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  1. I'm stating facts not arguing. That LSL report you fell in love with also stated what I have been saying all along. Prices in suburbs reached new highs.
  2. Lack of housing supply continues to support a rigged market? Do you or anyone else have a chart for London average earnings Vs house prices? I've seen the one Halifax do. And Nationwide do a PE to prices calculation too. Are there any others? Rather than wages maybe it would be more useful to have spending power or affordability. House prices would have diverged a lot from wages, but when you take into account interest rates being low and mortgage rates have been dropping for a few years, exactly how affordable is London?
  3. Are you saying some people on this thread only like to take into account data/reports that will support their theory of crashes?? And choose to ignore the reports pointing the other way??
  4. Mansion House speech tonight. Hoping for something positive for us guys from Osborne and Carney
  5. You can wait until August, or maybe December or maybe next year or the year after, until a crash is confirmed. Stop hiding behind your desk. Get out there to a viewing or two and I'm sure you'll observe the same stuff that I am seeing
  6. Chinese housing market has cooled off. I fear now that any Chinese investors who would have bought domestically before will now look abroad to a more "stable/solid/safer" property market
  7. I guess this might be the statistical evidence that Damik is after?? This exactly supports my view and what I have said since my 1st post on this thread. Prices fell off fom Summer 2014 to Winter 2014. But since Feb/March of 2015 they have started to rise again. Bear trap anyone?
  8. Agreed. At least someone here has sense and is willing to understand another point of view
  9. But I fear speaking to an estate agent will be worse than taking a degree in sociology
  10. No I have no reports to provide you. I am going off what I am seeing in the market. I have been going to property viewings pretty much every week for the last 9 months. I have my own notes on various properties and how much they are selling for. Obviously most of this can't be quantified into a single number for your excel spreadsheet
  11. As this is a technical thread, and having looked at the link you provided at LR for K&C I believe the answer to your questions posted in January 2014 is NO
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