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  1. I do not like them. They are self-interested and rude.
  2. I like all of them. I like Primelocation and On the Market best. Rightmove is useful too.
  3. Says what? I'd like some advice on where to buy a BARGAIN holiday home for under £1m. Why are you being so nasty?
  4. Is there a way of reading about it in English? Could not find out… It looks lovely but I want something in the UK for ease of management. Any ideas? Thank you for taking the time to so kindly reply though. Very nice of you.
  5. I find Onthemarket is better for houses over £500,000. All the big agents defected there it seems. I am also using Zoopla but I do not bother with Rightmove as much.
  6. What rubbish… I am a BUYER… I use all the sites. I am going to look at this one soon: http://www.zoopla.co.uk/for-sale/details/36615192?search_identifier=2ec5d68d2f132dad5007b2c1f12a4eaa#brHdbfW2b6XjwwXK.97 Please give me some more ideas rather than being horrid.
  7. I thought this was a serious investor forum… Not a joke site!!!!!!!! I am laughing though. What about this one? https://www.onthemarket.com/details/779827/
  8. I am not an estate agent. I am looking for a place to buy. I shared some of the places I have been to see. They are all for sale with different estate agents. Any sensible suggestions?
  9. Why would I want to do that? I'd like a place I could use myself and gain income from renting out? Any suggestions?
  10. Oh and I meant to add, I've posted separately about how I am looking for a holiday home in another forum. Crashing prices sound good as I want a bargain. Suggestions welcome. My budget is up to £1m. Anywhere in UK that will let well to tourists. Needs to have character and be near sea/isolated/something fun.
  11. I have been in the market for a holiday home for some time. Where could I get something beautiful for a bargain price currently? My budget is up to £1,000,000 million (can spend more but would rather spend a lot less) and only need 1-2 bedrooms (preferably 2 and more would be even better). I'd like to be near water (lake or sea) or on a moor/out in the sticks, the location doesn't matter (I live in the North-West so not there though please). It needs to be something unusual that will let well. Could be anywhere in UK - Devon, Wales, Norfolk, Scotland all appeal but it has to be somewhere tour
  12. I have been in the market for a holiday home for some time. Where could I get something beautiful for a bargain price currently?
  13. I live nearby. If I won the lottery, I'd buy it.
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