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  1. I shall be voting for anyone who wants to stop brexit and this is why: those who think that a favourable trade treaty with the arch f**wit Trump is ours for the making really are living in unicorn land. Whoever is PM in those circumstances will be escorted alone to the Oval office where they will be told to drop their trousers, bend over the desk and receive the benediction of the Trump monster, after which they will be TOLD what they are going to accept. I have family in the US who voted for and cheerlead his masterful and economically "erudite" policies. The special relationship? Don't make me laugh. I want to be part of a 500m community who can (and have) told the pillock to f off and negotiate with the other world power blocs on an equal basis. Being just another country who have to take orders and policy from whoever waves the biggest stick is categorically NOT my idea of a good policy for the wellbeing of the UK, such as it will be after the Scots rightly and unilaterally declare independence form Westminister......and as for the GFA, I'd sooner swear allegiance to the federal republic of Germany than let 21 years of peace in NI go to hell i a handcart. Brexiteers can't even decide what they were voting for, ffs, and some here actually the whole thing is a spiffing idea....although they haven't yet decided which bits they mean.....I despair.
  2. Well, he speaks well of you and of course, you are the paragon of virtue in the matter of other poster slagging. Where would we be without you .......oh yes, we'd be having to read other desperate estate ageng flunkies. What I'm trying to say here is be ABSOLUTELY sure of your impeccable, checkable credentials before going off on one, wouldn't you agree?
  3. That's a nasty cough you've got there, I'd give it a miss if I was you. 😉
  4. Genuine question, when people say the banks shouldn't have been bailed out in 2008, could someone explain what would have happened to mundane everyday activities such as cashpoints, direct debits, standing orders, salary payments, mortgage and utility payments etc. I ask because I don't understand how these things would've been dealt with. As I say, genuine question because I don't know....my wife runs everything via automated payments of this nature so that we don't get nasty surprises like late payment penalties, so I wonder how we'd have managed if the system had ground to a halt. Please excuse my ignorance, I want to be better informed. Thanks in advance.
  5. Wow,just wow. I mean, it's like they really believe what they're saying.....just wow.
  6. I work in the operating theatre of a Sussex hospital. 5 years ago. if you needed to give Vancomycin to patient with MRSA you had to take prescription to pharmacy for a special order and if it wasn't a consultant's signature on the drug chart the pharmacist he say "no". We now keep a stock in the anaesthetic room....because we now have VRSA. We are now using Teicoplainin and gentamycin as ROUTINE prophylaxis 'cos cefuroxime doesn't work for far too much of the time. I am in the process of getting a lecture together for my colleagues about washing cuts and grazes as soon as they occur.....look up the first case of penicillin administration, to a police constable in Oxford I think. Go figure as the saying goes.....
  7. Looking at the replies, I wonder why killer bunny is on this forum.......ducks behind sofa, adjusts tin hat and fumbles for another magazine.....
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