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  1. It's quite funny this idea of communal facilities. A Cinema room? Who will pay the license fee for public broadcast. Sounds good from possibly a landlords perspective but to use such facilities when living there (unless you're young and can't afford a gym membership) is a bit of a stretch... Or is that just me?
  2. I had a bit of a look around HMRC recently and my reading was of you spend a certain amount of time out of the country then you qualify as non tax resident. Year one is all bar 13 days or so. If true, if his wife is on the property and he has kids the odds of success are SFA and he'll have to pay the tax as soon as his status lapses.
  3. My part of Hertfordshire paused after Brexit but seems to be streaming ahead note. Bring on the recession I say. 4-500k for a 2 bed flat is insane.
  4. I think Melbourne will fall first then Auckland, but harder and faster. Not sure that it will be solely attributable to brexit.
  5. It's been a while though. I hope they keep true to form and don't head off on an autocratic tangent as Fiji did following iso most recent coup. Great for watercooler conversation, shame it's a weekend.
  6. How much of that is German car parts for British assembled German cars, or all the German componentry in other makes of cars? Heard of Bocsh? The cars will still get made just maybe not in the UK. The market is more than likely going to stay open.
  7. I'm with Konig but I expect we'll need a much broader window than 12-18 months, 6-36???
  8. I think the figure is 60% of private sector jobs in the UK are SME's. http://www.fsb.org.uk/media-centre/small-business-statistics Still your statement otherwise holds true.
  9. Theresa May PM, so we're looking for full access to the EU, similar costs and similar movement of labour. Let's see who squirms when we leave the EU and almost nothing changes. Markets are happy, "remaimiacs" are happy. As far as I can tell anyway.
  10. Just bought a car worth a bit more than I could afford to buy in cash (which is not much). Medium term view is pay it off and have a reasonable car. If inflation picks up, I expect car prices to be impacted due to the fact all cars are imported in whole or part. Worst case, emigrate to NZ/ Aus and take it with me.
  11. This has been on the cards for ages. Commercial property is widely acknowledged as cyclical.
  12. Spot on. Easily predictable as the first response to Brexit.
  13. Sounds like full market access including freedom of movement and open borders with Canada, Australia and New Zealand is all on the cards. Apologies to the anti immigration agenda,if the above pans out I will become pro Brexit.
  14. I love that he thinks this better quality migrant is going to move to the **** end of Kent. If the pound falls much further the poles will start going elsewhere and he'll end up with 1000 empty houses.
  15. These people seem to be referenced a lot but I didn't see it as them regretting their vote, just that they hoped it would pay off. I think it will be a few months or even years for the true impact to be known. Although I still think it's far from a sure thing that Brexit will even go ahead.
  16. So the UK can remain a leader in the world's largest market rather than just a normal country. While the UK plays above it's weight on the world stage due to being present on a number of international bodies, our presence in the EU enhances this power and that is how I would like it to remain.
  17. Sorry, you are probably right this is a bit off the mark, but you made the comment regarding Ireland and it is wrong. The Union between the two countries is quite different. However your analysis of the points system is flawed. Who knows how long transition will take. Some talk of delaying article 50 while some in Europe would want us out straight away. I was referring specifically to non EU migrants and the immigration system in the UK for Non-EU nationals. Sorry to not have been clearer. The policy is implemented by British Quangos and Beurocrats with dubious backgrounds and limited oversight. What I'm trying to say is the UK has a few serious issues that need resolving particularly related to immigration and housing. This is largely not the EU's fault and there is much work to be done. I believe we will be worse placed to resolve these issues outside the EU.
  18. Right, this rant about Irish immigrants puts your argument dead in the water. If the border with Ireland closes the UK will break up. It will destroy the economy and London will suffer. There is no possibility of a restriction of Irish labour movement. Get real. Leave the EU immigration is likely to go up in the short term at least. Those that want to be in the uk will rush in before the border closes. The current system is so difficult that unless you really want to be here there are other easier options (Canada / Australia) and spouses are difficult to deport once kids are involved. The system is already broken, you propose that the unelected beurocrats that can't run the current system properly will be able to implement a new system effectively. At least if we remain it will still be the EU's fault for all our issues. Who will be left to blame if BREXIT goes wrong?
  19. Euro by 2026 of we vote leave; 2016 - vote leave 2018 - realise negotiations are difficult, pound loses reserve status 2020 - figure brexit was not such a great idea 2024 - start renegotiating reentry 2026 - EURO.
  20. I'd prefer a capsule hotel to some of the options available already.
  21. Yup, remain or leave there is a bit of pent up supply from sellers with I'd say limited demand from BTL and FTB. Not many reductions in the last few weeks either.
  22. https://youtu.be/iAgKHSNqxa8I John Oliver if you haven't seen it and you're on the fence.
  23. My thoughts exactly. Throw in Gibraltar and Falkland Islands to boot.
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