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  1. I'm almost 30 and the desire to buy is definitely starting to get to me. Whether it's because of my age though, or just the fact that I've been waiting for a few years now and am starting to get impatient is difficult to say. I agree with Warwickshire Lad that I'm not overly concerned about when I'll finish paying off a mortgage, as if things go to plan I'll be able to overpay as I go along.
  2. Hello, I've been lurking around for about a year, waiting & hoping for a crash. I'm almost 30, still living at home, would love to get a place of my own but am not prepared to rent as it would have a big impact on my ability to save. Eventually I would really like to buy & will hopefully have a significant deposit to put down when I do. Really impressed with this site, it's definitely helped me to keep the faith - Thank you!
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