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  1. 10 minutes in the chair nothing needed just a scrape and a polish £53, thank god he wasn't servicing my car.
  2. Once the daft money from Darn Saff stopped flowing into the Highlands etc there is only one way for prices and that IS freefall, just take the average earnings doubt its even 20K multiply by three and a bit (historical realistic sane lending criteria) and you can see just how stupid house prices around here have got. Only crazy Inflation can save them but I can't for the life of me see where the wage inflation will come from. Add to the that when local goivernment has to turn the machine gun on employment numbers it'll be freefall.
  3. The Civil service and NHS are unfunded schemes the Local government schemes are developing huge shortfalls which current stock market plunges will make all lot worse. Just another Ponzi sheme depending on more entrants for a diminishing return.
  4. Fox Hunting and my daughter on behalf of her rabbit (Deceased) wants far reaching legislation to included Pine Martins.
  5. Cameron needs to get his game face on, his handlers need to call a time out. Crash n' Clegg havin a lurve in.
  6. I was at a QT and I got to ask a Question. First up you are asked to submit a written topical question someone phones you to check your not a loon, I was asked my opinion on a few current topics then I was told I was to be invited onto the show and tp bring a second question based on topical events from the day the show was on. I was lucky enough to ask the very first question of the TV programme and the show as broadcast was totally unedited recorded from 8.00pm and shown on TV at 10.35pm that night with no editing. It was on slick operation and Dim was ok in the flesh.
  7. Had a SAAB 9000 brilliant car, Bombproof. Sorry to see them go.
  8. But wur still Best Place with our Fundamentals Sound, I trust.
  9. 1888 couldn't be poor Old Sir Minty of Moonbeams could it "He'd have saying something like every fiver their over drawn we'll be a tenner over drawn. Skies getting black with chickens coming home to roost over there.
  10. "Gordon is a Moron" was a hit single in the 70's, if ever a single was screaming out for a re-release surely its time has come.
  11. I live in Scotland and today the SNP, I believe announced the end of Right to Buy in Scotland, for the last 20 years Councils didn't build many new houses because the figures didn't add up if someone could right to buy a relatively new build, so any new builds basically where left to Housing Associations. My point is this if there is no Right to Buy scheme theres no need for the replacation by Housing associations of all the same staffing etc etc. I'd say quite a few Housing Associations or Councils are going to get savaged.
  12. With all the merger mania I'll put a wee side bet on a merger with David Icke. Oh well, not long to wait.
  13. I was at a Pensions conference about 15 years ago. The Actuarial Pensions expert's opening statement was, The trouble with pensioners these days is they won't die the way they used to. The school I was in had 1800 pupils it now has 1200 same catchment area the 1800 are hurtling towards retirement and will live longer. For the 1200 currently and future pupils,,,,. DO the Maths.
  14. The place where I served my time went on all out strike a couple of years after I left for 8 weeks, the management muddled through for 2 months, then settled within 18 months a 400 strong employed work force had crashed to 185, with a lot of jobs out sourced. All the strike achieved was alerting the management to how over staffed they were. Bluffs sometimes get called in a strike and I hope for my children's sake this one does.
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