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  1. The job over spec isn't unique to IT in my experience, I have posted in off-topic about increasingly ridiculous job descriptions. Even reading job specs for a 1/3 to 1/2 my salary asking for seemingly prime ministerial qualities and commitment. A definite trend in the last 5 years as well to having a very specialist degree within the discipline with many now doing this as post-grads with an existing degree already. Having 10+ years experience doing the job every day and a strong degree in maths, science etc. no longer guaranteed to cut it. This need for more "paper" qualifications at great per
  2. I read Armstrong for years (still do occasionally, mostly as a an interest to see how bad grammar and spelling can get before text becomes illegible). Not a single prediction is provided for without a conditional verb. Precious metals you'd be better flipping a coin to buy or not to buy based on Armstrong's work. How anyone takes it seriously I do wonder!
  3. Agreed. I used to avoid car washes as I didn't want to support that sort of low paid (and I suspect in many cases illegal) work. But then I had to call in one and had my car blitzed in 10-15 minutes (inside and out) and looked great = converted. The days of spending half a weekend morning cleaning the car are over...simple case of valuing the time gained back more than the cost. Do feel somewhat guilty at times but feeling soon passes!
  4. Nobody who does a full time job is being subsidised in my view, poor taste to look at it any other way. Just because many are paid a pittance doesn't make their work any less important. I suspect I'd be sacked from picking cabbages within the hour yet I'm probably paid 6+times what these people earn pro-rata. Those that are being subsidised are those who work a fraction of the time others do and yet get the state to top them up to the same level or higher than those who work full time. No real issue with those who don't wish to work full time, if you can afford to (and not have to rely on the
  5. At the moment I am both a renter and a owner, I bought a house in the Midlands recently but still retained the flat I was renting in the South East - I stay there a few nights a week when working in Reading. After some advice about how I knock back an inspection as being unjustifed (or perhaps I'm wrong and it is). I have had an e-mail from the LA today that I am getting another inspection next Tuesday after a failure to respond to the issues from the last inspection (a few weeks ago). I must admit I am very uncomfortable with inspections anyway as I don't like people having access to my
  6. Astonishing isn't it. I'm one of these overpaid pen pushers but happy to admit (privately at least) it is a load of BS. I used to care about making a difference, now just cash the pay cheques and play the game. Milk it for what you can before the ship goes down!
  7. Exactly. Tesco is my local petrol station, whack it on my Tesco C/C and pay it off and get a "free" RAC membership each year and some bread and milk vouchers every now and again. I mostly travel to Scandanavian countries which seem to be increasingly cashless, haven't bothered with any foreign currency on last few trips, all on the post office C/C.
  8. I never carry cash these days and out of laziness tend to avoid places that would be cash only or broken card readers etc. The change from notes usually ends up under the car seat or somewhere else. Although sceptical at first Contactless is pretty much all of my non-DD spending now, so much so I have to think to remember the pin! And that is a debit card too. I think a lot of others are the same now.
  9. Jacking up interest rates to 5%+ overnight would be worth far more than £10k to young people. 10k is a lot of money when you have to earn it (most of us will know this on here I suspect) but its sweet FA in the fairly land of Britain's equity gazillionaires. Would be a pacifying gesture which means nothing, the house they'd be buying would just go up by 10k as a result and then Theresa May will give her annual soundbite of how the Tories are tackling the crisis, with some recent debt slave propping up the performance showing off the keys to their new prison cell.
  10. Such a vital lesson to teach and to learn. Someone with nothing to lose is far more dangerous than a big strapping bloke who can handle himself. Sometimes pride suffers but best to walk away, never know if the scrotes are armed or not.
  11. When I consider quality of a house it includes the overall size, general proportions of rooms, height of ceilings, plot of land, garden privacy, parking provision, housing density and local amenities. When all of that is inferior to say a 1960s builds the integrity of a building itself is almost secondary, I simply wouldn't want to live in a new build. I do think new builds of the last 10 years or so are going to be very poor investments long term.
  12. I don't back the state to make second generation Somalians our GDP saviour. Call me a pessimist but the cultural upbringing they get within the confines of their own home accounts for a lot too. So it comes back to not just being a numbers thing but the quality of those arriving, their skills and the values they'll pass to their children.
  13. In the East Midlands I am seeing higher and higher list prices (albeit no actual data to back this up) but not much shifting (same crap on the market still). I think the EM was the most buoyant region last year so sellers/estate agents a little giddy still. A few reductions filtering through but it is only £10-15k off what was ludicrously priced beforehand (and largely still not shifting). We need some actual black swan event.
  14. Inflation implies higher rates and higher rates would imply lower prices? Assuming you acknowledge that today's prices are a function of low rates and historically lower inflation.
  15. Don't think I ever had the stomach to get through a whole Venger post! Sometimes skimmed the whole post! Certainly a character though and somebody who makes a forum (typically a handful of posters with the rest of us as background noise :P).
  16. Wages being stagnant is a by-product of the problem, namely productivity growth being a 1/4 of its strength of decades gone by. The issue now, so far as I'm hearing this from the central bankers, is labour market tightness actually creating wage inflation and that causing interest rates to have to respond. I'm yet to quite grasp the fundamentals here myself as bad news seems to be good these days (government shutdown, who cares, buy stocks!) and good news seems to be bad (wage increases coming, sell the market!). They've been lamenting the weak wage growth for years and now all of a sudden the
  17. I only take a passing interest in the demise of the Tory party these days. Justified I feel as my last look in was Anna Soubry brazenly stripping Jacob Rees-Mogg of the right to call himself a "Conservative" while at the same time instructing the leadership to take the party to the "centre-ground" and adopt more centrist views. Go figure. I loaned my vote to May despite her shambles of an election campaign and how foolish I feel. Make no mistake, Corbyn and his Labour government would put a thousand special interests groups before the likes of me and the rest of the "squeezed middle" - I'd jus
  18. Went for 2 years, though I thought Aug 2015 was the start so what do I know? 5 years is a long time to wait for a lot of people. I want to believe interest rates will reversely sharply (and am beginning to invest with that mindset) but Japan's decades on low rates always make me question that positon.
  19. Isn't is the case here that 2nd and 3rd generation Muslims in a lot of cases have stronger anti western beliefs than their parents and grandparents. Perhaps might be the case for millennial Saudi's children.
  20. Won't quote your entire post but a fantastic post. I was extremely fortunate in my early "investing" career and subsequently believed my own hype and my Buffett like stock-picking powers...and then swiftly took a series of catastrophic losses which set me back to ground zero as it were. A lot more humble now, that is for sure. This thread is brilliant as it challenges thinking, the timescale isn't so much important for me as I've learned to be patient and not get too emotionally invested in an outcome (one lesson that you pay dearly for). This thread is a fantastic source for people to exchang
  21. Yes, I can almost drive certain roads with my eyes closed due to experience. I think there is a lack of patience, obviously. I was on an unfamiliar country lane the other day at dawn with bends and narrow in places (frosty as well) doing 40 with a tool right up my backside. It is just not on.
  22. I think the point is that as there isn;t much flat to sell so try to take your eye of that by showing you the plug socket, the light bulb, the basin, the oven etc. Anything to distract basically.
  23. This is almost comical. Sitting in the dark would be preferable to opening the blinds and being a goldfish in the bowl. This one is a new low, some tool will probably be swayed by the £60 taps and the £450 trendy sofa though.
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