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  1. It came across a bit angry didn't it. Never mind, I just got triggered I guess. Ee, Sausage lad, it wasn't a personal go at you, just a rant at the attitude. I've never been rich, until recently we were just above breadline (certainly felt like it) but it grated especially when I remembered all my peers who went on holidays to Europe every year in their family car while I just had a £2 bitsa bicycle and made do. Bullied by my next door neighbour and his chav friends, mums second husband spent his money on his secretary, a sh1t school, I could go on but you get the idea. I never will be well o
  2. And if that sounds like sour grapes, just remember, you didn't suffer the early life I did, so yes in some ways I am very bitter. Rant over.
  3. Technically I'm a boomer, only through accident of birth. We've not been anywhere, not even a fekkin day trip, since 7th March last year. When the restrictions were lifted last summer we couldn't find a single place to go that we could afford, my wife drawing her state pension and me on my NHS pension being the reason. When the restrictions are lifted for everyone, we will indeed see if we can get away for 2 or 3 days to Cornwall or Norfolk, like every other bugger in the country. I have, strangely enough, a very strong dislike of many of my generation, particularly those f**wits who voted tim
  4. You're too flippin young to KNOW anything, let alone remember anything. Reagan was in some respects a good president, I know this cos I was there at the time. In other ways, not so much. Believe me, I have compared his time in office with the orange comb over artist.....and Jesus christ, what a phuk up he is. Reagan was already in the first stages of dementia and he was still miles better IN EVERY RESPECT than trump. Give it up son, he lost and you need to cut your losses to your credibility RIGHT NOW.
  5. JJ, it's obvious at least to me that the terms we might be offered should we have a vote in the distant future to rejoin will be an order of magnitude less than the ones we threw away.......if we are ever offered anything again. It's going to be cold, dark and lonely out there......and like Dugsbody, I now want a no deal Brexit. I too was guilty of being a remainer, so for my sins against the will of the people, I accede fully to their demands. I will, however, stock up on a few things and hope for the best. I worked in or for the NHS from 01/12/78 until 30/11/18 and for that my pension is £4
  6. For the benefit of those who are not au fait with the French and Algeria, please explain your second sentence.
  7. This, absolutely this. The number of delusional people out there is just staggering.....and a lot of them live in GOPland, which is why they hate taxation, social welfare and christ alone knows what else.
  8. So eloquently put. I'm glad someone finally called out this anarchist twit.
  9. Norfolk'n chance. When you have pretty much a majority of a generation who can't change a fuse, replace a lightbulb or mend a broken door handle the game's over, buddy. I've met quite a few of them. We're fooked. 40 years ago, we could have made a go of Brexit and handled the problems coming down the road towards us at a fast clip.....not now, I'm afraid. Your dreams, for that's what they are, of self sufficiency, resilience and a clear focus.........lordy, where to start. Sorry old bean, you've been had....I hope for your sake you are old, in receipt of a decent pension or other income and
  10. If you can get hold of the original Rollerball film, it's worth watching it and listening to the background dialogue, in my view it was a warning about the growing power and influence of the great corporations......and in my opinion we are already very nearly there.
  11. Just my opinion you understand, totally anecdotal, no proof or statistics to back it up, yada yada etc, a bit like a lot of posts 'round 'ere.....but as yet I'm not seeing much in the way of responsible behaviour and therein lies a problem.
  12. They perceive that the no extension, no deal Brexit they hold so dear is somehow under threat, dunno why, it's not like remainers have a last ditch, filthy underhand diabolical trick up our sleeves to "thwart " the "willow the people " is it, FFS. We don't have one, do we........?
  13. Yes. Yes, you f***ing well will. Do you not understand what Peter hun posted, or are you refusing to understand. They (the US) have made it quite clear that any locale type of identification on produce is considered by them to be unfairly - to them - uncompetitive and they're NOT having with it. Jesus christ on a crutch, we are being lined up to become the ipso facto (sp?) 51st state. What is wrong with people like you?
  14. Being dual nationality, I have visited the States regularly in the 70s and 80s, mostly east coast but lived there (California) from Jan 2000 to June 2001. California is a beautiful state spoiled by, I'm sorry to say, the majority of people living there, bitching about taxes all the time and indulging in a level of fly tipping you had to see to realise we have in comparison, a minor problem. As you say, the attitude towards anyone down and out for any reason was and I strongly suspect, still is appalling, " they didn't try hard enough man, they're just losers man". As for the older Ameri
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