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  1. From all the ones you've seen on TV? A quick Google http://shrinkthatfootprint.com/how-big-is-a-house new houses in the UK are 76m2 against Australia's 214m2. About a third the size. That excludes the garden and garage. Seriously.
  2. New Zealand and Australian houses are a so much bigger than UK houses. Often coming with big gardens and sometimes swimming pools. Although no doubt it's hot professional wages are good.
  3. There is more and more discussion regarding executive pay in the media. If senior executive pay culture is reigned in then this could also have a massive effect on property and other prices.
  4. I hope all this exposes publicly, in misguided campaigns, relatively quickly, a number of people whose barely profitable investments lose them tax credits and send them underwater.
  5. It will be so great, all the Walkabout pubs that closed during the gfc will reopen as the UK labour market is flooded with Australian bartenders.
  6. I met a guy a few years ago, who when questioned by hmrc why he's not doing a tax return on his property explained that there was no profit so no tax was due. There must be an ocean of people who are under this assumption and due to the low value of tax being avoided, it really isn't worth pursuing. Let's see what happens late 2018 when all the chickens start coming home to roost. Loan values greater than property values or property values greater than purchase values will raise a few eyebrows all round.
  7. I feel no letting fees could put downward pressure on rents as they are so exorbitant I feel they may be locking many, myself included, into unfavourable tenancies. Will make resisting a rent rise even easier.
  8. I think the communists are easier to count.
  9. I noted, in my very limited review that Richard Dyson's point was that S24 would limit BTL to the rich. I say, that should be the point. That isn't to say that you shouldn't be able to make money in property, but how is it that so many of those who have control over so much wealth don't have the ability to earn a crust on their own.
  10. Yes, I'm hoping this tenants rights bill completes before my next contract. It would be nice to have the option to move without having to look around for low fees as well. Considering how expensive things are I can't be the only one who thinks removing fees might actually result in lower rents as when the landlord tries to impose "market" rates, you can actually enter the market and get a newer kitchen etc for said rate.
  11. C'mon man, Trump is rich because he was born rich. He hasn't created anything. Helped a few people lose their shirts, almost lost his own more than once. The guy only cares about money, fame and beautiful women. If he becomes president he will be ineffective because he has almost no allies. He could be like that UKIP women and give up on the job within months. He could be impeached or worse. Hillary is a least worse option.
  12. In my mind the whole thameslink line is at risk (and as such WGC / Hatfield). If all the developments that are visible when you catch the train into London mean rents and prices come down in London zones 2 and 3, that £3kpa+ train fare will make 1bed flats that cost 200k in Luton and 350k in St Albans far less attractive. Unsaleable perhaps.
  13. Infrastructure lags behind population growth, so commute times get longer prices on the centre appreciate, dragging up the surrounding areas. Professional wages aren't terrible either so these prices are supported. The mood is changing though.
  14. NZ had a crash in apartment prices in 2005 when people stopped renting undersized units. Could easily happen again.
  15. I understood the limit was 5k for residents paying cash at the moment so these powers are already in place for those of us already here. But will anything actually be seized. Let's see.
  16.  So I imagine, if your property is under management the agent will send letters and raise rents on your behalf for free. Even if it was "only" £100 per property, only the small timers who could afford it.
  17. It must cost circa a grand a pop to re-rent a property. So any landlord tossing out more than one or two tenants will struggle to afford it.
  18. More like the Harpenden, St Albans bubble. Which is driven by London. Hatfield is certainly more desirable than Luton and it is even getting ridiculous there. Also Hertfordshire is more expensive than neighbouring counties.
  19. http://m.nzherald.co.nz/business/news/article.cfm?c_id=3&objectid=11708064 Australia '6 weeks from housing collapse' Let's see...
  20. As above pursue through the Dps. I notice you refer to a bond. On the off-chance you are a kiwi, the DPS is like the tenancy tribunal so they are working for you, the tenant. Your landlord is trying it on, as you describe it he doesn't have a chance so submit his emails and letters as evidence with your check in inventory and I'm sure you will see most if not all of your £500. If you need independent advice, Citizen's advice service is a good call.
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