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  1. The important parts of your post being "reasonably priced" and " a wreck" Now if all other sellers want to follow suit with their "reasonably priced" valuations on their "wreck" then maybe I'd be looking at them as well.
  2. And Darling's excuse was it targets thoses in society who can afford it.......well what about those who you shafted by getting rid of the 10p tax band? They are the poorest and you didn't mind shitting on them. Strangely that decision took more than 6 months to get noticed by anyone......reckon it might be a bit different this time
  3. This is really just the sellers who took their bat home at this point last year and removed their house from the market.....The amount of new listings is now increasing on Rightmove cos its spring and many of these sellers are re-listing at their original price (thinking that been out of the market didnt effect the houses value) The estate agents are valuing topside knowing that they will ask them to reduce in 2 months anyway...... Well thats my take on it. It really is just asking prices based on seller sentiment and not based on the practicalities of obtaining the huge mortgage required to buy them.
  4. His sites pretty good and he does know his stuff, but I always found it bizarre that he would go on Radio One preaching the stoozing cards idea. It is very complicated and needs constant monitoring. None of Radio Ones listeners would have been able to get their heads round it. he may as well have just done a tour of primary schools.....but then again I took his advice over Icesave
  5. 'We have had low interest rates and low inflation. Every other recession in Britain has been created by high interest rates and high inflation. That has not happened under me.’ This has been Brown's mantra for a while now. The fact is that moderate rates and moderate inflation were enough to tip it over the edge due to the sheer scale of the debt levels in the system. Turning a blind eye to 200% house price inflation in 7 years...... I will look forward to the day when I can enjoy a beer or three to celebrate this idiots removal from government...
  6. This was Thursday 29th 2009....still we definitely need to organise some kind of demonstration in this country Thursday, January 29, 2009 'Black Thursday' The one-day strike in France has come to an end, and despite some predictions, it didn't shut down the country. Yet for anyone who wanted to dismiss this simply as the French being French, there were signs today that this wasn't your average French protest. The nation-wide industrial action severely disrupted air, rail and commuter service across the country. Air France stopped its flights, and hospitals had to operate at reduced capacity. Even journalists didn't show up for work today. Industrial action is hardly unusual in France, but one thing was significantly different about today's strike: the protest wasn't against a specific issue, but rather at the government's handling of the entire global economic crisis. The French public is furious at the perceived unfairness of government bailouts going to the bankers and investors who caused the crisis in the first place. The protests turned violent this evening, with riots and fires erupting throughout the city and clashes with riot police. Sarkozy recently said that a country like France will be hard to govern during this global economic crisis. He seemed today to be quite rattled by the strike. And with the dismal views coming out of Davos this week, things clearly are only going to get worse. As these protests keep occurring with increasing frequency in Europe, it's looking more and more likely that 2009 will be a year of discontent on the streets of Europe's capitals.
  7. At the beginning of last year there were loads of properties coming onto rightmove. (trying to get out at the perceived top) They didnt shift and the sellers rather disgruntled decided to take them off over the course of the year. The rest had their prices reduced............when people noticed that the reductions were quite chunky they got a bit interested......this in turn begins to bring more properties back on again (in the hope that they can sell- plus it is heading for spring). these properties coming back on are simply going on at the prices they left. I have seen many examples of this. I would therefore presume that this has in turn given the impression that asking prices are going up. It is just houses that refused to be reduced coming back on...... If you want to sell then reduce it! (25% should get you some interest) OR if you want to buy negotiate the 25% discount you would have had if the seller hadn't taken there bat home.
  8. Look, if you can get a house at 30% discount then go for it....but lots havent been marked down by that much.... so I suggest you all go out and try get these discounts. After all the people you are hearing about are being tempted by the deals they are seeing. They are wanting value for money so I can't see the sellers been over the moon to see them all. A little bit of volume doesn't necessarily mean price rises. It could actually help get prices down to a realistic level. Look at any shar price chart. Falls are always met with what appear to be opportunities to buy but are really just last opportunities to sell.... Until huge crowds of people start securing huge mortgages on zero deposits then I cant possibly see any way but down.
  9. Tesco value teabags....thats where its at...theyre greattttt But keep the bag in while your having the cup, cos theres sod all tea in it.....some teabags have nearly doubled in price. Used to be around 1p a bag standard. Cant get that anywhere now.
  10. well bring it on! loads more people with huge debts balanced on a knife edge of 1% interest rates....the tiniest movement upwards and they all slide back into the sh!t
  11. This is a very good question...because certain people on here just react by shouting PRINT PRINT...HYPERINFLATION...AAAAAARGGHHHHHH When it would probably be far more constructive to take a more rounded view. Would wages go up, would interest rates rise or (as seems to be the case) will we all just wake up sometime next month with all our collective savings having the purchasing power of a value medium sliced loaf (currently 40p )
  12. Well I would imagine that anyone lending money in a high inflation environment would demand a higher interest rate to cover themselves for the erosion of the sum lended. I would therefore imagine that savings rates would be also reasonably high. Have asked this before and no one seems to really know.
  13. As far as I am concerned houses are for living in and not for speculation. You may think you have learnt the lessons of the market but greed will ensure you buy too early and sell too late.
  14. Think this works both ways. The music industry themselves chose not to value music when they started pushing low quality mp3 files onto consumers. These don't cost anything to produce and are in many cases at a far inferior quality level to standard cds. If they want to do anything they could look at pioneering new more advanced ways of experiencing music at higher quality. Including artwork and other elements in a release that would elevate the format above the illegal downloader.
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