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  1. Maybe they are having a make a new new new new equation to make the numbers work. I think it's not too long until they will need a new set of numbers, as the ones currently used are obviously broken.
  2. I think there was quite a few ideas being talked about and I personally didn't pick up that the discussion was all about property being expropriated. What I think is interesting is that the Economist (the writer must have seeked out the ok before going on) are engaging in what are perceived radical debate/ideas to solve the housing problem and this is interesting in itself. The economist writers idea of what rent seeking is, is so out of kilter with what most people's understanding was also interesting.
  3. A really interesting debate around housing on Novara Media about 27 mins in with an Economist contributor.
  4. Ha hate is too strong a word and I don't like to waste energy on pointless folks like estate agents, I dislike them the most would be more correct.
  5. Always nice to wake up to such positive news, thanks for sharing! Can't wait for the next round of Foxtons to close, that's always the most pleasurable to hear.
  6. Good to see you're writing the next series of Brass Eye!
  7. Well this is 6 of them https://www.theguardian.com/business/2018/nov/13/foxtons-closes-london-branches-estate-agent-sales-brexit What very lovely lunch time reading, just wish it was more....... lots more!
  8. Ha sounds your economist friend is a true believer in ever continuing expansion and growth forever........ not sure I'd like to be in his delusional economics class and paying 9 grand a year to listen to his made up BS. The whole thing now is so ridiculous it's truly staggering, who the hell is buying into this market? It's quite an interesting narrative in the media taking shape now on housing in the UK. Vested interests are just hoping things will go away if they keep putting out the message through the media that house prices going up is good for everyone. It's got to be an equivalent with the Soviets 5 year plans of ever increasing harvests when the people are standing in line for bread all day in empty supermarkets.
  9. Thanks for posting the link, always enjoy listening to Danny Dorling. My god I hope he's right that we have hit peak inequality, sadly I don't think he is.
  10. They can BS and massage employment figures, NHS funding, living standards and educational debts etc..... but the one thing they can't fudge anymore is with housing. The other bread and butter areas it's too difficult for people to pin down as they can confuse people with abstract arguments. With housing the facts are staring everyone in the face, that people are renting longer and paying massive amounts for a tiny crap hole, family members living at home into middle age, people up to their eyeballs in crippling mortgage debts. The Tories record in government is going to be impossible for them to defend at the next General Election. The Tories at the next election are going to be absolute toast and it sounds like Oliver Lewin is beginning to realise it.
  11. Labour could only lose in these Local elections as they were fighting areas they were already strong in. Ok they could have won Wandsworth, but it was a tall order and the report are they were only 200 votes short. Next year the Tories are defending a lot more of their council seats than Labour are, see the link. So next year will be very interesting.
  12. Although very funny, this is completely miss leading and scare mongering to tenants. Surely there is some kind of governing body to report this too?
  13. Ha, reading the article I feel like I've just been to a wake. I really am amazed how these journalists/experts (I say this tongue in cheek) manage to dance around and dodgy the house price elephant in the room. It's Brexit and stamp duty's fault this week, really?
  14. Steve Bolton seems to have left off the end of his statement on his website. Wealth, health and happiness BY MAKING LOTS OF OTHER PEOPLE POOR, ILL AND UNHAPPY
  15. All the headlines today are pretty see through it terms of spin, if it wasn't so [email protected] tragic and destructive to society and people's lives it would be quite funny, a bit Daily Mash. The Guardian's title of their House Price advertorial is a good effort in smoke in mirrors, 'Average Price of a Newly Marketed Home Rises Above £300,000. What's the marketed price got to do with anything? My own suggested IQ is Mensa level before I've taken the IQ test. https://www.theguardian.com/business/2018/feb/19/average-price-newly-marketed-uk-home-300000-rightmove-busiest
  16. It really pisses me off when my parents complain they might lose their bus pass and but then when I complain about the cost of housing they have no interest at all. Their answer to every single question is they have worked hard all there life. I retort this by stating I never suggested they haven't, that we just want the same opportunities they have enjoyed. They just seem unable to see that their problem of not having a bus pass is a tiny issue compared to not actually haven't a secure place to live. Rant over!
  17. I dream of the day these types of people aren't given a platform to project their pathetic worthless voices. Just 30 seconds in and I had to shut it down. Lucy try and do something worth while with your existence before its too late, you're off the boring and tedious scale!
  18. Jesus is this a window into the mind of a BTL Landlord? If she is a leading voice for landlords, then they are an even more moronic bunch than I could ever imagined. It would be funny if these fools weren't stealing peoples futures.
  19. He holds existing assets and is encouraging others to go all in to help push up his own existing assets up? That bit maybe left out of the lecture, due to time constraints of course! I think these types of courses are funny, because a dead rotting monkey in hindsight could have made money from property due to the governments idiotic destructive policies. Just shows how thick the BTL landlord is that they think there is some skill or thought behind their scummy practice.
  20. The Neo Liberal/Tories are in for a shock with the 35/45 age group whose policies on housing and work have made it impossible for couples to settle, have children, security etc.... basically live a normal life for a human being, woman get past the post of being able to procreate and they aren't to be very forgiving even if things change. For the Tories I reckon 35/45 are a lost generation, the big question is - Do they realise that every year group that passes this age point they are toast with? And if so will they introduce policies their bankers/rentier friends don't like? My answer is they will keep their cowardly heads in the sand or introduce policies to make things even worse, either way they will get obliterated at the next election.
  21. My fingers are crossed that's all there is, sadly I think they will have dreamed up some very damaging ideas to try and help........ their bankers friends! I'm certainly going to try and have a nice morning, as I know after 12.30 I'm going to be walking around like a bear with a sore head.
  22. This is on the money and is starting to translate into more and more votes now the electorate has woken up, that's what will start to change policy. I fully expect the Tories will try and bullsh1t around the subject of building more unaffordable housing, trying to help young people through mental debt schemes. But as things won't get any better for anyone under 45 and counting. They will soon find out when the polls shift further and further to the labour party, the balance of opinion is shifting even among older home owners who know they have been sold a pup, no one wants to wash they kids clothes and make them tea forever, lets hope it tips over soon!
  23. I just know that I'll be in a really bad mood for the rest of the week once the idiot Hammond has announced his stupid ideas, that will keep house prices up. Ideas that don't help anyone in society other than the Rentier class and he knows it. The only saving grace is the Tories are going to wiped off the face of the earth at the next election, I'm only hoping that's not in 4 and a bit years time.
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