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  1. That is a brilliant analogy. I suspect Brexit is the fuel, the economic reality of it will be the spark, with a full blaze this time next year...
  2. Thanks for the insight. It might be more helpful to reflect on the implications of the price of the £, given it has a direct impact on people's livelihoods.
  3. You're probably right. In addition, with the pound falling, the cost of raw materials and supplies will rise (which may be mitigated by a rising volume in exports), and domestic demand will drop as costs rise. If job losses hit the retail sector we are in for a rough ride. Is there a way out?
  4. Succinctly put. But which side are you on? You seem to have described a rock and a hard place.
  5. +1 Nor should something happen until a leader is in place. We need to get our own house in order.
  6. Yes I find remoaning as unhelpful as brexit pomposity. As a leaver, on long term economic grounds, I find it extraordinary that neither Leave nor the goverrnment had a well consulted plan in place. We should delay involking the parliamentary process, until a. we have a leader in place b. there is a transparent plan c. the resources have been mobilised. There will be economic pain, job losses, and crumbling public services. But without a coherent approach, the pain will be prolonged, and we will have to wait longer for the benefits.
  7. I love a good tarrif in the morning. Especially if they last at least 7 years. Delicious
  8. You're right, you didn't have a point. Just an absurd exaggeration that 1 in 2 people in the UK converse in a foreign language, when 11 per cent are foreign born.
  9. Thanks for the references. Clearly there is an issue, though hard to grasp the scale. Unfortunately, successive governments have failed to invest in medical and nursing training commensurate with the staff needs of the NHS. Immigration has become a permanent stop gap covering government incompetence. Alas at this stage I'd still take my chances with our Bulgarian colleague, if there were no other staff. Can you replace Jeremy Hunt as health secretary?
  10. Indeed. Currently the civil service is only set up to negotiate with a couple of countries at any one time. At least 3 years for Brexit. A further 10 to renegotiate our position with 60 to 70 countries. We need a cross government Brexit department, a clear plan for exit, and investment in the resources to conduct that plan post Brexit. This is going be a slow drive.
  11. You're right. 89% is a really, really, scary, tiny number. #BreakingPoint
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