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  1. Hi Gmac - how did you get on with your house build?. We are hoping to build outside Armagh and would welcome any recommendations on builders, tradesmen, glazers, kitchens, driveways?  professional services (mortgage & legal).

    We are thinking a house of 2200sq ft with detached garage. House in L shape with bedrooms upstairs. 1 main bathroom, 1 ensuite, open plan kitchen, dining and living room area with double heigh ceiling and sliding doors on two sides.

    We are not able to project manage due to working away  - did your builder project manage?

    How did you fair out per sq ft costs?

    any advice greatly appreciated

  2. Hi all Appreciate this can be a fairly wide ranging issue but looking for people's views on the current (mid 2015) cost of self builds. A few details to aid discussion: - Site already in possession - Location is Co Armagh - Build would be traditional block 2 storey - c. 2500 - 2800 sq ft with detached garage - Septic tank required Other queries if anyone can help: 1.Has anyone got any good (or bad) experience of particular building contractors around Co Armagh? Would like to keep it local if possible. 2. Any tips for reclaiming the VAT on building materials, given that a new build is zero rated. Many thanks
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