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  1. So eloquently put. I'm glad someone finally called out this anarchist twit.
  2. Norfolk'n chance. When you have pretty much a majority of a generation who can't change a fuse, replace a lightbulb or mend a broken door handle the game's over, buddy. I've met quite a few of them. We're fooked. 40 years ago, we could have made a go of Brexit and handled the problems coming down the road towards us at a fast clip.....not now, I'm afraid. Your dreams, for that's what they are, of self sufficiency, resilience and a clear focus.........lordy, where to start. Sorry old bean, you've been had....I hope for your sake you are old, in receipt of a decent pension or other income and you are friends with some old codger who can fix stuff. Me, I can fix quite a few simple things, I've got a small NHS pension and the wife gets her state pension next month, our house is paid for, as are our cars (old but serviceable) and there's an old codger up the road who can fix anything on them that I can't. We're battening down the hatches, reefing the sails and intend to watch the upcoming clusterf**k (01/01/2021) from a metaphorical safe distance. I hope everyone will be ok......but I'm not banking on it. We'll do what we can to help out where we can, it is in my nature to do so, but.....
  3. I need to watch it again. Where can I get it, I wonder.
  4. If you can get hold of the original Rollerball film, it's worth watching it and listening to the background dialogue, in my view it was a warning about the growing power and influence of the great corporations......and in my opinion we are already very nearly there.
  5. Just my opinion you understand, totally anecdotal, no proof or statistics to back it up, yada yada etc, a bit like a lot of posts 'round 'ere.....but as yet I'm not seeing much in the way of responsible behaviour and therein lies a problem.
  6. They perceive that the no extension, no deal Brexit they hold so dear is somehow under threat, dunno why, it's not like remainers have a last ditch, filthy underhand diabolical trick up our sleeves to "thwart " the "willow the people " is it, FFS. We don't have one, do we........?
  7. Yes. Yes, you f***ing well will. Do you not understand what Peter hun posted, or are you refusing to understand. They (the US) have made it quite clear that any locale type of identification on produce is considered by them to be unfairly - to them - uncompetitive and they're NOT having with it. Jesus christ on a crutch, we are being lined up to become the ipso facto (sp?) 51st state. What is wrong with people like you?
  8. Being dual nationality, I have visited the States regularly in the 70s and 80s, mostly east coast but lived there (California) from Jan 2000 to June 2001. California is a beautiful state spoiled by, I'm sorry to say, the majority of people living there, bitching about taxes all the time and indulging in a level of fly tipping you had to see to realise we have in comparison, a minor problem. As you say, the attitude towards anyone down and out for any reason was and I strongly suspect, still is appalling, " they didn't try hard enough man, they're just losers man". As for the older Americans, with a very few exceptions (outright racists), most were indeed disgusted with the general drift of their country, specifically the cost and provision of medical care and a long list from there to follow. It has indeed got worse, America was, in the 70s and early 80s a fab place to be, I loved it there.
  9. That turns out not to be the case. We are trying to engineer circumstances whereby we can leave them in place but our hand may be forced by the mortgage provider, as it's due to be paid off May '22. Quite frankly, they are very nice people, one works at St. Peter's in chichester, her partner is special forces retired and a thoroughly good egg all round, if he can fix something that goes wrong in the property he'll often do so and we only get to even hear about it usually weeks later. They're good folks and we treat them as we'd like to be treated. If we can't sell our house before the mortgage is due to be paid off, we have difficult choices ahead, ie sell and turf them out (unless we find a btl buyer who'll keep them on at roughly the same rent), we use all our savings to reduce the ltv to a point where we can continue with a btl mortgage and they can stay, or some other course of action as yet not clear to us. It's causing us much angst and frankly, if property prices do take a nosedive, we may HAVE to let them go in two just to have somewhere we can afford to live ourselves. I really do understand your attitude, don't get me wrong.....but we couldn't have kids so no one to look after us if needed, so in the end, we HAVE to do what's best for us, as I'm sure you can appreciate......just so that you know, I personally tend to agree with the vast majority of your posts here and sort of loosely count you as a similar thinker. I haven't taken offence at the tone of your post as I think it shows the extent of your concerns for the wellbeing of many in this country, unlike some around here. Keep up the good work.
  10. No sealions in the solent, 2/10, see me after class. Yes I can be just as lacking in humour as you. The point of my original request to err umm wossname was because the way things are going, it may become necessary to actively support Brexit purely out of enlightened self interest and I was therefore attempting to find out the real facts and benefits. What I was given as an answer could very easily have been gleaned from 5 minutes at the bar of the local, in other words, everything I had already heard that as yet fails to stand up to even the most cursory scrutiny.....and as some here seem to regard themselves as well informed I perhaps foolishly thought that at least someone with a long history of posting hereabouts might supply enlightenment. This post can also go to KB although I doubt it will change his opinion......in which case I can at least reply that I care not whether he cares or not. At least I am now a bit better informed about some attitudes here, their proponents and if they are worth digesting......at this time I'm reaching for the Rennie's.
  11. Sigh. I very specifically asked for exact examples, but, you know what, I'll settle for one. However, you came back with generalities when I specifically asked for real examples. What you replied with carries NO more weight than the so-called project fear. As for the the arguments are irrelevant bit......well quite frankly, I expected far better from you and im very disappointed. I certainly will be taking any of your pronouncements past or present with a very large truckload of salt, if I could afford it, not to mention the JCB I'd need to throw it over my shoulder. I had high hopes and you have badly let me down. To repeat, I expected a more compelling case from someone of your stature on here. Very sad.......and I STILL don't have an answer.
  12. Hmm, looks like you are someone prepared to nail their colours to the mast, as none of tge other Brexit supporters on here will definitively answer my question, so I'll give you a shot at answering: "Brexit is a positive for the £ as it strengthens our economy and society ". Question; how EXACTLY and I mean EXACTLY does it do this, and by that I concrete examples that apply to the average Joe. If you're just going to go on about sovrinty, freedom and the other extremely vauge and non nail downable ideas (as opposed to actual relevant real life actual examples).......don't bother, I have had enough vague and totally s**t answers from the others. If for some reason you think I'm over emphasizing the word actual, you're dead right......cos I ain't got one yet from anyone here, or for that matter, anybluuddywhere else, either. Your ball.
  13. In reply to the question, providing they keep on paying the nhs and state pension, our living standards will remain pretty much as they are, mostly because we have 2 cars, an Allroad (the 2.7 not the breakdown prone 3.0 ) and my late fil's 2001 Rover 25, both paid for and going well. The house was paid off with my lump sum and our coastal flat has tennants in who are VEY happy with the location, rent and our attitude of maintenance, ie call us and we fix it pronto. We will in a year or so be selling up to pay off the remainder of the mortgage on the flat and will move in ourselves when the interior has been refurbed to our taste. We don't have to spend much as we have a lifetime's supply of clothes (only bought in sales or charity shops) and if I say so myself, I'm a demon when it comes to food shopping so not much expense there! So as long as the pensions keep coming in, we hardly touch the savings so I can also help an old friend with bits and bobs of cash etc. We should be able to weather the coming storm by trimming sails and keeping a close eye on the (financial) climate
  14. This. Absolutely THIS. It may seem strange but there are a few Tory MPs past and maybe present who get my respect, Profumo being one, a man who did the right thing (SO important) and at least from what I know went above and far beyond that required to make up for his misdeed.
  15. Re the Gina Miller sentence... you think that? I would say more likely the reaction would be incandescent rage at the betrayal. I know I was with the Scottish CMO and the science chap oowozit, Ferguson I think.
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