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  1. PCP isn't inherently evil, although evil people often use it to pull the wool over the uninitiated's eyes. As long as you do the sums, work out the total cost of ownership, and compare it against other available finance options, it's a perfectly valid way of owning a car. It's just a finance product, ultimately, and a relatively simple one at that. Yes, of course a £3k used Fiesta is cheaper to own than a C Class Merc on PCP, but some people don't mind paying more for a bit of luxury and a warranty. They're not idiots, they're not uninformed, they just made a different choice. The se
  2. I wonder if all the cost analysis of solar and wind includes the vast investment required in batteries that will be required to maintain a stable national grid? The volatility of wind in particular means grid frequency response is becoming a much more crucial factor - we'll need generation that can be online in seconds, not minutes, or the grid will become very unstable indeed. Any significant deviation from 50Hz could see the grid collapse as synchronous generators trip on automatic protection. Who is going to regulate grid conditions as renewables take over? It's not going to be cheap a
  3. The only thing I took from that article, apart from how selective the facts were, was that I learned about the new Lifetime ISA. Very interesting indeed.
  4. Are pictures 17 and 18 meant to be suggestive? "You too could own sunglasses, eat nuts, and view the world obscured by an ugly tree"
  5. Aside from the low fees, most letting agencies I've dealt with in the past to be fair to them have fulfilled the other aspects. They've also done thorough background checks on me. I'm not sure how lower fees would encourage a better class of tenant, and as a result, what landlord would want to use them, as I imagine the costs would have to be directed to the landlord instead? Nice idea, but I don't think it would work.
  6. I'm just gutted that I'm not eligible. It's a free-for-all, but I'm not invited!
  7. Oooh, you're not allowed to criticise tax credits. You'll get bawled at by a whiny nail-salon employee on live TV, complaining about how she won't be able to afford to raise her army of children on £10k a year. People are entitled to their tax credits. ENTITLED, I tell you.
  8. I should qualify my earlier post. It was in the north, at what I considered a reasonable price, and at a 3X income multiple. There is no way on earth I'd buy in the South East... my brother did recently, and I'm shocked what he got for his money. If I were to buy my house anywhere near commutable distance to London, it would be double the price. In fact, 20 minutes down the M6 would have added 30-40% alone. So, I should have said 'yes' in pockets of the north, 'no' to the vast majority of the country.
  9. We rented from a small local agent, and it was a much nicer process. I was in the same position, where I was taking sole responsibility for the rent. The fees were a lot lower than yours and I was ready to pay search fees for both of us because I thought we had to, and they actively encouraged me not to involve my partner in the application to avoid the fee. Renting from Countrywide was a different proposition. £150 to print out my contract again each year, £60 to photocopy our keys on collection... it came to something like £500 in fees, searches etc. Extorting scum, I'm amazed people actual
  10. I would and I have. I'll probably lose tens of thousands on paper in the next few years, but I've lost tens of thousands renting over the years waiting for the crash to happen, and had to put up with all the frustrations of living in someone else's house while doing it. After being turfed out buy our landlord again, enough was enough. We're paying the same we were while renting for a nicer house. Even if interest rates go up, we could pay the mortgage twice over if we have to. The time was right for us. I certainly wouldn't touch it as an investment, as I still believe prices will correct. I
  11. You'd hope it would never get to the point where there is no functioning economy at all. You'd always be able to trade gold for cash at its current value, give or take. I need to bury a safe in my garden and start hoarding...
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