way you were born. Women were the target of advertising for ages before this. Now it is "if you buy this you will be a better person". I hope your night out goes well. I'm not sure that binge-drinking in a clubis the best plan to find a nice girl. I met my husband this way, but we were only 18. If I was still doing that now I think it would have turned me into a slapper. (I'm 32 now). Long live real men, Desperate Flatwife (less desperate as might be about to move into a bargain rented house)
  8. Well, what was all that (budget 2006) about? No one even seems to know we exist and they definitely don't care. How is this shared ownwrship any help. I don't want to own a tiny bit of a house!
  9. or they get the amount you should receive wildly wrong and keep putting it in your account (sending 10 copies of the same award form all with different amounts awarded) to you, even though you telephone them repeatedly to correct them. Then they realise a year later and say they want it all back, but so as to avoid poverty they can't stop your payments altogether so they just give you a very small amount and remind you that this means that in a years time you will actually owe them even more money.
  10. I have just emailed Foxtons to give them "feedback" after having watched the BBC prog. I suggest everyone here does the same, just to annoy them.
  11. Have children while renting, children can cope with this, don't let this housing bubble dictate your whole life. Children are great, thay are demanding but also totally genuine and entertaining and teach you what real love feels like (to give and receive). They are worth the world.
  12. My parents are divorced and separately renting which means, as a potential first time buyer, I am not likely to be given a £25,000 handout to help me get on the ladder. Nevermind.
  13. Hello, I know it seems such a BIG THING when your first child starts school, and you want to make sure everything is JUST SO, but believe me, you will look back and wonder what you were worrying about. He/she will cope in just about any primary school, so exactly where you live is not that important, primary schools are all more or less okay, it is not life or death. A child's family life makes all the difference, the relationships, I mean, which will determine whether he/she is a happy child or one with difficulties. Believe me, SAVE UP THE MONEY so that you can move before he/she starts SECONDARY SCHOOL, this is the time that the right school makes all the difference. Desperate flatwife
  14. Yes, I agree about the financial dynamics bit. It is just so frustrating. I am so fed up with this. I dont want to get bitter...
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