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  1. Sure, but it won't help the pound and a vote to stay is not necessarily a vote for the Euro.
  2. Surely it's an average, so some places that doubled in 5 years will halve,and hopefully some will more than halve. There are a couple of big developments around which I'll be interested in seeing come to market. Brexit or no.
  3. I honestly believe the future of the pound is less secure based on a leave vote. This is based on the assumption that it will lose reserve currency status and the UK starting negations on reentry after the first couple of years of leave negotiations.
  4. Here's one for all you leavers. The Economist | Britains EU referendum: Divided we fall http://www.economist.com/news/leaders/21700637-vote-leave-european-union-would-diminish-both-britain-and-europe-divided-we-fall?frsc=dg%7Cd
  5. Voting to stay is voting to continue to be the right half of the brain in a body with operable cancer in the foot. Voting to leave is voting for a lobotomy to cure said cancer. I choose option 1.
  6. I'm sure the same has been said on this site about the current and former leaders of this bastion of democracy in which we live. So yes, either way the vote goes that is the most likely future we will enjoy.
  7. Let's see. If UK is too big to fail we won't be allowed to leave. I'm sure something similar happened in Greece a couple of years ago. As I recall; Popular vote against austerity. Austerity rejected, threats from European Central Bank etc, fresh election, austerity accepted.
  8. ^^ So what if the EU does try to offer the UK a good deal, and it still isn't enough to fix the situation. Economically this is not the best time to be going it alone.
  9. Peers of the realm? Quangos? This country is ground zero for unelected jobsworth mandarins producing precious little for quite a lot. Will all the Eurosceptic MEPs stop claiming expenses if Brexit wins.
  10. FTSE was down 2% today. Don't hold your breath for any soothing announcements before next Thursday. Don't hold your breath for the referendum result to be honoured either.
  11. The above is pretty good. I want to know how many of the remaining 64% of sales nationally didn't have a BTL bid at all.
  12. Or leave and be dragged into a world war? (I don't think either will happen)
  13. Why are the financiers in the city pro remain then. Yes there will be supports, but in the case of bremain support won't be needed? Go figure.
  14. I am looking forward to my post Brexit rent negotiation... But not much else.
  15. Sterling will almost certainly lose it's reserve currency status on Brexit so IRs will have to rise. I suspect Boris will have to both cut spending and reduce taxes at the same time. Fortunately he can prop up the economy with a new airport in the Thames estuary.
  16. From the above, if you have the countersigned contract in your possession then there is not much they can do. If not, possibly try and improve the terms of the contract before signing.
  17. Lucky You! As above if contract is a fully signed up AST and good they should have limited options. Could be worth a visit to citizens advice or shelter. I'd expect them to try and recover some of the costs from you when you next renew. Let us know how you get on!
  18. Unless rents crash too, probably wouldn't take a huge drop for a basic utility value to recover.
  19. Generally I understand this is in your favour. They are expensive so you are better just to do one yourself and send it to them. A friend of mine damaged the ceiling of a kitchen due to no extractor and had a couple of other issues and the tenancy mediator couldn't help as there were no photos. So if you can take clear time stamped photos before doing any damage at least you will have a benchmark.
  20. We must be at the wrong end of a cycle anyway. I suspect a lot more than just an HPC regardless of leave or remain.
  21. Not just the financial types. Brexit could decimate a lot of people's hopes. Me I'll probably give it year and if it doesn't work out, head off to fairer pastures.
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