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  1. Hmmm, in my opinion LLs should pay council tax. Include it in the rent ass that is not always a clear expense
  2. One of the properties near me that fell through was first listed with purple bricks at 100k higher than when it most recently fell through with a high street agent. Connells has started advertising cut price online only packages. It's much easier for traditional estate agents to move in on purple bricks territory if the market is really there. I would invest in a solvent traditional agent once things properly hit the pan as they are more likely to present a buying opportunity. Not an investor I much of anything these days though.
  3. Forget the red line. The chart is saying, all things being equal, house prices should be in the ballpark of 80-100k.
  4. I only arrived in 2010, but even then prices seemed reasonable and softening. Anecdotally it sounds like they dropped a bit in the GFC.
  5. The issue is availability under 300k. Even 3 years ago, 2 bed flats or houses were kicking about at that price but no thanks to btl you'd be lucky to find a studio under 300 now. I expect it will happen and a London price correction should feed through but St Albans is different.
  6. I ex0ect all the new flats will bring prices down. No idea who is buying them but the leasehold development by the station is massively overpriced even if the target market is footballers. Shires crashing has for a long time been a big N. O. for St Albans but looks like it might have peaked late 2016. Still flatlining but if values come off in St Albans then Luton will be toast. Harpeneden has always been a bit more expensive than St Albans. A better type of people I suppose.
  7. I think the pension reform will help hpc as i would hazard, a not insignificance few paid 40% tax and then leveraged up into btl. If interest rates rise, those that resisted will be quids in and some of those that didn't will be broke.
  8. I'm not sure where I read it, here or somewhere else but help to by, btl mortgages and low interest rates have brought forward demand. 25 year olds with parental help and htb buying a house they might not have otherwise bought until they were well into their 30s. Well some of those kids will be in their 30s and no longer needing a house. So with a lul in demand, capital gains taxes, s24, stamp duty we could be looking at a bit of a perfect storm.
  9. Remember when oil prices were projected to hit $200 a barrel? The amount of one and two bed flats coming on line, it might go the other way.
  10. I guess the consultation yielded some decent tenant responses! Hope it comes through by end of year as I expect that I will need to move at the end of the year as landlord is likely to increase rent again due to S24. Bit concerned that it is a draft bill. What does that mean?
  11. Yes, does the saying not go, if you owe the bank £100k, you call the bank manager, if you owe a million, he calls you?
  12. I would suggest it is actual idiocy. As above, what is market rent. 50% of zero is zero. No drug problems, there might actually be a market rent. So, live here for a year and all that entails, if you clean the place up, you'll probably not be able to afford it anymore.
  13. So if you sell a house in a raffle, is it worth the million pound that you win or the £2 of the ticket? If you won a house would you move in for a while then sell, or just sell off the bat and stump up the capital gains tax (if owed). Would you also seek a million or perhaps whatever it takes to line your pockets? I hope this really takes off.
  14. Sounds like a investment he should be thinking of walking away from to me. Maybe there is a consolidation clause preventing him from doing so...?
  15. I suspect he's not going to last long reading other posts, reads like he's hpc massive.
  16. And the kicker, zero wage inflation. Last decent pay rise without kicking up a fuss or quiting was 2007. You're not seeing that money again if there is a correction.
  17. Landlord is a bit of a stickler on the contract. Signed the form and sent it back but added "if applicable" to the fee I didn't like. At the end of the day if I break the tenancy I expect it to be expensive but I also expect the LL to change agents or sell so would rather all my money goes to paying LL out.
  18. Like the photo of London Bridge in the marketing. How much is that season pass again?
  19. Thanks for the feedback, Have gone back to the agent and apparently it's a new policy, can't be changed, won't discount the fee etc etc. Will only affect me if I end tenancy early, so it might be a bit cheeky to amend by hand, but could be worth a try, particularly where I feel they are in breach of an earlier contract. If I don't ammend, may sign V.C. although doubtful to it's effectiveness.
  20. So having just negotiated away my spending money in this year's rent increase, contract turned up and all sorts of sundry fees have been added to the early surrender clause (my guess is that these are related to the impending tenant fee ban) and payment demanded earlier. Have emailed to complain but what are my options with regard to revised contract terms? They still want 80+vat for the privilege. Anyone tried amending a contract by hand before returning? Have been here 4 years and while I don't intend to end contract early at this stage they seem excessive and contrary to previous agreements. So more a matter of principle.
  21. I like this concept of retrospective taxes. It's not retrospective, it's like buying a 5L car and then having tax on petrol increase by a government that wants fewer 5L cars.
  22. I often see STPP, so it might be possible but really no enquiries have been made and no more so possible than the neighbouring larger property which is asking a similar price.
  23. It's still a 12 hour flight from LA. If it all goes pear shaped, you'll be 12 hours too late.
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