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  1. Yeah I watched a pretty good review of all the factors as to why the UK/US did so poorly, general health and obesity was one thing that came up, so not sure if that plays a significant part too? (I had an awesome time travelling there in 2019 before 'the world ended' and they're generally super healthy even if ageing generally as a society like us). But Japan has been in and out of lockdowns so "zero-covid" was a bit of a mirage though none the less? haha yeah but ultimately agreed, everything's relative and it's, for sure, a far cry from Max-Covid more of an esoteric point about "zero-c
  2. Yeah for sure, no doubt they've done great so far, it's undeniable, agreed. But "zero-covid" nirvana? Just playing devil's advocate really: could it be that Zero-covid is the best stop-gap available ... but a stop-gap none the less (until vaccines come in to do the heavy-lifting)? Still think we should have followed/given that policy a try right at the start before it became endemic don't get me wrong, but at some point you have to open borders right? (as much as some right wing nuts would love to keep immigrants etc. out forever).
  3. Interesting, Vietnam heading back on to the naughty step too: https://www.reuters.com/world/asia-pacific/vietnam-says-new-covid-outbreak-threatens-stability-2021-05-09/ Obviously both Taiwan and Vietnam have been Zero-covid poster boys throughout, fingers crossed that approach will help them get back on top of it quickly, NZ have been able to quickly get back on top when they've had cases detected ... that said, look at Japan and South Korea who were poster boys early on and have had wave after wave, lockdown after lockdown. Fingers crossed for them both for now, but hopefully they'l
  4. That'd theoretically suck for you guys though right? If I were a Scottish voter I'd prefer union over becoming an economic colony of the Bank of England with no say (even if just for a period), also you'd then be banking on the EU cutting you a 'special case' deal to rejoin given their stipulation that states seeking to become members have central bank/Interest Rate independence, they (the EU) also would presumably want you to take the Euro? I'm not wholly against that myself but not sure about Scottish voters broadly? The other argument I've heard touted by the SNP is running a surplus t
  5. The link is from 2010 right? 10 years later and us men are still being awesome and crushing it (as are our equally awesome women, please don't get me wrong ) ... so maybe this is relevant to HPC after all: 10 years later, the coming revolution that never comes 😛 FWIW, men still outnumber women (by some margin) in STEM subjects in university and appear to have a tendency to enter associated high paying fields on graduating (take it from a Computer Science grad who went to work in the City and is now in Big Tech). I hope we live in an as equal future as possible but there wasn't much uptake
  6. Absolutely, I need to stop spending so much time here 😅
  7. Indeed, and that's a cautious estimate in the study too, based on what JVT was saying at the UK briefing today. Real world science & data in action. Things continue to look great in Israel, early days for the US but post vaccine ramp up they potentially be looking to be turning a corner too. Still early days but things continue to look great for the vaccine programs.
  8. What's happening in India is tragic and a crisis and without action could get worse. However little, it's been nice to see aid from the UK, EU and elsewhere heading there, I'm sure we all have everything crossed for the people and the situation there. With that said, I have to say the media's weaponisation of the crisis has been pretty disgusting, and ironic since any mention of the lockdown mental health crisis is met with calls of 'weaponsiation' and "you wouldn't care about mental health in normal times", which is kind of the point some are making here about infant cholera deaths. As a
  9. I think he's probably just got better things to do in life than check some random internet forum and get unhinged for months on end (unlike some) every time someone disagrees with him
  10. 😂 They've been under lockdown for ages now. Doing just as bad if not worse than other European countries still? Doing just as bad if not worse domestically as when they didn't have lockdown? ... that was worth it then 😕 Here's a cloth to wipe that egg off your face mate ... It's called data. When we write the history books most of the European/Western nations will be judged broadly similarly, only the APAC lot, for whom the penny dropped early on, have really out-performed. We in the West had half-arsed unscientific versions of lockdown, back to square one-ism and a general sense of
  11. I've everything crossed there won't be. It's a real tense time in this pandemic: vaccines seem a way out, initial data looks good from Israel and increasingly the UK, it's still plausible that Chile opened up too soon with low vaccination rates, but we're learning as we go and this is all experimental to an extent so the jury is still well and truly out, we're all about to find out this summer/autumn, that will be the interesting time. If I had to put money on it, I'd bet (and it could be only that, a punt, at this stage of course) that we'll be fine for the summer and the vaccines will w
  12. The man @TheCountOfNowhere himself, Something about last bulls turning to bears or something comes to mind? 😛 Covid has really dented my belief that there'll ever be a significant crash. Governments & Central Banks yet again showed us they'll throw everything & the kitchen sink into market props (-ve rates not even out of the question FFS). Many here were cheering the chaos of the pandemic, the economic carnage of lockdowns, it felt like their 'end-game ship' had come in, HPC manna from heaven, where are we now? With our collective experience we really ought to have seen it c
  13. That's a "dodge because I have nothing" response if ever there was one. Wasn't going to mention but in addition, your choice of Sweden was illuminating by the way: France, Germany, both being hammered again along with Sweden all 3 tracking the same sluggish EU rollout numbers on vaccinations, all 3 facing restrictions. You could have picked almost any country to make your illogical and factually wrong claim: a cheap low blow politicised attempt to have a pop at a country once famous for being light touch maybe?
  14. You're kidding right? Sweden have fully vaccinated at most 7.5% of their population (15 doses per 100 people) bang on the EU average, sluggish roll out when compared to Israel, the UK or the UAE. It's no where near enough to make a dent, that's like the deniers saying we'd achieved 'herd immunity' with about 5% of people having antibodies after the first wave last summer. I take your sentiment though, we're 'running the experiment' right now so neither you nor I know the outcome, we'll have to wait for the empirical data, since that's how science works and all that. https://ourworldi
  15. Vaccines might help us get to zero covid tbf: the data on transmission is looking good preliminarily, Israel are pretty much fully opened up and cases still falling off a cliff for example.
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