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  1. The point is bein missed here! The £35 was not pre-warned as coming out my deposit and i thought they had to advise you of what deductions were to be made before they can deduct them! I wass never once advised that there would be a cost associated to the carpet cleaners inspection! The carpet was new as it is a new build, so i knew id be footing the bill for any cost of replacement! But its the fact that i have also been deducted the £35 without my knowledge that i am disbuting! I need some advice on this as i have read my contract and this seems very wrong!
  2. I posted my query into the rental part of the website but nobody seems to be reading that part! So i would appreciate anybody that could take a couple of mins to pop over to renting to read my problem. Thanks
  3. I would appreciate any advise given. I moved out of a rented flat last week and the letting agent had just returned my deposit, but its £35 short! I split a drink on the bedroom carpet and carpetright agreed to replace the carpet for £126.09. Before carpetright measured it up etc, belvoir (letting agent) sent a carpet cleaner round to see if he felt the stain could be removed! He was there 5 mins and said that it would have to be replaced! When i emailed the letting agent last week to confirm what balance was to be paid to me, he replied "all is fine apart from the £96.09 new carpet and £30 fitting costs! Yesterday i received a cheque for £463.91p, which was described as £625 deposit less £126.09 carpet replacement less £35 carpet cleaning attempt. I was never advised that i would be charged for the carpet cleaner and it was not disclosed that £35 would be deducted from my deposit! Can i do anything about this as i feel they have broken our tenancy agreement! Thanks
  4. Points being missed here lads, im not saying i cant afford high rents, im saying why are rents rising and are people that stupied to pay high rents? The majority on here rent i guess, so what do you all think, are you willing to pay a 10% increase in rents? There are plenty of flats and houses in Kettering and im sure i prob would get a reduced offer excepted but my point is, that im fed up with the greed that is pushing property, especially the agents who lie constantly to sell, rent, secure deals! The flats between £400 and £500 would be horrible areas etc, i know i can take one of these but a couple of months ago i could get a 2 bed in a nice area for £500 now its going to cost me £550+! So when is the rent inflation going to stop, my guess is when idiots stop agreeing to pay higher rents in the risk of "losing out"! We talk about idiots buying overpriced homes because they dont want to miss the boat, but now i can see the same happening with rents! Its all aload of sillyness and if we carry on with it then we will be cutting out own throats and each others that are in the priced out boat!
  5. I have just been having a look at an alternative rental property, as our contract runs out in feb and me and the missus have decided to look for something else, The apartment we live in is top grade but the area has alot to be desired! We are both fed up with chavs and idiots shouting around in the early hours in the morning (not just friday and saturday nite)! I am in shock, the rental prices in the last few months have risen.....dramatically! Why is this happening? Landlords passing on rate rises etc is the obvious answer but are people really paying these crazy prices? The town im talking about is Kettering and i am now seeing apartments at £600+, which were previously less than £525, 2 bedroom modern rabbit hutch houses that were £475 now £525 or £550, 2/3 bedroom old terrace house in car crime ridden roads that were £500 now £550+! I dont understand, Kettering is a crap town, the high street is starting to look like a shanty town with all the unoccupied outlets!! When is this nonsense going to stop.......what do we do? We cant BUY a house and its getting to the stage that we cant RENT a house, and theres no chance of COUNCIL property so where do we go?? I must admit im starting to get really fed up with the property game whether it be buying or renting, estate and letting agents are so rude and unhelpful and i really am fed up! the lies that i have been fed by the last letting agent is unbelivable and i have investigated and there is nothing i can do about it! Anyways, rant over and i apologise for my it, i have just finally had enough of this diseased country!
  6. My mate rang me last night to sort out plans for tonights big England game. I was shocked when i put the phone down after our conversation. Me and my mate have alot in common, to name a couple football and always a good talking point down the pub is the overpriced crap (sometimes descibed as homes) in the estate agents window! I rent a nice apartment and he rents a nice house. Anyways i told him to get up my house for 6 n wel start on beers then with a pizza, the reply was "no can do mate, i got a viewing at 6.15". WTF????? I asked him are you looking to buy a house, his reply was something quite amazing and this was it .......... "yes mate, its the time to buy now, and if you dont all that waiting and saving will be wasted, there will be no other time in the near future when you can offer less than asking price and get it accepted"! I asked him what % off he was looking for and he gave me example of house he was looking at, it is on at £129,950 (a 2 bed terrace prob), he said i reckon i can get for £120-£122k. Thats a 6 or 7% drop! I didnt really say alot more but i cant believe what has happened to him. He was worst than me, ranting that house must crash by loads as they are so overpriced now he is on verge of buying a house! Im seriously wondering who he has been brainwashed by!
  7. I recently viewed a property that need extensive work on it and was being offered at a low price. But after seeing how much work was required, suddenly the low price was not that low! EA rang me up this morning and asked me how much i wanted to offer, i replied with "no chance mate, even i aint that stupied, i could never do all that work anyway"! He then moved swiftly on and suggested another property that was already complete and ready to move into with no work required etc, and told me it has just come on the books, he said that the asking price will be £140k but if i make it so that it doesnt even get advertised he would get at least £5k off asking price! He said special offer, all you need to do is arrange to see property today! Then he started with the usual rubbish like, it wont stay around long blah blah blah! Anyway i laughed at him on the telephone and told him that if i was interested in seeing a property i would call him! What a muppet, a desperate muppet!
  8. Im reading all this hype about banks and building societies going bust etc and also seeing the problems with N/R. Can anybody give constructive advise of what is the best thing to do with our savings that we all currently have? I dont want advise like......."just forget about your savings because the global credit tightening is going to cause the world to blow up!" and silly comments like this! If we risk loosing our hard earned cash then we all might as well invest it into that overpriced studio flat! its better than loosing your cash fullstop! I currently have my money in different baskets (accounts/isa etc), is this a better option or should it be concentrated into one "safe" "safe" account? Any decent suggestions would be appreciated.
  9. No i think the country has gone for good and i for one are spending alot of time trying to convinced my wife that a move to melbourne would be an very very good option. We can have a nice house out there and we can even call it our own!! She is tempted but she said to me theres one problem.......she doesnt want to leave her mum half way across the world, i told her for me thats one of the main attractions!!!
  10. Thanks for all the comments, my chin is firmly up now! i may stay on or i can always stay at my sisters until somethin comes up! i have not paid the last month rent as i can foresee a deposit holdback, so i guess that one good thing! I realise that this is pure sillyness and something will give very soon, then i suppose many landlords wont feel so clever anymore!
  11. Im going to have a big moan coz i feel i deserve it! I will be without a home in 2 weeks time, partly my fault but mainly not. This is whats happened.......over the last 4 years my landlord has constantly hassled me ever time a piece of grass grows more than a cm and then turns a blind eye to modernising the property, the property is in desperate need of new carpets, curtains, new bathroom suite and id go as far to say a new kitchen. I have asked him in the past but he just says there is nothing wrong with the property! The boiler is old and on the blink and its pure luck if you get hot water for more than 10 mins. He has had it looked at several times and the plumber told me a new boiler was needed, the landlord has turned a death ear to that request! 2 weeks ago he sent me a nasty letter regarding the garden, threatening he would get a professional gardener to do the garden if i did not do it within a week and told me id be footing the bill! i was fuming and sent a letter back telling him i was not happy with the letter and that if he did not put in a new boiler and modernise the property id would have to look at other options. Couple of days later he sent a letter back asking me if i would like to vacate the property as he would not be doing any of the work! So my reply was certainly, il be out in a month! He has since put the property on the market for rent and is asking £525pm when i was paying £475. Ive had a look at other properties and it appears that most of them have increased, some dramatically!!! I thought i would have a look at buying but the asking prices are unbelievable. What do we do if renting is getting too costly and buying is totally pointless! When will this stop? How can non property owners be in such a corner? Id appreciate your comments.
  12. I would not even look at this idea a couple of years back but now im thinking this might just be a workable plan. I have seen a basic mobile home for £12k in a holiday/residential park not too far from where i currently rent a house. Its not too bad, it has a small garden plot, off road parking, 2 small bedrooms, and an alright living space and bathroom! Alright it is basic and not idea but im thinking of living there on a short term basis........maybe a year or 18 months (max), i have done my calculations and i can save some good money by doing this and therefore a healthy deposit ready in wait for a house price "correction" or as we all like to call it "CRASH"!!!! The missus is not too impressed but i keep assuring her that at the end of the mobile home nightmare, we should be in a nice position for better things. She's happy to stop renting as our landlord is.......well not a nice landlord and we have discussed maybe renting 1 of the many many other 2 bedroom properties that are for rent in our area instead, but then we would not save anything and would just be in the same position. I dont really know alot about mobile homes etc but would this be a bad bad move? Does anyone know how badly the homes depreciate?
  13. Hahaha.......i knew it, EAs getting too big for there boots! After being treated wrongly by a letting agent on monday, i raised the question yesterday "are EA's getting too big for there boots"? The answer YES!!! On the front page of the local paper yesterday, one of the largest EA's in Kettering, with 2 offices, have disappeared! Both offices are closed and phones are going unanswered! Some landlords have not had Tennents rent for a couple of months and deposits have gone missing! Client account monies GONE!!! EA's what will they do next???? Check out www.cameronsestateagents.co.uk see if there is any movement on property haha or www.northantsnews.co.uk (evening telegraph section and under news for more laughs !!!) All in a days work for our ever reliable EA's!! Ketterinboy
  14. Are EA's getting too big for the boots or are they just thick and stupied? Rang up a letting agent in Kettering yesterday and asked to view a 2 bedroom property that has recently come onto the rental market. The letting agent asked my name and contact number then her third question was "how long before you can move in"? i replied with "hang on, i not even seen the property yet, i may not like it!". She then asked me a what if you want it question.....i replied with a month as i have to give a months notice to my current land lord! She then said something that has totally bemused me and quite honestly disturbed me, she said "i suggest you end your contract today with your current landlord and come back in a couple of weeks time and if the property is still there we will let you view it!". I replied with " so i am not allowed to see the property before i end my current contract?". She said "no, the property is avaliable immediately!". I laughed at her and said "your confused luv, and your talking total rubbish, i'm not going to end my current contract and risk being homeless, what is up with you, how long have you been working as a EA?".......to which the reply was a dead phone line!! Is this unheard of? have they the right to deny me a viewing? what do you all reckon i should do....as i really wouldnt mind seeing this property? Ketterboy
  15. TWO words sum it up.......ABSOLUTE JOKE!!! :angry: I feel sick with it all, not only because i probably never will own my own house, but because the fact that these houses are not just selling but selling quickly. My work mate has just brought his second BLT (haha BTL) and keeps on at me about what a fool i am! Nothing is going to be done, i think i have finally finally come to this conclusion! I went from not quite being able to afford a NICE 2 bedroom home 2 years or so ago to not be able to afford a 2 bedroom crap house in crap area or a 1 bed flat in nice area! Can someone explain why this is an exceptable situation for us young FTBers? Why the goverment have only come up with silly schemes to help us and why it is exceptable for a 50 year old person to have a 4 bedroom family home, a 2 bedroom semi detached BTL and a brand new 2 bedroom apartment BTL, and earns less than me!!!! :angry: When i asked my MP, when he was visting a local gathering, "why i was nearly 30 years old and earn above average earnings and live in an area below average house prices, that i can not get on the housing market and if i did my quality of live would be very poor"! He did not want to answer but when he did he said that i do not have much to worry about in the future as the housing market goes up and down! How does that help me now or in the foreseeable future!! Sorry for the essay, im just very disappointed with the current situation
  16. I was thinking the other day (dangerous i know!), that beens ftb's are totally priced out of owning a home of there own and with gordan clown snubbing any problems that we all face, is it time that we protest on a different front? Instead of moaning and mildly protesting against something that will probably never come or if it does will take a very long time (HPC!!!), should we now be touching the subject of "tennents rights"! The way i see it, we are all going to be renting for the foreseeable future. We do not have many rights as a tennent and Mr Greedy "look at my portfolio of 20 houses and apartments that i own" is getting the better deal. So i reckon that we should start protesting for lower rents, so that we can all afford to rent family homes so that we can have familys and longer letting terms! Along with very hard landlord rules, for example the landlord has to modernise the tennents property ever few years, health and safety rules with heavy fines for rule breakers etc! If we could get all the things of having your own home without actually owning it then whats the problem with being a renter not an owner?! Just a thought, but i would like to know what people think about this! Ketterinboy
  17. Thank you very much for the english lesson, but some of us do not have endless time to perfect our comments! so what do you do for a job?
  18. He was suggestin it was jus short of £600 per month! u can rent it 4 £450 tho! n wher it is, wudnt surprise me if they knocked them down n started agen in a couple of years time!!!! I know 110k dont sound like much but wages round here r not high n id say my mate n his missus bring back less than £30k between them!
  19. My Best Mate just got a date for his wedding, May 2007! shocked, didnt think he wud ever marry the girl, but ive had more shocking news than that from him.......hes just purchased a house!!!!!me and him where in complete agreement regarding the state of the housing market and we both agreed that it would not make sense to buy! Its all change for him, he says 95% of people he speaks too says this is your final final chance to get on the housing ladder, if not youl be renting forever! He's gone for it, he has purchased a 2 bedroom victorian terrace house for £110k, in kettering northants. It needs 5k work doing to it, n he has a mortgage of £105k on it over 37 years!!! 37 YEARS!!!!! wtf?!!! how has he turned from, house price rip off to "must get on now at any costs"? He tells me he will want a family at some stage and cant risk being a forever renter! He now trying to convince me that i need to buy a 1 or 2 bed, and stop this renting rip off business!!! serious change of heart from him!
  20. My work mate came in with a big smile this morning, reason...........just had his offer excepted on a btl investment. He recently sold his hotel business to property developers and has now just purchased a 2 bedder in bedford for £132k he shaved £3k off the asking price and said he is well chuffed! He then went on to make a joke at my expense, saying if you want to move to bedford, il let you rent out my new purchase for a discounted price! He then went on to say what a fool i am for not owning at least one property in this day and age, saying true gains are only in property! I could never of afforded the mortgage repayments on that price, but he can because my guess is that he has probably put down at least half in cash that he had from his hotel sale profits. As an estate agent once told me........WHO NEEDS FTB ANYMORE!
  21. If i asked ppl on this board that if you dont own a house and rent now, you will NEVER own a house and would be renting forever, how many would be terrified by this news! Because i dont understand wot all the fuss is all about, owning your own home is a traditional english way, but it appears times have changed forever and traditions gone in most aspects of life.......so wots the biggy with being a renter not an owner! By renting your saving money......currently lots and lots of money piling into my bank account each month and i have no commitments (own house) to worry about. So most ppl wanna earn money and save money so they can eventually retire abroad or somewhere quiet, most ppl do this by selling there family home and buying/downgrading a new home wherever they decide to retire, but why bother owning that home? You can do the same idea but without buying that family home in the first place, and just saving! Obviously if mortgages where to become cheaper than rent, far enough but why have so many ppl got this mad idea of "i must get on the ladder.....at all costs" ! to me its madness!! Thoughts please
  22. Guess what? There not falling!!!!!!!!!! I have seen no proof of any houses in my area (nn15) falling in price! All i have seen is rises, which means im going to be renting for longer, good for the landlord but bad for me! In January 2006 asking prices for a modern 2 bed terrace = £110,000,March = £119,999 after gorden clown rose the stamp duty = £124,999 and no im seeing some ppl asking £129,999! Im guessing that other people in other areas are seeing a house price drop, but on HPC shouldn't it read "house prices are dropping in some areas" rather than "house prices are dropping". Before anyone says £125k for a 2 bed modern terrace is cheap, wages in this area average less than £21k. Cheers KETTERINBOY
  23. Agreed, the goverment have no idea what the hard working young people have to deal with and its time for layabouts either to contribute decently to society and stop claiming off our hard work! Sicking sight this country has become, over indulgent, over populated and over sensitive!!!!!! I give it no more that 5 more years, if no change with the stinking attitude of society and the terriably run goverment that punishes hard work individuals.....il be either leaving for pastures new or joining the layabouts down wetherspoons pubs!!!!!!!
  24. Wonder wots wrong with the elephant! House prices where i live in the last 2 months have risen by at least 10% (AP that is!), will have to wait to see the sold prices but they are selling quickly! So i dont understand what you elephant example is all about! All i was trying to say was, look at the picture from both sides! i dont care because i know i cant buy now and i refuse to mortgage myself up to the eye balls, i was merely suggesting that we may have to wait a very very long time before FTB are able to enter the market and the reason is, our crap goverment and BTL investers. Im stressed...........im off to italia!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  25. I never said that hope my parents die, my parents are superb, and they have insisted on giving me £20k to buy a house, and im horrorified that it has been interpreted in this way! Id prefer to be homeless living on oxford street than have no parents! So dont go upsetting people this way, as we are all intitled to our views!
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