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  1. And you think this is low? What kind of world do you think people live in? There are plenty of people I know - 50 years+ who have nowhere near this amount of money. I can only conclude you are a Tory MP with no idea of what is going on. *****.
  2. If Guardian journalists are now feeling the brunt of allowing 330,000 immigrants into London, then this is good news. Frankly, the sooner that London goes POP! the better.
  3. I sincerely hope you tell him to eff off!
  4. And drove a £200 car? You were lucky! All I had was a skateboard made from a rollerskate with 6 ball bearings missing. A £200 car? That would have been a luxury to me...
  5. The Guardian is a newspaper with no integrity imo. I'd rather believe news in the Dailly Mash than I do the Guardian.
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